Jehovah’s Witness Conference Speaker Tells Audience to Shun Family Members Who Lose Their Faith

If you’re a child raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and you decide to leave the faith, what should your parents do?

Normal person’s answer: Love you no matter what.

Watchtower representative Steven Bell‘s answer: Cut all ties with your child.

He said as much at the 2013 District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses:

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I Love This Trailer for the Freethought Florida 2013 Conference

The Florida Freethought 2013 Conference takes place the first weekend in November in Orlando, and the theme is all about diversity within our movement. The speaker list is great, but I absolutely love the trailer:

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Christian Show Host: Atheist Chaplains Would Just Tell Wounded Soldiers To Kill Themselves

Atheist groups have been pushing hard lately for the military to accept Humanist chaplains. So far, they’ve said no.

Congress joined them, but in addition to saying no, House members offered their reasons — and those reasons were complete bullshit:

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Indiana Judge Nixes Six-Feet-Tall Public Crosses in Evansville, but May Have Left the Door Open for Smaller Ones

You may recall that almost six weeks ago, the city of Evansville, Indiana approved the temporary public display of 31 eight-feet-tall plastic crosses along the public riverfront, spread out over a four-block area. The church that wanted to erect the Christian symbols stressed that they’re (supposedly) not intended to promote religion; instead, the crosses were to be interpreted as an “art display,” because Bible-camp kids would decorate them.

The children will have to find other things on which to unleash their creativity. That’s because District Court judge Sarah Evans Barker ruled yesterday, just five days before the exhibit was to open, that the crosses would be a violation of the Establishment Clause. Barker’s decision (embedded below) was the outcome of a suit filed by local plaintiffs Chris Cabral and Nancy Tarsitano, who found the ACLU on their side.

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HuffPost Live Hosts Discussion About Black Atheists

Yesterday, Sikivu Hutchinson, Ronnelle Adams, Jamila Bey, and Debbie Goddard appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the “growing number of secular minorities”:

Hats off to HPL for featuring a conversation on this important topic.

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