How Dare a Private Citizen Endorse a Candidate!

A prominent, conservative, Republican, Catholic lawyer, Douglas Kmiec, recently endorsed Barack Obama for president. Obama, of course, supports a woman’s right to choose. So Kmiec’s priest retaliated by refusing to give him communion. All for endorsing the “wrong” candidate. It doesn’t matter to me about the Communion. But it is discouraging that even the Catholic [Read More...]

Ouch! The Logic! It Burns!

Can God be an atheist…? Shannon Wheeler explores this in his webcomic Too Much Coffee Man (click image for larger version): My head hurts. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Annoying Atheists

(That’s an adjective, not a verb.) Katie Kish (an atheist herself) offers a list of reasons atheists annoy her. My favorite on the list: 5. Intelligence – Yes, we knoooow you’re a scientist. We knooooow you’ve read a million books and written 4. We knoooooow that you know Richard Dawkins. We knooooow that you know [Read More...]

Welcome to the Intersection of Church and State

Ilana Stern is the new Communications Assistant at Americans United for Separation of Church and State. She’s quickly discovering the type of things you hear and read about when you are in that line of work… During my first week, most of my time has been spent reading up on the Religious Right and tuning [Read More...]

Thoughts for Atheists at Graduation

The following piece was written by Edwin Kagin for American Atheists Magazine (May/June 2008). Edwin serves as both the National Legal Director for American Atheists as well as the Kentucky State Director for AA. (I broke the piece up into several paragraphs for slightly easier reading — the original consisted of two long ones.) Good [Read More...]