Christian Abstinence Speaker: Pre-Marital Sex Will Lead to Disease, Sterility, and Death

Here’s another cut of Christian abstinence speaker Pam Stenzel telling children that premarital sex will lead to diseases, sterility, and death.


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A Man Named Darwin Day Just Won a Baseball Card Contest… 60 Years Later

There’s a nifty story in the New York Times about a man who won a baseball glove nearly 60 years after the contest actually took place. (It helped that the deadline to enter was never specified.)

But here’s the real kicker: The 70-year-old man at the center of the story is literally named Darwin Day.


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Italian School’s Headmaster Cancels Traditional Catholic Mass; Politician Calls It “Reverse Racism”

At an elementary school in northern Italy where a Catholic mass has long been the traditional way to begin the school year, the headmaster’s decision to eliminate the ritual is angering several parents — and a local politician — who have gotten used to the idea of their faith being pushed on the children.


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A Utah Woman Is Running a “Christ-Centered Energy Healing” Business To Cure You of Your Money

How do you take ineffective alternative medicine and make it even more useless? Throw some Jesus into it.

That’s what Tammy Ward is doing with her “Christ-centered energy healing” business, and it’ll cost you.


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WA District Officials Reluctantly Admit Satanists Can Start an “After School Satan” Club

When The Satanic Temple announced that they would be starting up After School Satan, their version of a voluntary religious club for kids, the reaction was swift. People freaked out at the thought of Satanists doing exactly what Christians do all over the country.

Now, officials in a Washington State school district are admitting they have no legal authority to stop the club from forming, despite the overwhelming pushback from parents.


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