Bill Maher: “There Are No Great Religions. They’re All Stupid and Dangerous”

On Jimmy Kimmel‘s show the other night, Bill Maher gave his first take on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, calling out liberals who tiptoe around the religious angle of this story:

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Catholic Hate for Charlie Hebdo Doesn’t Stop With Bill Donohue

Check out Opus Publicum:

Charlie Hebdo (CH) is a low-class, often thoughtless, publication which any decent society should have shut down a long time ago.

Mr. Opus is pissed about

the failure of French society, now long broken away from its Catholic roots, to suppress the paper.

In other words, let Catholicism dominate the affairs of the state, so that all manner of impudent secular pests may be dealt with once and for all!

[T]here was nothing inherently blasphemous in CH’s various negative depictions of “the Prophet” Muhammad or the Islamic religion. If CH deserves to be shut down (and it does), it is because of its numerous acts of blasphemy against God and His Holy Church. Of course, there may be other good reasons to curtail CH’s falsely sacrosanct right to “free expression.”

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U.S. State Department Defends Raif Badawi Just Before He is Lashed 50 Times for “Insulting Islam”

It doesn’t look like there’s much we can do now. Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger, will receive the first batch of his 1,000 lashes today. All for the “crime” of running a progressive website that called for, among other things, religious tolerance and women’s rights.

Yesterday, the U.S. State Department issued a statement in defense of Badawi:

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“Traditional Values” Are Losing Ground with Voters and We’re All Better Off as a Result

When you hear politicians talk about “traditional values,” it’s usually just code for anti-gay, anti-women, pro-Christianist thinking. Saying gay people should not be allowed to marry may be politically toxic these days, but no one has a problem with “values,” right?

I’m happy to say that voters, who may finally be catching on to the con, are caring less and less about traditional values these days. Aaron Blake at the Washington Post explains:

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Texas Republican’s Bill Would Withhold Salary from State Employees Who, in Future, Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

A new bill in Texas sponsored by Republican Rep. Cecil Bell would cut off the salary of any state official who issued a wedding license to a gay couple… if that ever became legal. (Texas is currently one of only 14 states where gay couples can’t get married.)

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