A Blow to Christian Privilege

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Swedish Women Drop Burkas and Enter Stockholm Mosque Bare-Breasted; Pandemonium Ensues

So this happened in Sweden on Saturday:

At 11 o’clock on Saturday, [they came] into the Stockholm mosque [in] Södermalm, threw [their] clothes [away, and,] with clenched fists in the air, they shouted in English:… “No to Sharia! No to oppression! Free women!”

Skip the first twelve seconds of the following video unless you speak Swedish. The rest is in English. (Please do not click play if women’s breasts offend you.)

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Video of the Atheist Monument Dedication Ceremony in Front of the Bradford County Courthouse

Yesterday, American Atheists unveiled a bench engraved with quotations from prominent atheists and church/state separation advocates in front of the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida. It was in response to a Christian group’s Ten Commandments monument that county officials had allowed on the premises.

Now, we have video of the full ceremony from start to finish (via CRUClEFICTION):

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Could Baker, Louisiana Be a Candidate for the Next Atheist Monument?

Back in 2009, a Ten Commandments monument was placed in a public park, near a public school, in Baker, Louisiana:

Could this be the site of the next atheist monument?

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Abusive Pastor Calls Out and Humiliates Members of His Flock During Sermon

“I’m important. I’m somebody… I’m the real deal.”

If that sounds like a rapper boast, you haven’t been to Pastor Jim Standridge‘s church in Skiatook, Oklahoma. That’s how he talks.

But when Standridge gets mad, he utters a whole lot more than expressions of comically inflated self-regard.

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