France Needs Your Prayers!

They’re suffering. The country is being overrun by the atheists! They comprise 30% of the population! Damn minority groups! And Muslims? There are “over 6,000,000″ of them! (Which, at best, is under 10% of the population.) So the country needs your prayers. Not yet, though. Not until February 6th. Then you must pray for 40 [Read More...]

Mark Your Calendars

With the new year starting, remember to mark the following dates on your calendars! They represent the upcoming conferences for the major atheist/Humanist/skeptic groups in the country. Hopefully you can attend one or more of these! Convention Location Dates American Atheists Minneapolis, MN 3/21-3/23 Society for Humanistic Judaism Los Angeles, CA 4/4-4/6 American Humanist Association [Read More...]

A Charlie Brown Christmas… Scientology Version

Apparently, Tom Cruise (via his studio, United Artists) bought the rights to the Charlie Brown specials. That includes A Charlie Brown Christmas. What will the new version look like? (via The Daily Dish) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Peace on Earth? Keep Religion Separate

Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation had an op-ed piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel over the weekend. What most of the detractors [of state/church separation] don’t seem to understand is that we are not threatening their freedom to believe, practice or advertise their religion. We sue governments, not individuals or churches. [Read More...]

The Year of Living Foolishly

It’s over. The relatives have gone home, happy, well fed and well loved. Just one more set of weird rituals to go, the official end to the Holiday Season: Alcohol Consumption, Get Maudlin About Time Passing and Drunk Driving Night followed by Hangover and Resolution Breaking Day. If I can just get through those without [Read More...]