Would You Help Restore a Nativity Scene?

Admit it: for a few minutes when you knew the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist sign in Olympia, Washington was stolen, you were angry. People could disagree with it — maybe even get offended by it — but to the point that they would steal it? How “Christian” of them. Then the sign was recovered [Read More...]

There is Now a Christmas Tree at the UNC Library

Last week, I mentioned that the librarians at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill decided not to put up Christmas trees in its libraries. It was the right decision. I’ll admit having trees would be less egregious than a full-blown Nativity Scene, but the sentiment was a good one — let’s be inclusive to all [Read More...]

The Culture War Will Stop. After the Menorah.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist plaque in the Olympia, Washington Capitol building has inspired so many other people to apply for their own private displays to be placed alongside the others, that state officials have put a moratorium on all further displays: The ban will remain in effect until the Department of General Administration [Read More...]

God Hates My Car

One of my car’s headlights wasn’t working. Last night, I replaced it. Then I put the keys in the ignition for the drive home and the car didn’t make a sound. Because the battery died. So last night, I replaced that, too. Then I *really* started to go back home and I realized that my [Read More...]

PrayerMAX 5000

It’s the Prosperity Gospel taken to a whole new level… Edward Current strikes again. (Thanks to Debbie for the link!) [Read more...]