A Watered-Down Christianity in Sweden

Sweden isn’t a very religious country — while a majority of people may belong to the Church of Sweden, that says little about how many people have actual “faith.” It works that way in a number of European countries. Reader Patrik lives in Sweden and he emailed me about what life is like for an [Read More...]

Camp Quest Texas, 2010

It’s never too early to get excited about Camp Quest! Amie Parsons, the director of CQ Texas, recently announced next year’s dates at the Texas Freethought Convention. Gotta love those presents at the end of the video (Thanks to Joe for the link!) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: A Christian Psychology Student is Dissatisfied with Her Christian College

Note: When a letter writer signs with their first name instead of a pseudonym, I randomly change their first name to add another layer of privacy. Hi Richard, I am currently getting my Master’s in Counseling. I am a Christian, but have never gone to a Christian school until now. The degree is broad enough [Read More...]

Iraq Rewards Interreligious Marriage

by Jesse Galef Cash reward up front: in all of America’s efforts to encourage and promote marriage, it’s something our government hasn’t tried.  You would think that in the land of both manic capitalism and manic religiosity we would have come up with the idea first, but we were beaten to it.  By whom, you [Read More...]

What’s the Relevance of the Bible Bee?

I love watching the Spelling Bee — despite what a lot of people think, most of the participants will tell you they don’t try to memorize every word in the dictionary. It’s next to impossible and not a good use of time. Instead, you should brush up on the derivations of words and know all [Read More...]