Front Page Story on Camp Quest

***Update: Here’s a picture of the Tribune front page, for those who would like to see: The article is at the bottom!*** The Chicago Tribune has a Page One story today on Camp Quest, the summer camp for children of atheist parents. While it’s a very positive article (And I’m thrilled about the coverage), there [Read More...]

One More Ted Haggard Parody

Since these Dawkins-Haggard videos seem to be popular, we’ll add another to the pile. This may be the funniest one yet. The guy is pretty spot-on with the facial contortions… I suppose he’d have to be. He is “Pasta Ted,” after all. (Thanks to Maria for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Richard Dawkins, The Root of [Read More...]

Letter to a Wiccan Nation

Sam Harris has a hilarious article at the Huffington Post where he takes the negative reviews written of the various atheist books on the market and replaces some of the words… “Religion” becomes “Witchcraft.” “God” becomes “the Devil.” “Atheist” becomes “skeptic.” Harris’ point is clear: Look at how ridiculous the reviews seem now. And this, [Read More...]

How to Blog about Atheism

Austin Cline presents some excellent tips on “how to blog more effectively about atheism, philosophy, and religion.” Despite that focus, it’s just a good list for people who want to start a blog about anything, really. Except for one thing. There was one tip that stood out to me — It applies to atheism and [Read More...]

Charlie Rose

You’ll hate me for this later. Charlie Rose now has a website where you can watch all the old episodes (and recently broadcast ones). There are enough interviews with prominent scientists, writers, etc. that you’ll always have something to watch. Just try getting back to work now… [Read more...]