They Have the Music and Lyrics… Can You Make It Happen?

Q Transmissions, a skeptical radio talk show based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is having a contest. They have the lyrics to an Atheist Anthem that MissPrism wrote — sung to the tune of The Major-General’s Song. Here’s the first stanza: I don’t believe in Jahweh, Buddha, Ganesh, Zeus or Allah And I don’t believe in [Read More...]

Atheists Are Hot

Of course, we already knew this. (I tell myself I’m hot every day.) But it looks like The Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat just found out. At least the mainstream media is finally taking notice: … Suddenly atheists are hot. And everywhere. Wearing Santa hats while wrapping gifts for charity. Giving blood in groups of [Read More...]

How the War on Christmas Began

Thanks to Jason Reich, I now understand everything. (via 23/6) [Read more...]

FFRF To Put Up Atheist Sign in Illinois

Regarding the possible FFRF display in Illinois, this message comes from the Secular Student Alliance campus organizer Lyz Liddell: We have gotten permission to put up the Freedom From Religion Foundation display in Springfield, IL, starting … Monday! Yep, that’s right, the 8th, the first day after this weekend! So here’s our game plan for [Read More...]

Seattle Atheists Condemn Atheist Plaque in Washington

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has this sign up in the Olympia, Washington Capitol building: First, a quick update: the nativity scene and atheist sign are now joined by other displays: Someone applied to put up a “Festivus” pole in honor of the invented holiday featured in the 1990s sitcom “Seinfeld.” Another person wants to [Read More...]