New White House Rules Would Prevent Religious Charities from Preaching with Taxpayer Money

One of the problems with President Obama‘s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is that it helps the government give money to religious groups that do charity work (1) even if they proselytize along the way and (2) even if they discriminate against LGBT people in their hiring.

The latter issue is still a source of controversy, but there may finally be a fix for the former.

Last week, director Melissa Rogers (below) announced a proposed rule change affecting nine different federal agencies (out of the 14 that partner with her office). The new rule would prevent grant-receiving groups from preaching while using taxpayer funds:

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Christian Bigot Mat Staver: The Boy Scouts Are Now “a Playground for Pedophiles”

Now that the Boy Scouts of America has rescinded the ban on gay leaders, some Christians are freaking out about all the implications. But it wouldn’t be the first time they make a big deal about a problem that exists entirely in their imaginations.

On the “Faith and Freedom” radio show today, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver made clear that inviting gay scout leaders would inevitably lead to child molestation:

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After Much Debate, Boone County (Missouri) Officials Will Replace War Memorial That Includes Jesus Fish Symbol

Last year, we learned that a war memorial outside the Boone County courthouse in Missouri had finally covered up the Jesus Fish symbol that had been there for 20 years:

That happened as a result of a letter that Americans United For Separation of Church and State sent county officials back in May of 2014. Officials feared a losing lawsuit and decided it wasn’t a battle worth fighting.

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Orthodox Jews Are Crowdfunding the Breeding of a Red Cow Because Religion

For millennia, Orthodox Jews have had no choice but to pray and wait for the perfect red heifer that will allow them to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

But with the deadline for the Messianic Age approaching — Orthodox “scholars” say that we have about 200 years to usher it in, or it will never happen — the Temple Institute has brought prophecy fulfillment into the 21st century, using social media to raise funds to genetically engineer a sacred cow.


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Indian Court Rules That Faith-Based Starvation in Jainism Is Suicide

When atheists criticize religion, they sometimes have a soft spot for the faith I grew up with: Jainism. It’s a religion that extols non-violence (ahimsa) and self-control, so you can see why it has its fans. But Jainism also has its supernatural beliefs — some of them pretty harmful — and realizing that is why I left the fold a long time ago.

One of those harmful beliefs is fasting. While religions like Islam say that, during Ramadan, you’re not supposed to eat during daylight hours, some followers of Jainism promote fasting for long stretches at a time. I’ve known people to eat nothing (except boiled water that’s cooled off) for more than a week. I know someone who ate food one day, then nothing the next day, for a full year. My mom still has days when she limits herself to eating only once. It’s a way to show you’re in control of your body and that your mind is focused on prayer.

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