Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet

Every so often, I go to this show in Chicago where the actors perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. The plays can be funny, sad, political, symbolic, etc. Each of them has a cryptic title that may or may not tell you what the play is about… Last year, one of the plays I saw [Read More...]

Meet Rebecca Rubin… Apparently, Dolls Can Be Jewish

This Sunday, Rebecca Rubin will go on sale. She’s the latest American Girl doll in the collection. (photo via The New York Times) What makes her unique? She is a 9-year-old girl living on the Lower East Side in 1914 with her Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, siblings and a grandmother known only as Bubbie. … … [Read More...]

God Has Stopped Riding the Bus

Even Time magazine is reporting on the atheist bus campaign in Chicago (and beyond). It’s not an opinion piece; it’s just giving background on the bus campaign and what supporters hope to accomplish: The aim, [American Humanist Association executive director Roy] Speckhardt says, “is to attract the interest of those who already believe as we [Read More...]

I’ve Successfully Deconverted Him!… Now What?

Atheist reader Santiago has a friend (let’s call him Bob) who is a fundamentalist Christian… or used to be, anyway. After several years of the two men discussing and debating faith, Bob has finally admitted that his faith is under severe stress and that he has “very serious doubts about the validity of Christianity” — [Read More...]

Why the Spelling Bee is Awesome

Indian people: We make up 0% of the NBA, 0% of the NFL, 0% of the NHL, and 37% of the Scripps National Spelling Bee semifinalists. And this is why watching the Spelling Bee semifinals (on ESPN) and finals (on ABC) on Thursday will be awesome. 15 of the 41 remaining contestants are Indian. We [Read More...]