Because You Don’t Have Enough Spam…

Order your prayer toolbar here! Prayer Toolbar™ is a new way to use technology to connect with people and to keep them connected with you. It’s a web browser add-on that displays messages that you publish. Anytime one of your members with Prayer Toolbar™ goes online, they will see your messages embedded discreetly within their [Read More...]

Atheism: Isn’t It Wonderful?

Hey… wait a minute… Of course, I know of no atheists who feel this way. With that out of the way, I’ll just sit here in my smugness and make fun of the grammatical errors. (via My Confined Space) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Listen to These Interviews

Two good ones: First, D.J. Grothe‘s interview with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Point of Inquiry. Damn, I wish I could write as eloquently as Tyson speaks. He shares why “atheism” isn’t an ideal term, the upsides and downsides of science education, and an absolutely beautiful story about Carl Sagan. Tyson is the author of [Read More...]

Help Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Sam Harris has a secure donation page on his site to help obtain security for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Infidel: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the most prominent advocate of free speech and women’s rights in the Muslim world, and for this she must live under perpetual armed guard, even in the West. Unfortunately, on [Read More...]

Christian Video Games

Here’s a list of “the 6 Most Misguided Christian Video Games,” brought to you by Not surprisingly, we found that devout fundamentalists often make incredibly bad game designers. A little less expected is their muddling of the message of the Bible. We take a look through six of the most preposterous religious video games, [Read More...]