Two Activists Are Helping Atheist Candidates Run Their Political Campaigns in Arizona

If you’re an atheist, how do go from having virtually no political clout to maybe getting the percentage of open atheists in Congress to a mind-blowing 1%? You start running for office at local and state levels. Win some elections. Build your political profile. Make your atheism public, but make it the least interesting thing about you. And guess what? There’s a movement to do just that in Arizona right now, and it’s led by two young activists: 27-year-old Evan Clark and 37-year-old Serah Blain. They run a consulting firm called Spectrum Experience and they have several openly non-theistic candidates they’re working with this year.


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Reminder: Sacrificing an Animal to God Will Not Prevent You From Getting Food Poisoning

Here’s a useful tip: If you want to protect your family from getting food poisoning, killing an animal to appease God isn’t going to help.


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Will AR Legislator Pay the Legal Fees if His Christian Monument is Declared Illegal? He Won’t Say

Tomorrow on KARK-TV in Arkansas, the local news will air a debate between State Sen. Jason Rapert (who wrote legislation allowing a Ten Commandments monument to go up on Capitol grounds) and Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple spokesperson who has submitted an application to install a Baphomet statue next to the Christian monument).

We have an early copy of the audio, and in a remarkable exchange, Rapert refused to answer whether he would personally pay the legal fees if his monument was declared illegal, which means he’s willing to waste taxpayer dollars on an action that experts have already said is unconstitutional.


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“Christian Warrior” Arrested After Announcing Shooting Spree Against Gays, Lesbians, and Satanists

In a frightening story out of Las Vegas, a 24-year-old “Christian Warrior” named Bryce Cuellar was arrested after posting a YouTube video detailing how he was going to kill “gays… lesbians and satanists.”


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Bill Nye Explains Why He Doesn’t Believe in Ghosts and the Afterlife

Bill Nye, in a video for Big Think, answers the age-old question about whether ghosts and the afterlife exist. The answer is no, obviously — there’s no evidence for either one — but it’s interesting to hear how he gently explains his answer to the mother and son who asked the question.


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