Actor Rob Lowe Thought Bigfoot Was Going to Kill Him While Filming New Show

Rob Lowe wouldn’t give any more details about the alleged encounter because it doesn’t happen until the season finale of his upcoming paranormal investigation reality show.


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Creationist Drops Grand Canyon Lawsuit After Park Approves His Research Permit

Dr. Andrew Snelling’s research request wasn’t rejected because he’s Christian. It’s because his proposal revealed a significant lack of expertise in the subject matter.

But Grand Canyon National Park officials approved his proposal instead of fighting it in court, so he dropped the lawsuit today.


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Ark Encounter, To Avoid Paying Local “Safety Fee,” Now Says It’s a Ministry

Is the Ark Encounter a for-profit tourist attraction or a non-profit religious ministry?

A lot of money hinges on the answer to that question.


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Racist Student Mistakes Sikh Man on Plane for Terrorist in Viral Snaps

A young man’s racist Snapchat story is going viral after he implied a fellow flight passenger was a terrorist and that the plane was at risk, all because he had a turban.


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Christian Pastor: “No One Is Gay”

Can gay Christians go to Heaven?

Pastor John MacArthur told an audience that he doesn’t even like the premise of that question since gay people don’t really exist.


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