This is Why Atheists Are Angry

I’ve seen this talk several times, and Greta Christina gets a well-deserved standing ovation after each performance. She speaks for so many of us while answering the question, “Why Are Atheists So Angry?” (via HamboneProductions) [Read more…]

What’s Happening with CFI Canada?

CFI Canada has branches and paid staffers in several cities and they’ve had quite a bit of media attention as the result of a couple ad campaigns, but the organization looks like it’s in chaos right now. The former National Director Justin Trottier was fired by the Board of Directors months ago. His replacement Derek [Read More…]

The African-American Unbelievers

The New York Times‘ Emily Brennan writes about a subject we can’t talk about enough in our community: the plight of African-American atheists (under the headline “The Unbelievers”). The story will appear in tomorrow’s print edition: … [Ronnelle] Adams did not meet another black atheist in Washington until 2009, when he found the Facebook group [Read More…]

The Tug of War

Reader Dave made this image (click to enlarge): I’m not sure I agree with it. (Since when are Jews and Muslims on the same side for anything…?!) Want a more appropriate image? Have all those faiths pulling from all different directions with a couple nukes flying in for good measure. The atheists would be the [Read More…]

How Michigan Stadium’s Seat #109,901 Resembles God

The University of Michigan’s football stadium — the Big House — has a seating capacity of 109,901, making it the largest such stadium in the country. But what’s up with that extra 1? Wouldn’t 109,900 seats just make more sense? Turns out the extra seat was installed during a 1956 renovation… or was it? It’s [Read More…]