Michael Behe on Point of Inquiry

If you haven’t heard the interview yet, go download and listen. Point of Inquiry host DJ Grothe speaks with Intelligent Design advocate Michael Behe. It’s one of the best episodes of the show to date. It’s also a wonderful example of both men disagreeing without being disagreeable. It’s only half an hour. You can spare [Read More...]

That New Movie That the Christians Don’t Like

I wouldn’t normally post email forwards… but this one deserves another look. (Despite the bad grammar.) It’s about that new movie that is generating controversy between atheists and Christians. You know, that one directed at children… Fred Claus. [tags]atheist, atheism, Golden Compass[/tags] [Read more...]

Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain to Pen Book

Greg Epstein, Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain and the center of many an “atheist controversy,” has finalized a deal to write a book about Humanism. It is tentatively titled Good Without God. The book will be published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Updates will follow when they’re available [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

John Edward/James van Praagh Bingo

After bringing us the ID/Creationist Bingo card, Skeptico has a new game for us all to play: John Edward/James van Praagh Bingo! Every time one of the psychics makes a comment on the card, cross it off the list. The post explains all the squares if they’re not obvious. This may not be much of [Read More...]

How Does One Get Out of a Religious Wedding?

Via Oz Atheist, a reader poses this question: Hi i found this blog through a google – like you i am not religious but that hasnt stopped a big problem – i am due to be married and both families are pushing for a full trad church wedding (and trad dress etc) and i dont [Read More...]