Woman Who Starved and Robbed Mentally Disabled People Says She Believes in God, and “He Knows What Happened”

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, along comes Pennsylvania native Linda Ann Weston (below), who spent a decade torturing at least 10 mentally disabled people, including four children. She imprisoned and starved all of them to gain control of their meager finances.

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HERO Opponents May Get Exactly What They Didn’t Want: (Trans) Men in Women’s Bathrooms

On Monday, Houston voted to take away basic human rights.

By a wide margin, voters repealed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a measure that granted nondiscrimination protections based on race, religion, disability, military status, and other categories — including sexual orientation and gender identity.

While we can’t account for exactly what happened, especially when celebrities, politicians, and President Obama himself endorsed HERO, it’s a given that anti-trans attack ads by conservatives played a role. Anti-LGBT groups funneled time and money into deceptive ads that portrayed trans people as sexual predators, claiming that HERO would allow “men in women’s bathrooms,” and Houston bought it.

Here’s the thing: Not keeping HERO in place is what will force men into women’s bathrooms. Transgender men, that is.

The conservative attack ads were excessive and hysterical from the beginning; HERO is about so much more than LGBT people, and public accommodations accounted for a small part of the measure. Every myth and claim about the horrors of having trans people in public restrooms has been debunked. But the rhetoric of a “man in a dress” entering a bathroom to prey on girls was successful — even though there are no documented cases of trans people abusing these laws.

What’s interesting, though, is that as a result of HERO’s failure, some trans men might actually be required to use women’s bathrooms.

Imagine a giant, burly, bearded man entering a women’s restroom. He looks like a guy, he lives as a guy, his ID says he’s a guy, he is a guy — but because he was born with a vagina, this restroom is where the government has basically assigned him.

In fact, you don’t even have to imagine it.

In the wake of a proposed anti-trans measure in Canada a while back, some trans people deliberately used the bathrooms that corresponded with the gender they were assigned at birth (as they could be required to do if an anti-trans law passed) and took photos showing how awkward it was.

Michael Hughes, a trans guy from Minnesota, started doing the same thing and posting the photos online using the hashtag #WeJustNeedToPee. The obvious mismatch is comical:

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Catholic School in Ireland Rescinds Speaking Invitation to Atheist Leader

Yesterday, Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland was supposed to speak to the final year class at an all-girls Catholic school. They had had a Muslim speaker earlier in the year, and Nugent was invited to talk about what his group believed and what they did. It was a wonderful gesture by the school to expose students to different perspectives. I’ve had the opportunity to do something similar myself and I really enjoyed the questions students asked me.

But at the last second, Nugent’s invitation was rescinded:

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Liberty University May Host a Republican Presidential Debate in January

In case you thought there was any doubt about the Republican Party’s ties with the Religious Right, this should clear things up:

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New Mormon Church Policy Will Punish Children of Same-Sex Couples Unless They Disavow Parents

Much like the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church has long said that gay people can remain in good standing within the club, as long as they refrain from acting on their sexual desires.

Now, they’re taking it much, much further. Not only are gay people in same-sex relationships now considered “apostates,” their children will also be punished.

Because there’s nothing Mormons fear more than Gay Cooties.

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