AP Must Stand for Annoying Prayers…

Over the past couple weeks, many students at my high school (and others across the country) took their Advanced Placement exams. Because they need absolutely silence — and because we don’t have enough space for all our students to take the more popular tests in a quiet environment — they took certain exams in other [Read More…]

We Don’t Have To Fear Death

There’s a question a lot of religious people have for atheists: “Are you afraid of death?” Since we don’t believe in an afterlife, are we ok with the notion that this life is it? Physicist Stephen Hawking was asked about death in an interview with The Guardian and answered the question beautifully: You had a [Read More…]

Teacher Suspended Because He Made Students Think

Back in high school, my English teacher had us read excerpts from Ecclesiastes. Not because it was religious in nature, but because it was a wonderful piece to analyze and discuss. With younger students, it’s harder to get them to have serious discussions about literature, so some teachers try to analyze different things. Like song [Read More…]

Rapture Believers, What Are You Waiting For?

(via NonStampCollector) [Read more…]

It’s Even Funnier If You Think It’s About Vaccinations

I loved one of the commercial parodies from Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The setup is this (actual) commercial about high fructose corn syrup. The parody features Kristen Wiig (Mom 1) and Nasim Pedrad (Mom 2). If you can, watch it before you read the transcript below: Mom 1: Wow! You don’t care what [Read More…]