TLC Officially Cancels 19 Kids and Counting

With all the stories we’ve heard over the past two months about Josh Duggar molesting five girls (including four of his sisters) when he was younger — while some of them were sleeping, no less — it was somewhat surprising that the network airing his family’s show hadn’t canceled it completely. Sure, TLC stopped airing episodes of the show back in May, but would they seriously keep it going in the future?

That question has finally been answered because the network has finally decided to pull the plug for good, ending the show before its 11th season. The Associated Press has the scoop:

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New Billboard Criticizes Jehovah’s Witness Leadership for Enabling Pedophiles

A few months ago, the ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses on Reddit had an idea: They wanted to put up a billboard in Belton, Texas, where a couple of JW conventions were set to take place in late July/early August. They raised the money by early May and signed the contract in June.

The billboard finally went up yesterday and it’s a doozy:

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Found in a Religious Education Textbook Aimed at Eight-Year-Olds…

I think the word “imaginary” is in the wrong place…

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Explaining Where the Ball Went in Viral Vine Video

Captain Disillusion explains the secret behind a popular Vine clip:

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Newspaper That Won’t Publish Gay Wedding Announcements Tells Staff to Keep Opinions to Themselves

The other day, I posted about the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, based out of Tupelo, because Publisher Clay Foster had written an essay all about why his paper would not be printing same-sex marriage announcements.

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