Convention Day 2: Brief Update

Bomb sniffing dog. White men dancing to rap music. One speaker’s suggestion that there should be a special fast-track line for atheists at airports. Because, really, are there ever atheist suicide bombers? Details (and more!) to come later. Good night! [Read more...]

Convention Day 1: Brief Update

Great speeches by Richard Dawkins/Sam Harris. I have entertaining pictures. I was Daniel Dennett for an evening. ( [Read more...]

Off to the Convention

I’m off to DC in the morning for the Atheist Alliance International convention. Good times will be had. Pictures will be taken. Interviews will be transcribed. And if I have my way, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris will be signing my copies of I Sold My Soul on eBay. With some possible exceptions, I’ll be [Read More...]

No Credible Challenge No Credible Challenge No Credible Challenge

There’s an article in The New York Times about Ben Stein‘s movie Expelled. It mentions Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers and others who were duped into giving interviews to a group of Creationists who lied about their intentions for filming the interviews. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because PZ and others are [Read More...]

Colorado Students Walk Out During Pledge Recital

It’s one thing to not stand up during the daily Pledge of Allegiance recital in high school. It takes balls to do that in most places. But to get 50 of your classmates to do it with you… that’s just freaking phenomenal: “Boulder High has a highly diverse population, not all of whom believe in [Read More...]