Non-Practicing Atheists

From Dave Coverly‘s Speed Bump: (via Speed Bump) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Player Turned Priest

Chase Hilgenbrinck was a soccer player for the New England Revolution. He played for them after a long stint playing in Chile. Until Monday. That’s when he left his soccer career to begin a different calling: Hilgenbrinck accepted the calling… to enter a seminary, where he will spend the next six years studying theology and [Read More...]

Why is Pat Robertson Mad?

Because people keep quoting him, making him look bad! How dare they alert the media to what he says on his show?! From Tuesday night’s episode of The 700 Club: ROBERTSON: Well, our next story and our next guest, I know about personally. There’s an organization and they’re called People For the American Way. They [Read More...]

The Magic Bullet?

Let’s find the flaw in this logic: A gunfight takes place in Indianapolis. A stray bullet flies into a random car. It hits an innocent ten-year-old girl in the stomach. She’s bleeding. The same bullet continues on its path and *almost* hits her sister, who is thirteen. I say “almost” because between the younger girl [Read More...]

What the Hell is Matt?

You’ve probably seen Matt Harding‘s amazing video by now. (He’s the guy who dances everywhere in the world.) But obviously, the question you all want answered is: What religion is he? He’s a Humanist From his FAQ: Are you religious? If you’re asking, you probably don’t want to hear the answer. Come on. Didn’t dancing [Read More...]