Chinese “Evil-Spirit Killers” of the Church of the Almighty God Go on Trial This Thursday

On May 28, a group of five Jesus-besotted proselytizers walked into a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhaoyuan, China and began asking customers for their phone numbers. When a 37-year-old woman declined to provide that information, the five, deciding on the spot that she was an “evil spirit,” beat her to death with chairs and a metal broom handle — in front of her seven-year-old son. Other customers caught the attack on cell-phone cameras.

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This Comedian Has a Brilliant Proposal for the Westboro Baptist Church So They Don’t Picket Robin Williams’ Funeral

You may have heard by now that Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Robin Williams‘ funeral. (Because Jesus.)

Anyway, Australian comedian Adam Hills, who hosts the UK show The Last Leg, doesn’t want them to ruin the funeral so he made them a brilliant counteroffer:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 10: Dale McGowan, Author of In Faith and In Doubt

***Update***: We’re now on Stitcher.

Our latest podcast guest is Dale McGowan, the author of In Faith and In Doubt:

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Atheism Isn’t Just a “White” Thing

Darrin Johnson is the director who created a brief but fascinating documentary earlier this year about black atheists and their portrayal in the media:

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Protesting Creationism by Riding Atop a Velociraptor Tricycle

Creationists like Ken Ham believe that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time when all the evidence suggests they lived nearly 60,000,000 years apart. As the saying goes, The Flintstones wasn’t a documentary.

We know there’s confusion about this in the United States. It’s a problem in some parts of Norway, too. That’s why Norwegian artist Markus Moestue is trying to spread science education while atop a velociraptor tricycle, staging what he calls a “protest against the dogmatic religious education of children”:

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