‘Lord Moses’ Dispensed Heavenly Justice By Murdering Two Members of His Cult, Including a ‘Gay’ Four-Year-Old Boy

In October of 2010, a Durham man calling himself Pete Moses decided that it was time for four-year-old Jadon Higganbothan to die.

Jadon had slapped another boy’s buttocks. This angered Moses, then 27, a self-described prophet and the cult leader of a Black Hebrews offshoot. Moses’ aversion to homosexual behavior knew no bounds. The boy lived under his roof with eight other children and a number of women including Jadon’s mother, Vania Rae Sisk. The adults were all Moses’ disciples. They called him “Lord.”

Trembling, Jadon watched as Moses waved a gun around and started screaming at Sisk: “I told you to get rid of him!” “How am I going to do this?” Moses considered Jadon’s bottom-slap proof that the boy was gay. Something had to be done.

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If the Evansville Crosses Are OK’d by a Judge, Get Ready For a Secular Art Exhibit, Too

The city of Evansville, Indiana, recently approved the public display of 30 eight-feet-tall polyethylene crosses along the riverfront. The church that wants to erect the Christian symbols says that they’re not intended to promote Christianity; they are to be interpreted as an art display, because the crosses will be painted and decorated by the church’s Bible-camp kids. Plus, the exhibit is only temporary, scheduled to open on August 4th and to close just 12 days later. No biggie, right?

Well, this week, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the city.

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After Nearly Being Killed for His Atheism, Bangladeshi Blogger Still Faces Blasphemy Charges

Earlier this year, I posted about Asif Mohiuddin, a 29-year-old Bangladeshi man who was attacked for blogging about his atheism.

Of course, this being Bangladesh, Asif was sent to prison… for “hurting religious beliefs.” (That’s not a typo. It really makes no sense.)

He may be leaving jail soon, but the International Humanist and Ethical Union point out that he’s far from being truly free:

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American Atheists Unveils Godless Monument in Front of Florida Courthouse… and Announces Many More!

Today marked the big unveiling of a public monument to atheism (a nonument?) in front of the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida.

And it came with a big twist.

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On Telemundo, a Catholic Interviewee Calls for the Killing of a Blasphemous U.S. Artist

Which one of these devout believers below do you suppose is demanding the death of a blasphemous artist?

They both are.

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