The Big Question Lab: How to Create the Environment for a Secular Sunday School

Nick Bohl (who works at the Humanist Hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is back to explain how he creates the environment for a “secular Sunday School.” It’s part of his series about the Big Question Lab, the program he coordinates for children in the area.


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David Barton: I’ll Only Debate Atheists If I Get to Speak 92% of the Time

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton gave a sermon last month at Calvary Chapel Salt Lake (Utah) in which he explained the bizarre conditions under which he’d debate an atheist. Rule #1) He won’t do it unless he gets to speak 92% of the time. Because Christians make up 92% of the country.


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Center For Inquiry Calls for Resignation of DNC Official After Leaked Anti-Atheism Email

The Center For Inquiry is calling for the resignation of Democratic National Committee CFO Brad Marshall after a leaked email from him suggested “someone” should ask Bernie Sanders at a public event if he believed in God, hoping his reluctance to give an enthusiastic “Yes!” would hurt him in the primaries.


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Tim LaHaye, Co-Author of the Left Behind Series, Has Died

Tim LaHaye, the evangelical Christian author whose Left Behind series sold tens of millions of copies (and led to one god-awful Nicolas Cage movie), has died following a stroke. He was 90 years old.


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The Atheist Delusion: An Interview with Christian Evangelist Ray Comfort

This Friday, Ray Comfort will release his latest apologetics film called The Atheist Delusion. The trailer shows Comfort chatting with a number of atheists who, after their conversation, are no longer so confident in their non-belief. I haven’t seen the film yet, but as you can imagine, I have plenty of questions about it… so I sent them to Ray. Over the past few days, he took the time to answer them all.


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