Children’s Questions About God

For many non-religious people, faith first begins to fade when pastors and parents are unable to answer some basic questions about God. Like: Who created God? or What was God doing before He created humans? Without solid, easy-to-understand responses to these questions, kids begin to understand religion doesn’t really make sense. Herb Silverman, president of [Read More...]

That’d Be Disappointing…

(via Nick Kim‘s Nearing Zero) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, God, Mormon[/tags] [Read more...]

Abstract Algebra

As you’re reading this, I’m taking a makeup midterm exam for my grad school Abstract Algebra class (I missed the actual test while in Canada). Sample problem: When multiplying out 5,000,000!, how many zeroes are at the far right? Correct answer? 1,249,998. *Obviously* Gotta love tests that count for 50% of your grade. I’ll be [Read More...]

Creationism Explained

It was all Richard Dawkins‘ idea! Richard Dawkins the British Atheist and free thinker has revealed that he was behind the global creationist movement, shocking supporters and right wing rednecks alike. ‘I thought if I made creationism look like the most ridiculous argument ever conceived then people would gravitate towards atheism. Sadly I hadn’t taken [Read More...]

Complete Video of My Toronto Speech

Last week, I spoke to a few secular groups in Toronto. The event was videotaped, and the full talk is now available on YouTube… though it’s in 398429823 parts. But if you’d like to see the complete version of my “I Sold My Soul on eBay and Friendly Atheism” talk, along with the Q&A, Part [Read More...]