The Way This Exchange Between Atheist Seller and Christian Buyer on eBay Ended is Ridiculous

One of the readers of this site (“co—”) recently sold her Kindle on eBay, but the buyer (“lu—”) wasn’t happy with the product she received. She claimed it wasn’t working. So the two of them had a quick back-and-forth exchange until the conflict was resolved.

But just wait until you read how it was resolved (click image to enlarge, or read the text below):

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Pope Francis is on the Rolling Stone Cover

In a overall positive cover story for Rolling Stone, Mark Binelli profiles Pope Francis:

What I love about that cover is that if you don’t look at the bottom half of it, it looks like Pope Francis is described as “The Internet Crime Kingpin” :)

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If You Could, Would You Outlaw Certain Religious Expressions?

Someone posted this photo of a Creationist exhibit in Oklahoma to Reddit Atheism the other day, with the headline “This should be illegal”:

No, it really shouldn’t.

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This Teacher Never Told a First Grader ‘You’re Not Allowed to Talk About the Bible in School’

I have a hard time believing Christians are under attack in America. Mostly because they’re so totally not. Usually, when Christian groups are upset, it’s not because their rights are being violated, but because they’re no longer getting the privileged treatment they’re used to receiving. So you should always take their complaints with a grain of salt and search for whatever they’re not telling you.

When I heard about first-grader Brynn Williams‘ story, in the back of my mind, I was wondering what really happened because I knew Advocates for Faith & Freedom (a Christian version of the Freedom From Religion Foundation) couldn’t be trusted to share the entire story.

Here’s how AFF explained what happened:

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After Being Cancelled by Christian Politicians in Northern Ireland, Satirical Bible Play is Back On and Sold Out

A few days ago, I mentioned that evangelical Christians in the Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) wanted to censor two performances of a comedy play called “The Bible: The Complete Word Of God (abridged)” because they felt it was too blasphemous:

Well, they changed their minds pretty damn quickly after everyone started laughing at them. The shows are back on!

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