Is It Ethical for This Atheist to Make a Ton of Money Selling a Bible App?

If you listened to the StartUp podcast recently, you heard host Alex Blumberg conduct a brief interview with Trevor McKendrick (below), who makes a lot of money selling a Spanish-language Bible app. Like $100,000+ a year.

And he happens to be an atheist, which Business Insider‘s Nicholas Carlson explains:

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Checkmate, Atheists: Minister Rebuts Viral Stephen Fry Video by “Proving” That Non-Believers Don’t Exist

You and I are here at Friendly Atheist for one reason only: because we secretly believe in God.

Deep down, we all know we hate the Almighty (who is totally real) so much that we deny his existence by attacking him.

Well, Keith Thompson is onto us. After he saw the viral video of Stephen Fry responding to a TV interviewer who asks what the comedian would say to God if the two were to meet, Thompson, who runs Reformed Apologetics Ministries, is more convinced than ever that there are no atheists. To prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, he’s come up with a little video of his own.

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Mike Huckabee Says Marriage Equality Is Like Swearing and Drinking: His Friends Do It, but He Doesn’t Condone It

Potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has come up with a new way to describe his opposition to same-sex marriage: like swearing or drinking, it’s something his “friends” may partake in, but not something he’ll ever condone.

He told CNN:

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Vaccines Have Become a Political Wedge Issue and There May Only Be One Solution

It’s been a disturbing couple of weeks in the world of common-sense vaccines. What was not that long ago a fringe movement of people (including liberals) who took medical advice from the likes of Jenny McCarthy (or their own gut) has somehow become a political wedge issue.

Chris Christie said yesterday he was for vaccine “choice” before he clarified his remarks a bit:

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A Glimpse at Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Upcoming Talk Show

The New York TimesDennis Overbye got a sneak preview of Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s upcoming show StarTalk, scheduled to premiere on the National Geographic Channel this April:

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