Supreme Court Rules Unanimously in Favor of Muslim Prisoner Who Wanted to Grow a Half-Inch Beard

Last year, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case, Holt v. Hobbs, that was all about a Muslim inmate from Arkansas, Gregory H. Holt, who wanted to grow a half-inch beard in accordance with his beliefs.

The problem was that Arkansas happened to be one of the only states that banned beards of any length for security reasons. Hence, the legal battle. (For the record, more than 40 states allow prisoners to have half-inch beards and most allow even longer ones.)

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“I Love My Religion More Than I Love My Kids”; When Atheists Marry Believers, Love May Not Conquer All

Though it doesn’t have to be that way, for lots of couples, religion is a serious wedge issue.

I feel terrible for Tauseef, a British ex-Muslim whose six-year-old marriage is cracking because his wife’s faith has grown stronger while his own has dissipated. She holds it against him and has grown colder; he still loves her and tries to convince her that he can be the man she wants him to be. The BBC interviewed Tauseef recently. You can hear the sadness and anguish in his voice.

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Conservative Christian Activist Admits She Had an Affair During Right-Wing Conference: “I Lost My Faith in God”

Last summer, a Christian woman named Holly Fisher posted a picture online that quickly went viral. It featured her holding a gun in one hand and a Bible the other, while standing in front of an American flag:

What made the image really take off was that it became juxtaposed with a similar image of terrorist Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi (often including the phrase: “Explain the difference”):

Conservatives were bending over backwards to defend Fisher because she was basically a good patriotic Christian woman who wanted to defend her family.

I bring this up because of a message Fisher posted on her Facebook page Sunday.

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NFL Running Back Arian Foster: You Think God Made This Entire Universe Just for You?

We’ve seen a couple of stories lately involving sports personalities who happen to be Creationists.

So it’s nice to see an athlete promoting science.

Arian Foster, the Houston Texans running back who once wrote about how he plans to teach his daughter about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, posted this on Twitter last night:

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Evangelical Christians Are Strategically Working to Put a Church in Every Public School

In a disturbing piece written for The Nation, Katherine Stewart writes about how evangelical Christians are trying to “put a church in every school.”

In short, a lot of public schools rent out space on weekends — and church leaders have taken full advantage of that. While that may be fine on the surface, it’s part of a larger strategy of getting “in” with the schools, and pushing faith in other illegal ways. We’ve already seen how footballs teams are often infused with Christianity and team-sponsored prayers. We’ve seen Bible distributions at schools. Stewart has already written about Good News Clubs in elementary schools. These things are all connected.

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