How Did Religulous Do at the Box Office?

Here’s the update: Over the weekend, Bill Maher‘s Religulous made $3,519,000 in around 500 theaters for a $6,972 per theater average. That puts it in 10th place for the weekend box office. (Sadly, it’s behind Kirk Cameron‘s pro-Christianity movie Fireproof (8th place) which was in ~850 theaters.) However, it did do better than Expelled did [Read More...]

A Young Adult Novel Dealing with Church State Separation

It’s no Twilight, but here’s a young adult novel you may want to check out: Box Out tells the story of Liam Bergstrom, a sophomore basketball player at Horizon High School. Liam is a Roman Catholic and doesn’t feel comfortable when his coach leads the team in prayers that employ Protestant language and rituals. Although [Read More...]

Atheism and Veganism

The arguments against vegetarianism/veganism and atheism are both similar and weak, says Brad Pritikin. That’s just a snippet. The full comic can be seen here. If you’re one but not the other, what’s your reason? Perhaps you think, as co-artist and non-vegetarian Lisa Faires does, “I can’t stop because mmmm.” (via ReasonableComics) [Read more...]

Religulous Versus Expelled

What are the similarities and differences between Bill Maher‘s Religulous and Ben Stein‘s Expelled? I haven’t seen either one yet (hopefully seeing Religulous soon), but the Orlando Sentinel‘s Roger Moore compares the two films. First, the similarities: Both use mockery, sometimes droll, sometimes nakedly hostile, to ridicule their foes. Both travel far and wide to [Read More...]

Dunk or No Dunk?

Let’s say you and your partner are thinking about your future babies. Neither of you are religious and you don’t care about baptism. It’s just some irrelevant ritual. But you figure both your parents would want a child to get baptised. What do you do? Reader Ray doesn’t mind letting the parents just go ahead [Read More...]