Proposition 8 Creates an Ex-Mormon

The Mormon Church gave millions of dollars to support Proposition 8 in California. The measure passed and, as a result, gay people in the state will have to wait a little longer before they obtain equal rights. Jodi Mardesich tells an incredible story about how she was a practicing Mormon for so long but her [Read More...]

Future Atheist Ad Campaigns

We’ve conquered billboards and buses. What will atheists do next? Scamp has some ideas: There are more ads over at Scamp. If you make any atheist ads of your own, please let me know! [Read more...]

How Much Sex Do Christians Need?

You always hear about how conservative Christians are all for abstinence until marriage. What you don’t always hear about is how they are completely pro-sex after marriage. Freaks, really. But how much is enough? A church in Dallas is asking congregants to get it on for seven straight days. And the pastor will be doing [Read More...]

Interview with Roy Speckhardt of the American Humanist Association

There’s been a lot of reactions (good and bad) to the American Humanist Association’s atheist bus campaign. In short, the AHA will be running the following ad on buses in the metro Washington, D.C. area: The Christian Right thinks this is an attack on them. Conservative commentators aren’t happy either. Today, AHA’s Jesse Galef was [Read More...]

Atheism at Wheaton College

Last year, I wrote about an anonymous girl who became an atheist while she was a student at (evangelical Christian) Wheaton College. She has since graduated. One of the people she met along her journey is writing a book about student culture at Wheaton and he has an entire chapter about our anonymous girl. The [Read More...]