How Does Your Background Influence Your Atheism?

Interesting question posed by fuzzybunn on Reddit: Are atheists the world over the same? Would you expect an atheist raised in a Buddhist or Hindu context to have similar beliefs as one raised in a Christian context? Let’s expand it a bit more. How is a second- or third-generation atheist different from an atheist coming [Read More...]

Crazy Cross-Branding Teacher Almost Fired

***UPDATE***: He hasn’t been fired, despite what the AP article says. But the process has begun. (Thanks to RBH for pointing this out.) … The post title says it all. John Freshwater, the crazy science teacher who was burning crosses into his students’ arms, has been (almost) fired. Yesterday, the five-member school board voted unanimously [Read More...]

Random Question of the Day

Name a book you really want to read… but, for whatever reason, you just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Ok, that’s not quite a question. But you get the idea. [Read more...]

Please Redesign the Banner?

I’ve read the 38443523 complaints about the banner at the top of this page. So, I’ll leave it to you. Because I (obviously) don’t do design. If you’d like to redesign the banner (assuming I approve of the design), I’ll make the change It doesn’t have to include any pictures of me. Please just make [Read More...]

Irony in New Orleans

Editor B on Flickr writes this caption: Once, New Orleans was a pious and devout city. Sadly it seems Katrina has turned the city away from God… He’s jokingly referring to a school — New Orleans Christian Academy — whose name now appears to be quite ironic… NO Christ: an Academy? I’d attend. … Commenter [Read More...]