Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area Wants Schools to Let Muslim Students Leave Class Hours Early Every Week

The Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area has a request for public school teachers and administrators. They want children of Muslim parents to be dismissed from school early once a week so that they can attend a mandatory prayer service.

Oh, and by early, they mean 12:30p until the end of the school day.

Because that won’t disrupt student learning at all.

They put this permission slip on their website for families to download and take to their kids’ schools:

Let’s focus on the core of it:

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Why Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson’s Joke About Atheists Makes No Sense

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family featured on the reality show “Duck Dynasty,” was giving a sermon at White’s Ferry Road church in Louisiana last weekend and make a crack at atheists that really makes no sense whatsoever when you give it more than a second of thought:

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A Coconut is Messing Up This Country’s Elections

In America, out voting scandals involve ID laws, hanging chads, and outright disenfranchisement.

In the Maldives, their big voting scandal this year involves a coconut.

A cursed coconut.

A cursed 4-inch coconut inscribed with a Koranic verse written in Arabic.

To quote Paul Fidalgo:

A magic coconut has disrupted Maldivian elections and now there is an investigation into the magic coconut and OH GOD I WISH I WAS KIDDING

So how is this coconut disrupting an election?

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FOX News’ Dana Perino: If Atheists Don’t Like the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘They Don’t Have to Live Here’

Following the oral arguments in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court regarding the Pledge of Allegiance case, FOX News’ “The Five” reacted to the arguments made by atheist lawyer David Niose.

Notably, Dana Perino (former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush) argued that this was already a settled issue because the Senate and the House had already passed resolutions to keep “Under God” in the Pledge. In other words, a bunch of Christians had already agreed that we should pay homage to God… so how dare these atheists argue against it?!

(Of course, the atheist argument here wasn’t that “Under God” was government promotion of Christianity, but rather, that saying the Pledge made atheist students look like second-class citizens, unpatriotic and not properly deferential to God. But, you know, facts… who needs them?)

Then, Perino made an even more ignorant statement:

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Godliness and the Homeless: Did British Priest Ray Blake Really Lay Into the Poor?

Let me share with you what the trouble with the poor is.

The trouble with the poor is that they are messy.

Oy. That’s the opening line from a blog post written by British priest Ray Blake.

A few paragraphs in, he explains that

…’the poor’ challenge our complacency. They interrupt our comfort, our prayer, our routine, bringing the mess of their lives into our lives.

It would be easy — and it sure is tempting — to hang Father Blake with his own (admittedly inartful) words; and sure enough, various journalists in the U.K. did just that. For instance, The Daily Mail gleefully said that Blake launched “a scathing attack” on the very people he is honor-bound to love and help as a servant of Christ. The Argus claims that the priest “condemned” the poor and that he “raged” about the topic. And so on.

To be honest, when I skimmed the headlines that the priest’s controversial piece generated, I thought it might be fun to join the melee and rip him on this blog. But a funny thing happened on the way to this trial-by-Internet. I read his article, and it seems to me that Blake got a raw deal. My reflex to pile on turned into my wanting to say a few words in the man’s defense. While I do, hold the pitchforks.

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