A Christian Explains What’s Wrong With the Movie God’s Not Dead

At Reddit Christianity, someone asked why people didn’t like the movie God’s Not Dead. So user demusdesign responded with these excellent reworked movie posters:

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Secular Irish Parents Don’t Want to Send Their Son to a Catholic School, but Do They Have a Choice?

If 92% of the public schools in Ireland are run by the Catholic Church, and people are leaving the Church in droves, there are bound to be some conflicts.

NPR’s Miranda Kennedy spoke with parents in Ireland who haven’t baptized their son, but know that not doing so severely limits their schooling options for him:

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Atheist Activists from Around the World Call on Bangladeshi Officials to Take Action After Blogger Murders

In response to the multiple murders of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh this year alone, and the law enforcement official who recently said this problem could be solved if only the atheists would stop criticizing religious beliefs, the International Humanist and Ethical Union has coordinated an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and President Abdul Hamid, signed by atheist activists from around the world.

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Why Your Personal Experiences with God Don’t Prove Anything

In the latest video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty explains the problems with appeals to personal experience. In other words, he talks about why Christians’ stories about how they “found God” ought to have little effect on us.

This was the talk he gave at the recent Gateway to Reason conference in St. Louis:

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Julian Bond, the Civil Rights Activist Who Died Over the Weekend, Wasn’t Religious

Over the weekend, we lost Julian Bond at age 75. He was a former chairman of the NAACP, elected many times over to the Georgia legislature, and a founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was an icon of the civil rights movement.

I only realized after he died that he was an atheist, too:

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