Governor Says Solutions to Kansas’ Problems Are “Cultural and Moral” and Come from “Hearts Alive with a Loving God”

After a first term of stewardship that has left Kansas with a “nearly $900 million budget hole,” largely because of tax cuts that were supposed to generate revenue that never came in, Governor Sam Brownback (R) was sworn in to a second term on Monday. And his inaugural speech indicates that he is in no hurry to shake the wishful thinking that has already contributed to his state’s woes.

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Colorado Church Cancels Woman’s Funeral After Seeing a Picture of Her Kissing Her Wife

In yet another example of Christian Love, New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colorado put a stop to Vanessa Collier‘s funeral just minutes after it was scheduled to begin because they noticed that a video that was supposed to play during the service included an image of Collier kissing her wife:

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Post-Charlie, French Director Luc Besson Pulls a Ben Affleck, Serenades His Muslim Brothers’ “Beautiful Religion”

Given Luc Besson‘s unfortunate portrayal of Egyptians in his movie The Fifth Element (in Indiana Jones fashion, they come across as lazy, shifty, and duplicitous), I wouldn’t have taken the French director for a fan of Islam.

I may have been wrong, though, and now, at a minimum, I must give Besson — who himself is “not so much” religious, he said last year — sincere props for trying to reach out to young French Muslims. You see, he wrote an open letter to the Le Monde newspaper the other day, in which he addressed his Muslim “brothers” with humility and understanding.

And that’s not bad. Not bad at all. But predictably, the director just couldn’t bring himself to mention the elephant in the room: the scriptures and teachings of Islam itself, and the inclination of millions of Muslims to follow through on those dark edicts.

Besson wrote:

My brother, if you knew how much I hurt for you today, you and your beautiful religion which has been defiled, humiliated, blamed. Have you forgotten your strength, your energy, your humor, your heart, your fraternity? What has happened is unfair and we all must fix this injustice. We love you very much and we will all help you. But first things first. What is society offering you?

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Kirk Cameron is Now Selling Coffee… to Save Christmas!

In an apparent promotional tie to his movie, Kirk Cameron is selling Saving Christmas Blend coffee:

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The KaMormon Sutra

Given how Mormons were a major factor in the passing of California’s Proposition 8 in 2008, banning marriage equality, photographer Neil DaCosta created a collection of Mormon Missionary Positions:

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