Day of Faith Lawsuit

On July 26, 2006, 8-year-old DreShawna Davis was shot dead in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The city, in response, wanted “more aggressive measures to reduce the homicide rate.” So mayor John Peyton took action. He held a rally in the local Veterans Memorial Arena, drawing 6,000 people. The rally was called “Day of Faith: [Read More...]

The Amazing Meeting 5 Recap, Part 2

Pictures from The Amaz!ng Meeting 5. Solely designed to invoke jealousy. If you don’t know who is in the picture, just click on it to see the caption. Then again, I’m in the same pose in just about every pic. I need to change that up. From now on, I will only scowl. Two pictures [Read More...]

The Amazing Meeting 5 Recap, Part 1

I spent the weekend at The Amaz!ng Meeting 5 in Las Vegas. While there is a lot to discuss, today you get the random minutia: Quotations. For actual descriptions of what happened, visit Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog (Parts 1 and 2 are currently up). So, here you go. Things I heard that enlightened or [Read More...]

Atheist Values are Familiar to All

Dina Haines Appleby of DelawareOnline wrote an article on how atheists share values with everyone else. It’s a good, quick read. Her numbers stating that atheists are 1-3% of the population are rather low, but otherwise, she makes good points. Appleby’s conclusion needs to be restated. It’s wonderful. All of which brings me back to [Read More...]

Dawkins and Jainism

Radio host Terrence McNally recently interviewed Richard Dawkins. The transcript can be found here. Most of it is a rehashing of words Dawkins has said many times before, but this particular response bugged me: TM: In other words, if [a religion was] just a philosophical belief that had no impact on the world, fine. RD: [Read More...]