Why is News Station KTBS Endorsing Jesus?

It’s not uncommon for religious people to post Jesus-y messages on their Facebook wall, but last night, KTBS 3, a news station in Shreveport, Louisiana, posted this regarding the Casey Anthony verdict: What?! Why is an ABC affiliate endorsing Jesus? Why is a news station still talking about the verdict? Why did they feel the [Read More…]

Secular Summer Camp Coming to Seattle

Good news for families in the NorthWest: Camp Quest is set to open a chapter next summer in Seattle. In the summer of 2012, Camp Quest NorthWest is bringing a new kind of summer camp to the Pacific Northwest. With science experiments and s’mores, campfires and activities to foster critical thinking, Camp Quest NorthWest provides [Read More…]

Armageddon for Kids!

Did you know the guys behind the Armageddon/Christ-is-coming-back!/Atheists-are-screwed Left Behind series also made a version for kids? As if they hadn’t done enough damage already… The book Taken compiles the first four books in the children’s series (and covers the basic plot of the first book in the adult series). The only reason I bring [Read More…]

The Natural Leaders of a Civilized Planet

Adam Conus points out one of the problems with American politics: Thankfully, our track record is a little better (Hi, Pete Stark!)… but not by much. (via Minimum Comics) [Read more…]

'You KNOW There's a God, Little Boy'

Well, you have to give Thunderf00t credit for trying to go into the lions’ den and talking to representatives from the Westboro Baptist Church. For all his efforts, he ends up with about 328423 looks of exasperation on his own face and very little wisdom passed across to the other side of the aisle. The [Read More…]