Want to Win Liberty University Swag?

You know that feeling of irony and amusement you get when you open a bottle of beer with a bottle-opener from Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty University? No? Well, you might be able to experience it if you enter Kevin Roose‘s LU swag giveaway and win a prize. All the info is here. (And if you don’t [Read More...]

What Do Atheists Believe In?

This is a question all of us get asked: If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in? There are also a lot of similar answer most of us tend to give: I believe in the goodness of people, I believe in nature, I believe we all find different ways to answer that [Read More...]

An Atheist Bus Birthday Cake

Personally, it would’ve been funnier if the last word was “party”… but I’ll eat this nonetheless. The cake was made by Seanna Watson of the Humanist Association of Ottawa. (via Atheist Bus Canada) [Read more...]

272 Die. 1 Lives. God Gets Credit for…

A deadly earthquake hit Italy this past week. In the aftermath, 272 people have been confirmed dead. 20-year-old Giulio Colangeli was thankfully pulled from the rubble and survived. One headline about this: Divine intervention helped Antonello Colangeli find his son The grateful dad comments: The Times found Dr Colangeli, a lung specialist at San Salvatore [Read More...]

Rick Warren Explains the New Atheism

Pastor Rick Warren is already trying to put out the flames that arose when his hypocrisy was pointed out a few days ago. He canceled his appearance today on This Week citing “exhaustion.” George Stephanopoulos: Happy Easter and Happy Passover. For those of you tuning in this morning expecting to hear from Pastor Rick Warren, [Read More...]