Rick Warren Tells Staff Not to Follow Atheists on Twitter

Apparently, the megachurch pastor told his staff yesterday not to follow people like us: Some of you (and some of our church accounts -like our 12 cities accounts) are following people on Twitter that you should NOT be following. I frequently notice that often atheists, critics of saddleback, and mean-spirited or vulgar accounts often have [Read More…]

The Solution to Homosexuality

Yep, banning straight sex should do it. Where are the petitions from all those homophobic Christian groups?! (via god and son) [Read more…]

The Summer Camp Rules for a Fundamentalist Jewish Sect

In response to the posting about the ridiculously strict rules at Bob Jones University, a reader sent me a “Guide for a Yiddishe Summer Experience” (PDF) — basically the summer camp rulebook for an ultra-orthodox group of Hasidic Jews. Check out these bits… That last bit is the scariest. 1 guy, 1 girl in a [Read More…]

A Review of Evolving: The Human Effect and Why It Matters by Daniel J. Fairbanks

On June 1st Gallup released a poll showing that 46% of American are Creationists. It also showed that only 15% of Americans believe humans evolved over millions of years and that God had nothing to do with it. The vast majority of Americans believe God was somehow involved in their being on this planet. The [Read More…]

Australia’s Supreme Court Rules That Government Cannot Fund School Chaplaincy Program

Ron Williams wanted his children to attend a secular school in Australia, so you can imagine his surprise when his children told him they were attending “assemblies where the chaplain presided and a rap song was played extolling the virtues of chaplains over teachers as adults kids could trust.” As it turned out, it was [Read More…]