What Do You Do When Your Mormon Husband Loses His Faith?

In case you need a good read, Maren Stephenson has a wonderful story at Alternet. The short version: She and her husband were Mormons. He lost his faith. Conflict, conflict, tension, tension. Resolution. A couple of excerpts: We rarely talked about religion, yet it consumed us. When Sean replaced his temple garments — the sacred [Read More…]

In a New Book, a Straight Male Christian Fakes Coming Out as Gay

Fledgling author Timothy Kurek has a new book coming out this fall entitled Jesus In Drag. The premise? The author (who is straight) came out to his conservative Christian friends and family to see how they would react and he kept the label for a year: Raised and educated in the heart of the Bible-belt, [Read More…]

So That’s Why the Church Opposes Dungeons & Dragons…

The rest of the strip is here (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]

Private Religious School Gets Tax Dollars, Inflates Number of Students, and Makes Kids Beg for Money

For some reason, the Oakland Unified School District in California has helped subsidize the 195 students at Saint Andrew Missionary Baptist Church Private School for 12 years for tens of thousands of dollars. That’s just one problem. Here’s another: The school lied about the 195 kids. There are actually fewer than 20. And those 20 [Read More…]

Those Damn Atheist Cowards and Their Pseudonyms

Annie noticed this comment at Glenn Beck‘s website for the Todd Stiefel article I posted about earlier: Enough said. [Read more…]