There’s No Angel In This Picture of the Aurora Victims’ Vigil

Quick: What do you see in this picture of the sky above the site for the Aurora tragedy victims’ vigil? If you said “Clouds,” you would be correct. If you said “An angel,” then, um, you would be Crystal Fuller: Crystal Fuller took the photo after the vigil was finished Sunday night, but said she [Read More…]

Instead of Thanking God, Let’s Hear it for the Doctors

This is a guest post by Ryne P. Smith. Ryne lives in Chicago and is currently working on his undergrad in biology. He previous wrote for this site here. … In the wake of the Aurora theater shooting, we have heard a good deal about the 12 people who were killed. We have also heard [Read More…]

Can Atheists Become a Political Force in Tennessee?

Bob Smietana‘s article in today’s edition of The Tennessean tackles two big issues for atheism-at-large: Is Secular Humanism a religion? And can atheists achieve any type of political power? (My answers: No… and not anytime soon, but we have to try.) The article comes a week after the Secular Coalition for America held a conference [Read More…]

Camp Quest Awesomeness

Last night I had the great pleasure of donating my dinosaur presentation to Camp Quest West, Southern California, in the beautiful Angeles National Forest near Wrightwood, CA. I was so impressed by the 57 kids attending. They are bright, upbeat, eager, curious, and earnest. This was just the first evening, and I could already see [Read More…]

The Oatmeal Explains How To Suck At Your Religion

Turns out there are many ways to do it: Other reasons can be found here It makes me wonder: When it comes to following any sort of religious dogma, is there any way for it to not suck? Anytime your reasoning refers back to “But this book said so,” you’ve lost the argument. [Read more…]