Mom Finds Out Her Daughter is an Atheist

A couple months ago, the campus atheist group at my alma mater (Rationalists and Freethinkers — RAFT) began a website urging openly non-religious people to publicly “come out of the closet.” The site was called ResistDogma. If you filled out the brief form, your full name and location would appear on the master list. Really [Read More...]

Altar Boy Defense Tips

From Blame It On the Voices, who needs mace when you have these items to protect yourself? I love how the priest looks the same in every picture. And shouldn’t running away be the first step? You don’t even have to wait for the priest to do anything. Just run away. Period. (via Goosing the [Read More...]

Philly Atheists

A wonderful cover story appears in the recent Philadelphia Weekly about local atheists: We will meet a large-breasted exotic dancer and atheist intellectual who loves watching the Christians she debates try to maintain eye contact. And a little girl who, while the adults upstairs are holding a seance, bangs on the basement ceiling with a [Read More...]

Holy Toast Stamp

Oh the fun you could have with this… Tell me more! In the beginning…there was bread. Ho hum. Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy-to-use HOLY TOAST stamper always makes a good impression. Press the stamper into an ordinary slice of bread, toast it, and behold a miracle! [Read More...]

Chicago Sun-Times Blog

The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper now has its own religion blog, written by reporter Susan Hogan/Albach. You can subscribe to its feed with this link. I love the title I also appreciate the acknowledgment of non-religious people in the subtitle: “Covering religious belief, non-belief and all things spiritual.” Obviously the word “non-belief” is in regards to [Read More...]