Shedding the ‘Agnostic’ Label

Troy Fitzgerald just published a book last month called Cults and Closets in which he referred to himself as a “devout agnostic.”

And now, in the span of a few weeks, he’s ready to shed that label, too:

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Church Leaders in Bermuda Want to Legalize Discrimination Based on ‘Religious Freedom’

This July, Bermuda passed legislation called the Human Rights Amendment Act which bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But that’s unfathomable to some religious leaders, who are pressuring the government to legalize discrimination so long as it falls under the category of “religious expression.”

United for Change, a group comprised of about 80 pastors from 60 Bermuda churches, signed and publicized a statement explaining that the anti-discrimination law could adversely affect religious freedom. Their primary concerns? First, that preaching against LGBT people will constitute hate speech, and second, that this will ultimately lead to the legalization of marriage equality. And they can’t have that.

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Atheist Billboards Go Up in Bryan and College Station, Texas

Just in time for the big Texas A&M game against #1-ranked Alabama this weekend, the newly-formed Brazos Valley Coalition of Reason has put up four billboards in the Bryan and College Station, Texas areas (near where the game will be played):

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Foundation Beyond Belief Rallies Humanists to Support Syrian Refugees

Regardless of what the United States ends up doing with regard to Syria, refugees are fleeing the country and need serious help. Foundation Beyond Belief (a group I work with) has launched a fundraising drive to benefit the International Rescue Committee, specifically to help those who have been displaced and separated from their families as a result of the chaos in the region:

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Pastor Refuses to Marry Couple an Hour Before Ceremony Because Bride’s Dress is Too Sexy

Apostle Michael Canty of the Truth Ministries Holiness Church recently refused to marry a couple mere hours before the ceremony was to be performed. His reasoning? The bride’s dress was too sexy:

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