Six Takeaways from Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision to Allow Sectarian Prayer at Government Meetings

After yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of government prayer, here are a few takeaways that might have been lost in the aftermath:

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Roanoke County Supervisor: After Yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling, We’re Only Allowing Christian Invocation Prayers

A year ago, Al Bedrosian was a Republican running for a seat on the Roanoke County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors. As it turned out, Bedrosian had written an article for the Roanoke Times several years prior to his candidacy in which he talked about how this country was not only a Christian nation, but one where non-Christians should not be allowed to worship at all:

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New York Times Calls Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Government Prayer “Lamentable”

A New York Times editorial in today’s paper calls yesterday’s Supreme Court decision a “lamentable ruling” and a “defeat for religious neutrality.” It also includes a swipe at the Obama Administration for defending the prayers:

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Headline of the Day

Andy Borowitz tells it like it is:

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Is This a Christian Message? “When Life is Too Hard to Stand, Kneel”

Sometime in December, Jayne Cravens noticed that a Facebook page for volunteer firefighters had posted a decidedly Christian image:

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