We Changed this Popular Christian Meme to Show What Religious Freedom Really Means

When I first saw thisĀ Qpolitical meme with its message of sweeping ignorance (276,000+ likes and counting) come across my Facebook feed, I rolled my eyes and shared it to the Friendly Atheist Facebook page for our followers to demolish:

I included the caption, “Agreed. Is someone trying to take that right away? If so, it’s news to us.”

DislikingĀ the viewpoint expressed in a meme is one thing — the message being objectively wrong is another.

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God Wanted Jordy Nelson to Get Injured, Says Detroit Lions’ Glover Quin

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably aware that Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson had a nasty fall in yesterday’s preseason game that resulted in a possible torn ACL. Nelson could be out for the season, a loss that would seriously hurt the Packers’ chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Is there something the NFL should be doing to prevent these sorts of injuries, like a shorter preseason?

Absolutely not, says Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin. He knows why Nelson got injured: God did it.

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Pat Robertson: Today’s Stock Market Crash Happened Because God is Angry About Abortion

Did you hear about how the stock market took a huge dive this morning?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. We have Pat Robertson around to explain why it happened. It involved President Obama, Planned Parenthood, and whatever else Robertson spouts out when he can’t think of anything logical to say.

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Candidate in Nashville Mayoral Race Accused of Being an Atheist by Opponent’s Campaign

Earlier this month, no candidate won the majority of votes in an election to become the next mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. So on September 10, there will be a runoff election between the top two vote-getters, Megan Barry and David Fox.

What do you do to get a leg up over your opponent in a tight race? If you’re Fox, you apparently have volunteers at your call center suggest to voters that Barry is an atheist:

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I Could Binge-Watch This Series About an Atheist Coming Out on Her 18th Birthday

Earlier this year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Center For Inquiry announced a contest to create a fictional, likable atheist. There were so many angry, bitter ones on scripted television; it was about time for a change.

They called it the No God But Funny contest and offered cash prizes of $10,000 (for a scripted sitcom) and $25,000 (for a produced webisode). They just announced the winners (emphasis theirs):

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