This Needs a Caption

Apparently, Kirk Cameron‘s birthday is a depressing occasion. (via Buzzfeed — Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more…]

God Has a Challenger

It’s about time God was up for re-election! I think I’m voting for the other guy. (via College Humor) [Read more…]

Why is This County’s Sheriff’s Office Holding a Fundraiser for a Christian Organization?

This story seems pretty innocuous — almost silly — except for one detail. In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where a new jail will soon be open for business, the Washington County Sheriff Rick Silver is allowing local residents a chance to have a bit of fun and see the new facilities — while raising money for charity. [Read More…]

High School Atheists Take Part in Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Rutherford High School Secular Student Alliance — the group featured in the New York Times last spring — took part in a simple-yet-powerful anti-bullying campaign this past week: Senior Nick Machuca, 17, brought in the project, which has been pioneered at colleges around the nation, to Rutherford High School last Tuesday. “I’m president of [Read More…]

Even in Death, George Carlin is Battling the Catholic Church

George Carlin never let up on the Catholic Church — or religion in general — in his stand-up, and it looks like the two sides are still doing battle: Although Carlin is gone, comedian Kevin Bartini wants to ensure that he lives on — by naming Carlin’s childhood block in his honor. Here’s the petition [Read More…]