How Religions Propagate and Die

Thunderf00t has a terrific video about how religions grow and die — and how the Internet is helping with the latter. It includes Godzilla, Mr. Deity, Richard Dawkins, and Sexy Santa. Why would you not watch it?!: [Read more...]

The Secular Decade

Sean Faircloth, the executive director of Secular Coalition for America, has now announced publicly what his vision is for the future of our movement at least as it pertains to the SCA. The last bit (emphasis mine) is the part I’m most interested about: First, national reporters will instinctively seek quotes and analysis from SCA [Read More...]

Why do Federal Clergymen Get Paid More Than Private Ones?

Despite what we hear about the lavish lifestyles of some famous pastors, most church leaders live on relatively little cash. The health benefits aren’t that great, either. A recent article in USA Today points out salary differences between certain federal jobs that had “a private-sector equivalent.” I’m really curious why clergy working for the government [Read More...]

Dinosaurs Tackle the Meaning of Life

I forgot how much I *loved* this show as a kid. Somehow, this episode went completely under my radar when it first aired. Probably because I was 11. Yay, Dinosaurs! They figured it all out in the end… The Baby kicked ass. (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

School Cancels Prom Instead of Allowing Lesbian to Attend

You’ve probably heard the story of Constance McMillen by now — she’s the high school senior who wanted to wear a tuxedo and attend prom with her girlfriend. The school board responded by canceling prom altogether. Morons. McMillen is taking this all very well considering the school board is forcing the other students to blame [Read More...]