We Will Never Again Bow Our Heads

(via The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn)

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Awkward Sex Advice from a Christian Motivational Speaker

You have to appreciate sex advice from anyone who seriously calls it “the sex.” Welcome to the creepy (and highly-edited) world of Dawson McAllister:

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San Francisco Cops Avoid Ticketing Double-Parked Offenders Near Dolores Park When Churches Are in Session

If you live in the Dolores Park area of San Francisco, you’ll be happy to know that church-goers get a special perk on Sundays: No parking tickets!

Other people, recognizing that privilege, have also started parking in illegal spaces, creating an environment where everyone’s breaking the law and no one gets fined.

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New Mother Chooses Death Over Life-Saving Blood Transfusion; Fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses Praise Her Faith

We know that Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden from receiving blood transfusions, even if it’s necessary to save their lives. While I think that’s ridiculous, I generally don’t care if people refuse those transfusions, focusing my rage instead on people who allow their children to die because of their religious beliefs.

But this story makes me reconsider all that.

A JW mother named Michelle recently gave birth to a girl, Emma Marie, but she lost a lot of blood in the process. Normally, blood transfusions prevent this from being a life-threatening issue, but Michelle refused… and her life ended soon afterwards.

An Instagram post featured video from her baby shower and the story in the comments section:

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This is the American Atheists Commercial CNN Refused to Air

I posted earlier today about how American Atheists would be airing its first-ever national TV commercial before and after tonight’s CNN special: “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-believers.”

Turns out that’s not the original version of the commercial.

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