The Stars of Ray Comfort’s New Anti-Gay Film Audacity Are Really, Really Pro-LGBT Rights

Yesterday, Camille posted a synopsis and review of Ray Comfort‘s new anti-gay propaganda film Audacity:

See the guy in that poster?

That’s the film’s star, Travis Owens. His character, Peter, is a Bible-thumping Christian who wants to save everyone from the “dangers” of homosexuality.

Which is why it’s rather interesting that Owens retweeted some pretty pro-LGBT messages on Friday after the Supreme Court’s decision:

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A Hilarious Response to CatholicVote’s Anti-Gay Marriage Video

A few days ago, a group called CatholicVote posted a video called “Not Alone” featuring all sorts of people talking about how they support “traditional” marriage, and how tough it is to hold those beliefs in today’s society. (Because bigotry is soooo hard!)

It ends with the speakers, in tears, saying “You’re not alone”… as if they’re the oppressed ones.

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The Simple Debunking of the #CharlieCharlieChallenge

Captain Disillusion explains how the Charlie Charlie Challenge works (and whether or not it’s a hoax):

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 61: Matt Dillahunty, Master Debater and Co-Host of The Atheist Experience

Our latest podcast guest is Matt Dillahunty, a former fundamentalist Christian who now debates religious apologists.

He was the President of the Atheist Community of Austin for several years and co-hosts The Atheist Experience call-in show. He recently began a video series teaching viewers how to respond to frequently-used apologist arguments.

At the American Atheists 2015 convention in Memphis, Tennessee, Jessica spoke with Matt about his religious upbringing, why he loves debates, and what he sees as the future of faith.

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Tweet Featuring Rainbow Kaaba in Mecca Draws Threats

You thought the rainbow-colored lights outside the White House were angering conservatives?

That’s nothing compared to the responses seen after the folks at Atheist Republic posted this image on Twitter, hoping that Islam, in addition to Christianity, would eventually come to accept LGBT individuals:

The threats and complaints came quickly:

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