West Virginia Legislators Introduce a Bill to Make the Holy Bible the Official State Book

Make no mistake: This is an attempt to elevate Christianity above all other religions (and atheism) without explicitly saying the Bible is true.


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Male Chiropractor Who Invented the Menstrual Product of Our Nightmares Is Stunned By the Backlash

Introducing Mensez “Feminine Lipstick!” A “lipstick” that just straight up glues your labia shut so none of that icky menstrual fluid can get out! Because that’s how anatomy works.


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In Response to Christian Group, Atheists Begin “Young Skeptics” Club at CA Elementary School

A California elementary school has become the second in the country to host a “Young Skeptics” club, helping kids learn how to think critically. It comes in response to the Good News Club, which exists to convert kids to Christianity before they’re old enough to know better.


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Irish Broadcaster Says It Wasn’t “Sacrilegious” for a Comedian to Call Communion “Haunted Bread”

Last month, an Irish comedian referred to communion wafers as “haunted bread” on a late night talk show. It upset a local priest, who complained to broadcaster RTÉ that this was blasphemy. They have now responded by saying the comedian did nothing wrong.


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Indiana Legislators Debate Pointless Bill Protecting Students’ Already-Protected Religious Rights

This bill creates a bandage for a wound that doesn’t exist. And it could make the lives of non-Christian students even worse.


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