Atheists of Maine Raise Money for Camp Sunshine by Taking an Ice Cold Plunge

The Atheists of Maine are once again raising money for a truly worthy cause: Camp Sunshine, “a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.”

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PSA: Don’t Lose Your Child to Gorchul, the Dark Sorcerer of Time

Hug your kids, ’cause you just never know, Karen Dunlop reminds us in the Onion: As a parent, worrying is second nature. You’re constantly afraid that something could go wrong. Your child could get sick, or get in an accident, or even just not fit in at school. Sure, there’s joy and pride and fulfillment, [Read More...]

An Iraqi Refugee Becomes a Secular Humanist Leader

Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar, who will be speaking at the opening of the Humanist Hub near Harvard’s campus this weekend, is an Iraqi refugee whose Secular Humanism is very much at odds with his cultural background.

Ken Chitwood of Religion News Service tells Al-Mutar’s powerful story:

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An Atheist Group’s URL Redirects to a Popular Church’s Website, so What Do They Have to Say About It?

If you wanted to visit the website for the Atlanta Freethought Society, all you have to do is go to

It was brought to my attention recently that if you typed in — maybe you didn’t know any better — it would redirect you to the website for nearby North Point Community Church:

It even shows up that way in Google when you look up “”:

Your call: Savvy marketing ploy or total dick move?

I contacted North Point a few days ago to find out if they seriously purchased the atheists’ domain name just to trick people looking for their site to visit the church’s instead.

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West Virginia City Council Approves ‘In God We Trust’ Display Because the ‘Country’s Going to Hell in a Handbasket’

The Clarksburg City Council in West Virginia unanimously approved a motion this week to display “In God We Trust” in City Hall. We’ve gotten used to these resolutions by now. There’s always talk about how it’s our nation’s motto and how it’s patriotic… but the council members here didn’t even bother to hold back their contempt for church/state separation and anyone who would advocate for it:

Councilman Jim Malfregeot said council decided to take the action after learning about a nationwide initiative to put those words in all city halls.

Malfregeot said he thinks other cities will get on board as well.

They’re taking God out of everything. The country’s going to Hell in a handbasket, so I thought, ‘wow. What a great thing to do.’ And to be the first city hall and city chambers in the state of West Virginia to have In God We Trust,” said Malfregeot.

Say what now? Who‘s taking God out of everything? Certainly not atheists or First Amendment groups that simply want God to remain separate from government. Want to pray in your home? Your church? Your office before a city council meeting? Have at it. Go wild.

But Malfregeot didn’t just stop there…

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