Center For Inquiry Student Leadership Conference 2007

The Center For Inquiry is hosting their Student Leadership Conference this summer from June 15-17 at CFI’s headquarters in Amherst, NY (near Buffalo). If you’re a secular college student, a leader in a secular organization, or would like to start a group up on your campus, you are encouraged to attend. Registration, food, and lodging [Read More...]

The Intelligent Design People Have Won

It was a good run for Darwin & Co. Alas, all good things must come to an end… (via Boing Boing) [tags]atheist, atheism, Intelligent Design, Charles Darwin, evolution[/tags] [Read more...]

Short Hiatus

I’m heading to the American Atheists convention for a few days. If you’re there, please say hello The rest of you, be good while I’m gone! Hopefully, the spambots won’t come back and make crazy comments. And if the hotel makes me pay for Internet use, I’m going to be grumpy when I return. There [Read More...]

God and Math Don’t Mix

Jimmy at Fluid Faith asks an interesting question: Why doesn’t anyone pray for God to suspend or violate the Laws of Math? People always pray for God to intervene in scientific realms like helping a patient deal with a biological disease, but they never pray for the rules of math to be broken. For example, [Read More...]

What Do You Call “Those” Atheists?

There’s been a big brouhaha in the secular community over the use of the word “fundamentalist” to describe people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. The word just doesn’t seem appropriate, especially when that word is used to describe religious people who adhere to the literal words in a holy book regardless of what common [Read More...]