Is the Crucifixion ‘Excessively Violent’?

The owner of the Atheist Tees store on Zazzle, a custom t-shirt design store, contacted me to say one of the images he had up was banned from their site: Why was it banned? It was deemed too violent: Alright… well, Zazzle has every right to get rid of shirts they think are violent… But [Read More…]

How Much Security Do Churches Need?

In 2011, there were several news stories about people who wanted guns to be allowed in churches. In Georgia, where guns are banned from religious establishments, one group filed a case with the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in order to overturn the ban. Which makes this email I received from Peter all the [Read More…]

What Would You Say in a Church Exit Interview?

Priest and Professor William J. Byron talks about the importance of Catholic churches finding out why people are not attending church anymore (an idea he attributes to a former corporate CEO): … if businesses were losing customers at the rate the Catholic Church in the United States is losing members, someone would surely be conducting [Read More…]

A Year-Long Atheist Bible Study

A fellow Chicagoan and atheist, Bruce Critelli, has decided his 2011 Resolution is to read the entire King James Bible. If you’ve never read the Bible, this could be a comfortable way to do it: surrounded by other atheists. Bruce will read a little bit each day, write about his thoughts, and ask some general [Read More…]

Homeopathic College Rings NASDAQ Bell

I know the NASDAQ Stock Market bell is often rung by celebrities (so much for taking it seriously), but why are they lending any sort of credibility to the American Medical College of Homeopathy? I know the stock market has problems, but giving the honor to a group that profits off of ignorance and pseudoscience [Read More…]