Less Than a Day After Going Up In Boca Raton (FL), An Atheist’s Display Has Been Vandalized

Preston Smith, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, erected an atheist-themed banner and giant Satanic pentagram yesterday in Sanborn Square Park in Boca Raton, Florida as a way to counter a Nativity scene on the same property.

Less than a day later, that banner and the display have been vandalized.


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German Would Be Making a Huge Mistake By Instituting a Ban on Full-Face Veils for Muslim Women

German chancellor Angela Merkel announced yesterday that she would support a ban on veils that hide the entire face of Muslim women “wherever it is legally possible,” arguing that the full-face cover was “not appropriate” and went against cultural norms. This would be a tremendous mistake.


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Weather Channel Scientist Slams Breitbart for Using Her Image to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Right-wing propaganda website Breitbart recently posted an article downplaying the effects of global warming. That piece included a video featuring Weather Channel meteorologist Kait Parker, suggesting that her reporting backed up their conspiracy theory. She responded yesterday with a glorious takedown of their lies.


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Ghanaian Bishop Says He Has the Power to Make Your Penis Larger If You’ll Just Let Him Touch It

If you really, really wish you had a bigger penis, here’s some advice: When your pastor says he can help by touching you there, resist the urge to say yes.


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A Fox News Host Invited an Atheist to Church As He Promoted His Group’s Latest Billboards

Yesterday, American Atheists’ national program director Nick Fish appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the group’s latest billboards. The hosts wanted to know why Fish was so offended by Christmas and Christians — he wasn’t — even using the opportunity to invite him to church.


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