The Transition from Religion to Non-Religion

I could use your help to generate a long list of questions (in preparation for an interview). The topic: You used to be religious, but you no longer believe that a god exists. What questions would you have as a brand new atheist? Here’s the type of stuff I’m looking for: What caused that transition? [Read More...]

Recovering Religionists: For Those Who Have Left the Church

I love when local atheist groups make the news. Especially in Kansas. Helen T. Gray of The Kansas City Star writes about a group called Recovering Religionists (RR) and what some of the members are dealing with: Julie Price has left the Catholic Church, Christianity and God. She has entered a new life without angels, [Read More...]

Explaining Communion and Greek Mythology to Your Daughter

One day, when Dale McGowan writes a full-length play about his family, I got dibs on front-row tickets on opening night. This scene features Dale and his daughter (Delaney) discussing Communion and Greek Mythology: DELANEY: Okay, I have a question. (pause) Where do people get these ideas? How do they… how do they think of [Read More...]

God to be Engraved in Visitor Center

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … Nothing says “Visitor Center” like excluding 15% of Americans in large, engraved letters: House Committee Approves Engraving ‘In God We Trust’ in Capitol Visitor Center The House Administration Committee has unanimously approved a [Read More...]

Superstition Kills: A Must-See Video

What’s wrong with superstition? Sometimes, it can make gullible people believe that something other than themselves controls their lives. But in the worst of scenarios, it can kill. We’ve already seen religious superstition do that in the case of Madeline Neumann when her parents denied her the medicine she needed because they felt God would [Read More...]