Camp Quest is Not the ‘Atheists’ Answer to Bible School’

Today’s Washington Post has a really terrific article about Camp Quest Chesapeake: … Perhaps one should begin with what these campers believe in. They believe in critical and creative thinking. They believe in mutual respect and living ethically. They believe in arts and crafts. But here in a wooded national park south of Manassas, under [Read More…]

You Call It ‘Dealing with the Heat Wave’…

… and I’ll call it “putting away the groceries.” (Thanks to JustMisterWho for the link!) [Read more…]

The Diversity Skeptics Rarely Talk About

During The Amazing Meeting 9, one of the panel discussions (which I happened to be on) was about “Diversity in Skepticism.” I’ll admit I thought we would talk primarily about gender/ethnic/racial diversity — because that’s what we always talk about — and maybe we’d touch on topics like age/class/education diversity (JREF president DJ Grothe even [Read More…]

A Panel of High School Activists

Of all the atheists in the news over the past year, these may be the most important voices we hear: the high school activists. At the Center For Inquiry’s Student Leadership Conference a month ago, they had a panel featuring Jessica Ahlquist, Harrison Hopkins, Damon Fowler, and Zack Kopplin, all of whom have seen the [Read More…]

Looks Like Chicken…?

I’ve never read The Knight Life before, but maybe I should start… Moral of the comic strip: Changing your baby’s diaper turns you into an atheist. That’s gotta be it. (Thanks to David for the link!) [Read more…]