The Story of Jesus… from God’s Perspective

We’re all pretty familiar with the stories of Creation, and Noah’s Ark, and David & Goliath… but the Bible offers a detached view of its characters.

What would it look like if you could read the Bible from God’s perspective?

That’s the gist of Chris Matheson‘s new book The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy about Love (and Hate) (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Matheson tells us what God was thinking when it came to Jesus:

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A Wonderful New Ad Features a Woman Stopping a Gay Couple from Getting Married

In a wonderful (but sadly fake) ad that mocks people like Kim Davis, a woman stops a gay couple from getting married before they ruin the sanctity of marriage:

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What It’s Like to Be an Atheist Surrounded by Religion

Tom Chivers of BuzzFeed (UK), who previously asked atheists how they found meaning in life, is back with a disturbing look at what it’s like to be an atheist in a highly-religious society:

Here’s just one excerpt, from Ajanta Deb Roy in Bangladesh:

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Bible Verses Just for Kim Davis

Finally, we get a look at the biblical cross-stitch patterns Kim Davis is surely using on her future Etsy page:

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After Multiple Requests, Atheist Finally Delivers Invocation Address in Sanford, Florida

Last night, David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community delivered the first-ever secular invocation in Sanford, Florida:

But perhaps the bigger story is what happened to get to that point.

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