Atheists Shouldn’t Raise Atheist Children

How many Christians (or other religious) parents do you think would be able to say what Nica Lalli writes in an op-ed piece for USA Today? I may be raising my kids outside organized religion, but I am not raising them to be ignorant of religion any more than I am raising them to be [Read More...]

For Those Who Want to Buy Muslim Swag…

You have your choice of this: Or this: The first one’s a joke (via My Confined Space) The second one — Kurt Westergaard‘s famous Mohammed cartoon that made radical Muslims throw violent hissy fits around the world — is up for auction: It could command great interest at auction. Auction houses, however, were voicing doubts [Read More...]

Penn Jillette is Currently Dancing…

Some please make him stop. My eyes! They burn. Says one judge to Penn: “The problem is your feet.” Says another judge: “The hip action was more like replacement hip action.” Says the final judge: “I thought you were gonna rip [partner] Kym’s leg off… you’ve got monstrous feet.” His scores: 5, 6, and 5 [Read More...]

A Study of Religious and Nonreligious Campus Organizations

There’s a project I’ve been interested in doing for some time, and I finally was able to complete it this weekend. (I actually did it a number of years ago and wanted to see if anything had changed since then.) Before you read further, try to guess the number of Christian groups at any one [Read More...]

The Atheist’s Prayer

The text: Our brains, which art in our heads, treasured be thy names. Thy reasoning come. The best you can do be done on earth as it is. Give us this day new insight to resolve conflicts and ease pain. And lead us not into supernatural explanations, deliver us from denial of logic. For thine [Read More...]