Scientology + Atheism = 1Truth

Man! I knew we shouldn’t have announced this on April Fools’ Day. Now nobody’s going to believe it… Scientology and Atheism unite, ‘sexy’ worldwide demonstrations scheduled In an historic move, the surging Global Atheist Movement has officially joined forces with the controversial Church of Scientology to form a new organisation, 1Truth, capable of taking on [Read More...]

A New Way to Capitalize gOd

I posted about the capitalization of God yesterday. This comment from James stood out from the bunch and made me laugh. I never thought of it that way…: A friend of mine… has for some time now been capitalizing not the “g” but the “o” in the word gOd to emphasize the nothingness in the [Read More...]

If You Can’t Show An Image of Mohammed…

Jeff Swenson points out the obvious problem: (via Freethunk!) [Read more...]

How Should Hospitals Handle Atheist Patients?

Reba Boyd Wooden, the director of Center for Inquiry Indiana, was recently on a panel discussion called “Faces of Faith” at a local healthcare center. She tried to explain how some atheists may feel in a hospital: Imagine this scene: You are in a hospital. You are very ill and may be dying. Someone comes [Read More...]

Eleven Myths and Truths About Atheism

Greta Christina explains 11 myths and truths about atheism (with a bit of riffing off of Sam Harris‘ original list of 10). She explains each of these in depth, but here’s her overall list: 1: Atheism are 100% convinced that there is no God, as blindly faithful as religious fundamentalists. 2: Atheists are immoral: without [Read More...]