British Politician Nick Clegg: Stop Calling Me an Atheist

More than seven years ago, the newly-elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, told a radio host that he was an atheist:

During a round of media broadcasts on the morning after his election to the post, he was asked by one interviewer: “Do you believe in God?”

“No,” Mr Clegg answered simply, during an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Wow. Very straight-forward for a politician. I love it!

But Clegg quickly clarified that his wife was Roman Catholic and their kids would be raised in that faith. *So, you know, don’t hate him for being godless.)

In 2010, Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister, a position he holds to this day, and a position he will likely have after the May 7 elections, since whichever party wins the most seats will still need his party’s support to form a coalition government.

And wouldn’t you know it, with elections coming soon, Clegg is playing down that whole “atheist” thing:

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Valerie Tarico Explains, in an Excellent Article, Why She’s Pro-Abortion

Valerie Tarico does an excellent job at Salon explaining why she’s not simply pro-choice, but pro-abortion:

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ACLU of Pennsylvania Files Lawsuit Over Banned (and Completely Inoffensive) “Atheist” Bus Ad

More than three years ago, atheist Justin Vacula and the NEPA Freethought Society attempted to place the following ad on buses in the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) in Pennsylvania:

That’s almost literally the least offensive atheist ad ever. It says the word… and little else.

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Disturbing Flyers at Wisconsin High School Tell Boys to “Protect Her Character” on Prom Night

Lincoln High School, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, has its prom this Saturday night. Should be a lot of fun. But it’s also, apparently, a night when the girls (and only the girls) have to protect their reputations.

Last week, these flyers began appearing on the walls:

You’ll want to click on that image to enlarge it.

A few things to note:

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You Really Are Just Being Racist Here…

In general, when I find myself disagreeing with people I know and like, I’ll reach out to them privately to see if we can clear up any confusion and fix things that way. I’ve been criticized plenty of times by people who know me, but when they didn’t like something I wrote, they took the public-shaming route instead of giving me a chance to respond to their concerns first. It’s lazy, it’s irresponsible journalism, and (most importantly) it usually doesn’t work. It just causes the other person to double-down on whatever they were doing before.

So when I saw this post by Dusty Smith, a popular YouTube atheist under the handle “Cult of Dusty,” it bothered me. I usually “get” his sort of politically-incorrect humor even if it’s not for everyone, but there’s just nothing funny about this:

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