The Pathetic ‘Care’ Provided By Christian Pregnancy Clinics

Cienna Madrid has an eye-opening writeup of how Christian-run pregnancy clinics operate. It turns out they’re not just unhelpful but also incredibly harmful for women: Only half of the six pregnancy centers Megan and I visit during our weeklong pregnancy test spree disclose over the phone that they don’t perform or refer for abortions. None [Read More…]

If Vatican City Were a TV Show…

There are already sex scandals, abuses of power, and incredible wealth on display… so it’s surprising the Vatican City hasn’t been made into a TV show yet. But at least we have cheesy 80s theme music now If only the show would go off the air… (via UiscMaster) [Read more…]

The State Tournament

I’m in Peoria for the Illinois State Speech/Forensics tournament over the next two days and I’m hoping we can bring home a State Champion (or two)! I’ve been involved in this program as a competitor and coach for nearly ten years — this is my first year as a head coach — and no team [Read More…]

Is Protesting Useless?

Andrew Marin, a Christian who tries to bridge the gap between the church and the LGBT community, notes that a group of protestors in Illinois stood outside a Catholic church on Sunday to oppose the “anti-LGBT bigotry of the Catholic hierarchy.” They wanted equal rights in Illinois (the recently passed civil unions bill simply wasn’t [Read More…]

Heterosexual Questionnaire Extraordinaire

by Jesse Galef – Ever thought about the silly questions that gays and lesbians get asked? What would it be like to have that turned around? Check out this fantastic job done by Ashley Paramore and Greta Christina: The questions are from a tongue-in-cheek post by Joe Kort at Psychology Today. What was your favorite [Read More…]