The Muslims Aren’t Offended by the Atheist Billboard, but the Jews Are?!

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Eternal Earth-Bound Pets Never Had Any Clients, Says Owner

Back in 2009, Bart Centre created a website called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA. The way the business worked was that if you were a Christian, and you got Raptured, Bart promised to take care of your pets. That is, if you paid him $110… We (atheists) already knew it was just Fundie Bait. No one [Read More…]

Why Won’t the Copy Machine Listen to God?

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An Excerpt from Senator Tom Harkin’s Reason Rally Speech

Catholic Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is scheduled to appear in a videotaped message that will play during the Reason Rally. Since Harkin has promoted alternative medicine in the past, his “reason” credentials are in question, but it’s still a net plus that we have a high-ranking government official speaking at the event. With a week [Read More…]

Prayer Will Not Be Reinstated for City Council in Ontario

Well, that was quick. Last week, I mentioned that the Perth County Council (In Ontario, Canada) had removed saying the Lord’s Prayer from their agenda, replacing it with a “Moment of Reflection.” That upset Councillor Walter McKenzie who wanted the prayer reinstated. He said people were opposed to their removing it, so why try to [Read More…]