Sen. Chuck Grassley Spreads George Washington Quotation About “God and the Bible”… Even Though He Never Said It

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa tweeted this earlier today (and posted it on Facebook, too):

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Hoaxed By Crickets: Yes, These Critters Make Interesting Sounds. No, They Don’t Sound Like a Choir of Angels

The sounds of these seemingly run-of-the-mill crickets, played back at a very low speed, are amazing proof of God’s creation; they sound like a choir of angels. Listen and maybe you’ll become a believer too:

This recording has been doing the rounds all over again after it drew a lot of interest on social media about a year ago.

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Is It Fair Game To Criticize the Sainted Rev. Martin Luther King For Being a Hypocrite?

It would be folly to overlook or minimize the contributions of the Rev. Martin Luther King to racial equality in America. Forty-six years after he was assassinated, this country still owes the towering civil-rights leader an undiminished debt of gratitude.

So it’s not that I can’t stand the guy. Hell, I admire him (mostly).

It’s the saintifying and pussyfooting and whitewashing I’m allergic to.

King is in the news again after the unredacted version of a contemptible letter from the mid-sixties surfaced that was sent to him anonymously by men in the employ of infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The typed screed is full of over-the-top, God-infused condemnations of King’s outsized sexual appetites, and ends with a strong hint that the reverend should commit suicide to prevent evidence of his extramarital affairs and orgies from being made public. You can read the letter in its entirety here. The fact that a so-called law-enforcement agency sent it should shock the conscience of every American who places (too much) trust in the government.

So what about his exploits with women?

To be honest, I don’t care who Martin Luther King consensually bedded, and how, and how often, and who else participated. That was all between him, his partners, his wife Coretta, and their God.

But I will note that his bedroom behavior was wildly at odds with the Bible and what he claimed as God’s truth.

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Kassig Killing “Goes Against Muslim Values”: Some Muslims Upset That the Islamic State Beheaded a Convert to Islam

Just so you know:

Some Muslims who believe Kassig had converted are upset by the report of his beheading. Of course, plenty of Muslims are appalled by ISIS’s brutal tactics and don’t back the militant group in any way, shape or form. But even for some Muslims who might be inclined to support ISIS’ broader goal — establishing a caliphate in the Middle East — killing a person who has converted to Islam is a bridge too far. They believe Kassig’s beheading goes against Muslim values.

The debate started after the Islamic State released a video yesterday that showed the severed head of a young man believed to be Peter Kassig, a humanitarian aid worker from Indiana who had found his calling helping refugees and other victim groups in Syria. In captivity, Kassig changed his first name to Abdul Rahman, and his religion to Islam.

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Christian Groups Offer Dueling (and Sometimes Conflicting) “Naughty & Nice” Lists for the Holiday Season

Last week, the American Family Association released its annual “Naughty or Nice” list. It sorted out which national chains celebrate Christmas and which ones don’t deserve your business because they ruin everything by acknowledging the existence of other human beings.

Today, Liberty Counsel released its own version of that list, the “twelfth annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign.”

What’s interesting is that the two groups clearly didn’t coordinate because companies that are considered Nice to one group are considered Naughty to the other (and vice versa).

For example, the AFA says this about Best Buy:

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