Nun Demoted from Job After Saving Patient’s Life

Here’s a story that shows just how misguided religion can be. It takes place in Phoenix. (What? A problem in Arizona? Never!) Sister Margaret McBride, who worked as an administrator at St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, was recently demoted. Why? Because several months ago, a female patient “had a rare and often fatal condition [Read More...]

The Hunt of the Jesi

Oh no! The predators are hunting down the near-extinct Jesi! Some save them! (via SMBC Theater) [Read more...]

When Your Kids Are Confronted with Faith

Raising children when you’re an atheist parent is tricky, especially when your children start asking the “Big Question.” (Dale McGowan has written a couple excellent books on this very subject.) Kelli Gorski is wondering how she’s going to talk to her daughter about these issues: … when my daughter, Lulu, comes into contact with someone [Read More...]

Who Knew Yip Yips Were Atheists?

Reader Caley thinks that just because he gets a character from Sesame Street to say he’s an atheist who eats babies, that I’ll automatically post it. He would be right [Read more...]

Want a Teaching Job? Then Become a Catholic

The job market is tough right now. I can tell you from experience that finding a teaching job in certain markets is *really* hard right now since many districts are laying people off left and right. Some teachers in Canada are resorting to extreme tactics to secure a position: They’re pretending to be Catholic: “I [Read More...]