Christian Megachurch Pastor Who Casually Said “Nigga” During Christmas Eve Sermon Issues Pseudo-Apology

Earlier this month, I posted a video of Christian Pastor Perry Noble seemingly saying the word “Nigga” during a Christmas Eve sermon:

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Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Will Auction Off “In Dog We Trust” Rugs for Charity

Yesterday, I posted about the new rugs in the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (in Florida), which cost $500 and contained a rather notable misprint:

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Ben Carson Implies That America Would Benefit from Some ISIS-Like Zeal

You know what America needs a little more of? That same fanaticism that drives ISIS. Or so Dr. Ben Carson seemed to imply in (well received) comments to a Republican National Committee meeting in San Diego.

Carson, who has gone from feeling the fingers of God pushing him to run for President to fending off charges of plagiarism in the last few months, started on safe ground… then quickly abandoned it.

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Some Hope for Raif Badawi? Saudi Leaders Will Review His Case

A few eyebrows were raised this morning when Raif Badawi‘s second set of 50 lashes were postponed for “medical reasons.”

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Watch QVC Hosts Debate Whether the Moon is a Star or a Planet. Seriously.

The most surprising thing about this argument between host Jane Treacy and Isaac Mizrahi over whether the moon is a star or a planet is that it happened on QVC and not on Ken Ham‘s website.

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