A Penny Saved…

This freakishly old penny from 1792 (which never even went into circulation) was just sold for $1,150,000: The best part? The inscription: Todd Imhof at Heritage Auctions told ABC that unlike today’s legal tender which bears the inscription, “In God We Trust,” the copper-silver penny reads “Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.” “At the time, [Read More…]

Why Should You Attend the Secular Student Alliance Convention?

There are two conferences I’ll do anything in my power not to miss: Skepticon (which I went to last year for the first time and have no plans of missing ever again) and the Secular Student Alliance national conference. Drew Pruitt of the Secular Student Alliance at UNLV explains why he’s making sure his group’s [Read More…]

Rock Beyond Belief Featured on PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

If you’re watching Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly on PBS this weekend, you’ll catch this fantastic piece from correspondent Lucky Severson on Rock Beyond Belief. The segment covers the need for secular chaplains as well as the problems with the military’s “spiritual fitness” tests: Justin Griffith: It went on and on telling me that I need [Read More…]

nakedpastor: Deeper Union

[Read more…]

‘God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation’ Billboards Go Up in Colorado

The presidential election is just under 200 days away and the Freedom From Religion Foundation is starting a billboard campaign aimed at preventing the “folly of theocracy”: That “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” billboard is going up in Denver (twice) and Colorado Springs (once). In other words, not far from the headquarters of Focus [Read More…]