Fight Back Against the Use of God in the Inauguration

A couple weeks ago, Barack Obama picked Rick Warren to deliver his Inauguration’s invocation prayer. The gay community was (rightfully) mad. At the same time, Obama announced that Rev. Joseph Lowery would give the benediction prayer. Lowery is a little better on gay issues, but he still opposes gay marriage. Atheists were mad that prayer [Read More...]

The Instruction Manual for Life

A testament to taking a different approach. Beautiful. (Thanks to Richard for the link!) [Read more...]

Atheist Fundamentalists and Extremists

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the Forums. We know Christian fundamentalists believe in the literal truth of the Bible — the world was created in six days, God created an actual Adam and Eve, Hell exists as written in the Bible, etc. Christian extremists (who may be a subcategory of the fundamentalists?) try [Read More...]

Why Don’t Atheists Protest?

Here’s a question that came up over the weekend: Why don’t atheists ever protest? Or boycott? Or demonstrate? — on behalf of atheism, that is. Surely, there are issues we all get worked up about. Still, when foxhole atheists get discriminated against or we’re forced to pledge allegiance to a nation “Under God” or politicians [Read More...]

The Atheist Scarf

Executive Director of Camp Quest, Amanda Metskas, created this lovely looking scarf: Don’t *you* wish you had knitting skills now? I wonder what special powers an atheist scarf would have… [Read more...]