Donald Trump Rejected Scientific Consensus on Climate Change at Last Night’s Debate

He said it. He denied it. And Donald Trump’s science denial should concern all of us.


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Bridgeport (CT) Police Chief Blames Atheism for Crime in His Community: “People Have Abandoned God”

Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Chief Armando Perez knows why crime is a problem in his city.

It’s not guns.

It’s not poverty.

It’s atheism.


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FL Christians Push 2018 Ballot Measure to Potentially Execute Women and Their Abortion Doctors

Donald Trump was excoriated earlier this year when he said women who obtained abortions should be punished. That was the wrong answer to traditional pro-lifers, who typically want to see punishment only for the doctors who conduct the procedures.

Now, Abolish Abortion Florida, an evangelical Christian group, isn’t just moving to the right of Trump, it’s jumping off the edge, calling for a ballot measure in 2018 that would treat all abortion providers and receivers as complicit in first degree murder, making them eligible for the death penalty.


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Everything Doesn’t Happen for a Reason

They say the depressing, confusing, most awful moments in your life are all part of God’s Master Plan.

They say we can’t understand why bad things happen to good people, that’s it all beyond our comprehension.

They’re wrong.

fundamental assumptions

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Kids Are Natural Scientists and Not Just Because They’re Curious

Sure, we like to think kids are natural scientists… but the parallels go far beyond their desire to explore and take things apart.


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