Bill Nye’s Upcoming Appearance on Dancing with the Stars

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses Bill Nye’s upcoming appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”:

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Yale Humanist Community Makes First Hires

While they’re still working on creating a position for a Humanist Chaplain, the Yale Humanist Community has made their first hires and they’re both fantastic additions: Paul Chiariello (Director of Operations) and Chris Stedman (Coordinator of Humanist Life).

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That Old-Time Religion: New Series To Kick Off on The Friendly Atheist. Your Help Needed.

The topics we feature on Friendly Atheist are usually plucked from the headlines. I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it does make it dicey, sometimes, to write about something noteworthy that happened decades or centuries ago.

For instance, I have a historically accurate account of a medieval nun who, in the throes of religious passion, believed that she felt Jesus’s foreskin on her tongue, and orgasmed as soon she swallowed said prepuce (which, in her dream, she did over and over again. I think the proper response to that is “I’ll have what she’s having“).

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The Difficulty of Being an Atheist College Administrator

An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education by “Madalyn Dawkins” (a pseudonym combining Madalyn Murray O’Hair and Richard Dawkins) discusses the relative ease of being an atheist professor but the difficulty of being an atheist administrator:

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New Zealand Politician Accused of Punching Atheist Teacher in the Head for Not Praying at Event

Back in April, we posted a brief story about Christopher Scott Roy, an art teacher from New Zealand who said he was fired because of his atheism.

At the time, details of his story were hard to come by. Now, we have a little more information — and it’s all sorts of scandalous. (So we should all take this with a *huge* grain of salt.)

The biggest surprise involves Alfred Ngaro, a National Party member of the New Zealand Parliament:

Roy, who taught at Tamaki College (which caters to students we Americans normally consider high-school age), now says that he once had a confrontation with Ngaro over his beliefs:

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