Does Cohabitation Work?

As a guy who once lived with his girlfriend, I know I learned things about her (and vice-versa) that several more years of dating probably wouldn’t have brought to light. I say we were both better off because of that. Had we gotten married, I don’t think there would have been as many major “surprises” [Read More…]

This Atheist Billboard *Might* Be Offensive

After hearing that some of the British billboards urging people to mark “no religion” on the Census were censored, Crispian Jago came up with his own ad mockup that might actually warrant that treatment… Catchy slogan, though! [Read more…]

Harding University President Issues Statement Against HU Queer Press

A week after anonymous gay and lesbian students at Harding University (a private, Christian school) put out an online magazine sharing their personal stories, the president of the university, David Burks, has issued a statement against it: He finds the website so “offensive and degrading,” he can’t even say the site’s name because the word [Read More…]

The Lord is My Shepherd: A Horrifying Thought

Thunderf00t gets us to think a bit more about Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my shepherd”) and follow it to its logical conclusion. The background comes first; the good part begins around the 1:27 mark. [Read more…]

Lake Zurich School Board Candidates Retract Pro-Creationism Statements

Last week, I was disturbed to see all four candidates for the Lake Zurich Unit District 95 school board admit to believing in Creationism. But they’re quickly retracting their statements. In a separate telephone interview, [Doug] Goldberg said he misunderstood the context of the original question. Goldberg said he’s researched the issue since the original [Read More…]