Ray Comfort’s Movie The Atheist Delusion Is Now Free To Watch Online

Evangelist Ray Comfort‘s film The Atheist Delusion — tagline: “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question” — is now free to watch online. So if Twitter goes down again today, you’ll have another way to get outraged.


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Pat Robertson, Who Wrongly Predicted Mitt Romney’s Victory, Says Donald Trump Will Win the Election

In 2012, a week before the election took place, Pat Robertson announced that God told him Mitt Romney was not only going to “absolutely” win the election but win two straight terms. Which means we shouldn’t really worry about his latest prediction regarding a Donald Trump victory…


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She Wore This Halloween Costume to Spite Her Fundamentalist Christian Mother

I’ve seen atheists dressed up as Jesus… but I’ve never heard of someone doing this at a Halloween party:


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Outrage Ensues After Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Posts Photo Standing Next to Buddha Statue

On Thursday, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture of himself next to a statue of Buddha on Facebook and Instagram, where he has hundreds of millions of followers.

But because the Real Madrid star’s foot was on the base of the statue, it created an international uproar, as this was seen as a sign of disrespect to Buddhists everywhere.


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How Trump Would Tear Down the Wall (of Separation Between Church and State)

This is a guest post written by David G. McAfee. He is author, most recently, of The Book of Gods. … Donald Trump promises to build a wall, a big wall, a strong wall, to keep out Mexicans, but what about our most important wall? What about the Wall of Separation between Church and State [Read More…]