Creationist Complains That His Side Isn’t Getting Equal Time on Cosmos

Creationist Danny Faulkner (below) of Answers In Genesis appeared on the “Janet Mefferd Show” late last week to complain about how Cosmos is being totally unfair. You see, it’s just promoting science. It’s not giving equal time to bullshit.

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What’s At Stake in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case?

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. The issue is whether or not a public company owned by religious individuals can deny employees contraception or birth control — items the law says have to be included in basic health coverage.

Obviously, those of us who support church/state separation think that personal decisions about birth control (and the like) should be left up to the people using it, not their Christian bosses. (Of course, it’s ridiculous that health insurance is tied to employment in the first place, but that’s a separate issue.)

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Salvation Army Promises, After $450,000 Settlement, to Eliminate Religious Discrimination in Taxpayer-Funded Work

The Salvation Army, whose volunteers you might see ringing bells over the holidays, is a primarily religious organization whose goal is to spread the Gospel. At the same time, they get government funds, to the tune of $188,000,000 in New York alone, to do social service work. As long as the two worlds don’t collide, there shouldn’t be a problem.

But more than a decade ago, that’s exactly what happened:

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Christian Pastor: Women Shouldn’t Even Say ‘Amen’ in Church

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something by Pastor Steven Anderson, but the preacher just gave one of those sermons that you don’t really believe anyone would deliver until you hear it. Not only does he say women should remain silent in church, he adds that they shouldn’t even say “Amen” if they agree with him:

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Jewish Bigamist Is Picketed At His Own Wedding For Not Giving His First Wife the Traditional Divorce Document

When an Orthodox-Jewish marriage ends, under Judaic law, only the husband has the power to pronounce a divorce. That is, he is the one who has to provide his estranged wife with a get, a document that proves that she is newly unattached and allowed to move on with her life. Frequently, if the relationship is toxic enough, the husband flat-out refuses, often out of spite, and/or so that he can use the get as a bargaining chip in disputes over alimony or child custody. It happens often enough that it’s almost unremarkable, but a California man called Israel Meir Kin has just taken this kind of male privilege to new heights.

After legally divorcing his wife, Lonna Kin, more than seven years ago, Mr. Kin has not given his wife a get.

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