Playing it “Cool” Won’t Save Christianity

The ongoing American exodus from church pews is not news. It’s been happening for years. Religious leaders know this. They’ve scrambled time and time again to find ways to keep butts in their seats. One of the more amusing tactics has been the surge in “cool” Christianity — communities cultivated to cater to a short attention span and lofty ideals with worship bands, granola pastors, and fancy AV displays.

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High School Ten Commandments Monument Will Stay After Judge Says Plaintiffs Didn’t Have Proper Standing

This is the Ten Commandments monument sitting outside Valley High School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania (not far from Pittsburgh):

It’s been there since 1957, when it was donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. For a long time, no one did anything about it, but a few years ago, several plaintiffs filed a lawsuit to have that display removed. After two of them decided they didn’t want to participate anymore, there were only two plaintiffs left: Marie Schaub and her daughter.

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Bryan Fischer’s Latest Lie: The Lafayette Shooter “Was a Big Time Barack Obama Supporter”

I know Bryan Fischer has no credibility outside his Christian bubble, but he outdid himself with his latest lie. Usually, Fischer and his buddies (like pseudo-historian David Barton) take a shred of truth and wildly distort it to suit their needs. In this case, even that bit of truth was missing.

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Fox News Host Endorses Separation of Church and State… Wait, What?

For some reason, I was getting a lot of angry email from Christians yesterday morning telling me that if I didn’t like “In God We Trust” on our money, I shouldn’t use it. I had no idea what prompted them to use JesusLogic on me until I saw this clip from yesterday’s episode of Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. The hosts were discussing a Missouri Sheriff who put a sticker with the Godly phrase on all the department’s vehicles.

One of the guest hosts, Democratic strategists Julie Roginsky, did something during the segment that you don’t normally see on Fox News: She made sense.

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9 Things You Should Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 9 things you should know about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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