What Are Your Atheist Dating Stories?

At the SSA conference in August, I plan to give a talk on Atheism and Dating. Specifically, I’d like to discuss whether an atheist and theist couple can make things work. Should they consider dating at all? Or should we try to avoid that at all costs? If you’ve made a theist/atheist relationship work, how [Read More...]

An Alternative Scenario for the Tarot Cards Story

I was clearly being insensitive with this posting from yesterday. I didn’t mean to come off that way and I apologize for it. The situation in that posting was that young teenage girls were duped into having sex with an older man. He worked his way into their lives and used tarot cards to influence [Read More...]

Star Trek Made Him an Atheist

I never got into the whole science-fiction genre. Fell asleep through Lord of the Rings (friends made me watch the Extended Editions). Never understood the appeal of Star Wars (the first one I saw was Episode 2… I went with friends to the theater against my will). I have yet to see an episode of [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Advice from an Atheist

The other day, at the end of his post about Billy Graham’s advice column on the “ rise of atheism,” Hemant made this remark: We need a syndicated atheist advice columnist. I nominate Richard Wade. Any reader who checks out his comments on this site knows what I’m talking about. At first I just laughed. [Read More...]


Some atheists advertise on billboards… Those atheists are not named Rob Sherman. He decked out his entire Sherman-mobile: He’s promoting his blog. And himself And he’ll be driving in the fourth of July parades in various Chicago suburbs. If he accidentally runs over a Christian child, our entire movement will be set back four centuries. [Read More...]