Military Atheists Defend Camp Quest

A couple weeks ago, this letter-to-the-editor appeared in the military publication Stars and Stripes. It referred to an article on Camp Quest, the summer camp for children of atheist parents: The author of the article seems to be overjoyed and ecstatic about young teenagers being at a summer camp where the existence of God is [Read More...]

Be an Atheist Activist

Brian Parra has 10 tips on how to be an atheist activist, with some help from Bobbie Kirkhart, Victoria Parra and Ingemar Hulthage. He goes into a lot of depth for each tip; here’s his list in brief: 10. Stay current on atheist matters. 9. Respond when people assume you are religious. 8. Broaden religious [Read More...]


Christians and Muslims clash. It’s brutal. The victims are beaten to death. Beheadings occur. Then the criminals try to hide the bodies. 17 men took part in this crime. The 17 men were all Christians, by the way. They did it in response to Indonesian government executions of three Christians last year. So much for [Read More...]

Pastor Packing Heat

If I had to have a pastor, I guess it would be James Kilgore. One of his parishioners left Bible study to find that his car was missing. (The irony of this did not cross anyone’s mind, apparently.) Kilgore, who “always keeps a gun and handcuffs in his fanny pack,” took action. He and another [Read More...]

To Catch an Atheist

Chris Hansen’s coming to get you. He already got one guy. The first man to come that day was a 37 year old software developer Frank Smith who drove over 200 miles to meet our famous atheist alone here in this house. Online he was calling himself “Ultimate747″ and claimed he was a 21 year [Read More...]