Lee Strobel Responds to Your Comments

After Christian apologist Lee Strobel‘s first response to your questions, there were a lot of remarks and rebuttals. Before getting to the next question, Lee wanted to respond to your earlier comments (once again, all hyperlinks were added by me): Wow, my first submission to this site prompted 91 comments the last time I checked. [Read More...]

Evolution Books for Children

This list is making the rounds, but it’s so good, it deserves another plug. Kate Miller of Charlie’s Playhouse has put together a fantastic compilation of evolution books for children (PDF) in honor of Charles Darwin‘s bicentennial. Are there any other books you would recommend for kids to learn about Darwin’s contributions to our understanding [Read More...]

2009 American Atheists Conference Registration

American Atheists‘ national convention is taking place April 9-12 in Atlanta, GA. If you haven’t registered yet, you should do so soon! Speakers include Richard Dawkins and (estranged son of Pastor Fred Phelps) Nate Phelps. If you go, you’ll also get to attend and take part in a Mass De-baptism Ceremony! I know from experience [Read More...]

A Christian’s Endangered Monkey Meat

Considering atheists celebrate Monkey, brown people have been called macacas, and the fact that I am a vegetarian, I’m deeply offended by this on all sorts of levels. A federal judge in Brooklyn has rejected a Liberian woman’s religious reasons for smuggling endangered monkey meat into the country. U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Dearie ruled [Read More...]

Atheist Talking Heads

Who should represent atheists on television? There’s no one right answer to that question, but when you see an atheist on TV news, it tends to be for a short time and there’s a lot of arguing. Not always, but often. And that doesn’t bode well for us. Usually, newspeople are going to go to [Read More...]