A Message From Lori Lipman Brown to Edwina Rogers

When the Secular Coalition for America opened for business in September of 2005, it was led by Lori Lipman Brown, a former state senator from Nevada who managed the SCA and lobbied Congress until she left the organization in January of 2009. (Lori was also hilariously interviewed by Stephen Colbert in a “Better Know a [Read More…]

Judge to School District: Let’s Cut the Ten Commandments Down to Six

Last June, after a contentious battle that ended in a Ten Commandments banner being taken down, the school board in Giles County, Virginia voted 3-2 to rehang the display, surrounding it with other historical documents. Is that still government endorsement of religion? That battle is playing out in the courts right now. During oral arguments [Read More…]

More Stories from Atheists in Christian Workplaces

Over the weekend, this was posted at Postsecret: I’ve heard from a few of you who are in that type of predicament right now. Turns out the secret’s owner isn’t alone. From one reader: Five years ago, after growing up in and being educated in church institutions, I lost my faith. Trouble is, I’m married [Read More…]

Thoughts About Barack Obama, Sean Faircloth, and Edwina Rogers

In the wake of President Obama saying he supported same-sex marriage yesterday, most people were thrilled. I was. And why not? No American president has ever said that before and symbolic affirmation is significant. Yeah, some people weren’t impressed, but what else is new? Here’s a hypothetical: Regardless of what Obama said, what if it [Read More…]

Are You Starting Facebook Flame Wars?

Alright, how many of you see a Facebook status update regarding religion… and feel the urge to response with snark? If you do, is it even worth it? (Also, how the hell does a pig type on a computer?) (via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]