Christopher Hitchens is Richer Than Me

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on Christopher Hitchens’ book God is Not Great. In it, they revealed this little tidbit: Today, seven weeks after the book went on sale, there are 296,000 copies in print. Demand has been so strong that booksellers and wholesalers were unable to get copies a short time after [Read More...]

MySpace for the Richard Dawkins Crowd now has a social network similar to MySpace and Facebook. It still has some kinks, but if enough people sign up, it could hit a critical mass and become useful. My profile’s up (be my friend!), nicely copied and pasted from my Facebook page. I tried searching for people who lived near me. But [Read More...]

Godless Coins, Part 2

Back when the new George Washington dollar coins were minted, there was a slight problem (or not, given your perspective): “In God We Trust” was not inscribed on approximately 50,000 of them. So the US Mint said they’d fix the problem. And like many of our government agencies, they were just kidding about that. Hundreds [Read More...]

What a Christian Learned from an Atheist

Stan Nelson, a columnist for the Pueblo Chieftain Online, wrote an article about atheism a couple weeks ago and said this: The truth is that atheism and religion stand on the same, blood-soaked level, one as culpable as the other. But the reason for that is atheism and religion are not strict opposites. Atheism is [Read More...]

Hemant on WGN Radio

If you live in the Chicago area, tune in to WGN radio (720-AM) tonight at 9:00 p.m. to hear me on the Nick Digilio show! Jim Henderson will also be making an appearance. And if you’re walking on Michigan Avenue, feel free to wave and hold big supportive signs outside the studio window. [Read more...]