Pastor Defending Nativity Scene on Public Property is Indistinguishable from a Parody in The Onion

The city of Belen, New Mexico has a Nativity Scene permanently displayed on public property, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent Mayor Jerah Cordova a letter warning him against the government’s promotion of Christianity.

Cordova has no plans to budge, though. Because, you know, the Bible.

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Florida Sheriff Says on Facebook That Pro-Christian Anthem Will Now Be County’s Theme Song

One month ago, Bay County (Florida) Sheriff Frank McKeithen decided to put “In God We Trust” stickers on every patrol car in his department:

McKeithen didn’t even hide behind the “It’s the National Motto!” defense. He came right out and said “we should display our morals and values” on the cars.

But maybe you could argue he’s still speaking in code. He’s not explicitly promoting religion.

Well, the other day on Facebook, McKeithen announced the county’s new theme song: Diamond Rio’s “In God We Still Trust”:

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This is Why You Should Pay Attention to Line Breaks

The Hornsby Bend Assembly of God in Austin, Texas wanted to create a witty church sign playing off the phrase “fight tooth decay.”

I guess they don’t know how line breaks work…

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Evolution Really Went Downhill After That

(via Rubes by Leigh Rubin. Thanks to Lesa for the link)

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Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Then Comically Responds to Complaints about Gender Neutrality

After Target announced that they’d be doing away with gender-specific labeling in their toy and children’s bedding aisles, the conservative crowd went into total meltdown mode. A storm of people took to Target’s Facebook page to air their grievances, accuse the chain of pandering to liberalism, and announce a boycott (I give it a month, tops).

Fortunately, someone was handling these complaints in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately for the complainers, that someone was Mike Melgaard, a self-described “troll,” posing as a Target customer service agent.

He went by the handles “Ask ForHelp” and “Target Customer Service” — complete with the Target logo avatar. Hilarity ensued.

Here are our 10 favorites responses:

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