Virginia Tech Massacre: The Blame Game

While we now know the shooter was a South Korean who had any possible number of motives (depression, jealousy, rage, etc.), here’s a small compilation of what was said in the past 24 hours by some of our favorite public intellectuals: Political commentator Debbie Schlussel assumed the killer was a Muslim: Why am I speculating [Read More...]

I Sold My Soul On eBay Reviews: eBay Atheist and YouTube

Woo! The book is finally out today! Everyone celebrate! You owe it to yourself to drink to the book’s release. … Helen at the eBay Atheist blog has a very favorable review of I Sold My Soul on eBay up at the site! Go read it! And to make it even easier on you, Helen’s [Read More...]

How Do Tragic Events Shape Your Religious Views?

After yesterday’s horrible Virginia Tech Massacre, one issue relevant to this blog is how these types of tragedies impact your religious/non-religious views. Many people gain or lose faith in the wake of disasters (personal or public). Similarly, their outlook on life changes entirely. One example: Sam Harris began writing The End of Faith on September [Read More...]

Framing Science

I’m jumping in on this bandwagon late, but I’ve only now had a chance to read through a few of the articles on the “Science Framing” issue. The background: Chris Mooney (author of The Republican War on Science) and Matthew Nisbet (a professor at American University) wrote an article that was published in the journal [Read More...]

Why Has the USA Today Never Won a Pulitzer?

Because it publishes stuff like this op-ed piece on the recent surge in atheism, by Don Feder. Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., has become the first member of Congress to announce that he doesn’t believe in God. He’s probably just looking for a book deal. Of course he is. And so is Keith Ellison, the first [Read More...]