Illinois Comptroller Candidate William J. Kelly Vandalizes Atheist Sign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had put this sign up in front of the Illinois Capitol building in Springfield: It turns out a conservative candidate for Illinois comptroller, William J. Kelly, was offended by the idea that anyone could disagree with him so he tried to take matters into his own hands: William J. Kelly [Read More...]

Top 10 Atheist News Stories of 2009?

Robert Jago at A Dime a Dozen Blog offers his take on the top 10 atheist news stories of 2009. He goes into more detail for each item, but here’s the list: 1. The worldwide atheist bus ads 2. Obama’s ’shout out’ to atheists in the Inaugural 3. The March 29th vote in the French [Read More...]

Mississippi Named Most Religious State

Hey everyone, Ron Gold here. This news isn’t a surprise, but now it’s official: Mississippi is the America’s most religious state, according to a Pew Forum study on the levels of devotion in America, which asked respondents whether religion is important in their lives. Eighty-two percent of Mississipians said yes. Mississippi also leads the nation in weekly church [Read More...]

Laura Ingraham and Annie Laurie Gaylor Argue Over Winter Billboards

FOX News Channel’s Laura Ingraham interviewed Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The topic: FFRF’s new billboards in Las Vegas. This was painful to watch. Ingraham just gets me riled up because all she’s doing is trying to provoke Annie Laurie. She’s obnoxious, rude, and clueless. Annie Laurie was calm and collected [Read More...]

Cruel Prayer in the Senate

by Jesse Galef – Just when I think things can’t get crazier at the intersection of church and state, Senator Colburn decides to prove me wrong. This started out as a heartless political ploy and turned into something far worse. In the razor-thin supermajority in favor of the healthcare reform bill, every vote counts. When [Read More...]