What Christian Charity Should This Atheist Donate To?

Atheist Kim is setting a few goals for herself, but she needs some motivation. That means rewarding herself if she succeeds and punishing herself if she fails. The reward part is easy: I offer up my loins. The punishment part is more complicated. One suggestion is to give money to a charity she doesn’t like. [Read More...]

Do You Have Video of College Atheists?

A TV producer is looking for video of just about anything happening on a college campus dealing with atheism. He needs high quality video, though — in other words, better than YouTube. He also needs to be able to secure the rights for whatever he might use. If you have video that might be useful [Read More...]

Why Are We Atheists? A Misguided Christian Answers

According to Professor Randal Rauser writing at The Christian Post, you are an atheist for the following reasons: You don’t have to get up on Sundays You don’t have to give to the poor You want a new Samsung LED TV You want to play tennis and ride bikes (apparently Christians do not do that) [Read More...]

Worst. Satire. Ever.

Satire works when it exaggerates some truth — you see it in The Onion all the time. But there’s no truth in this article, so I don’t understand the humor. Based on initial behavior, it was clear that the professors and students in attendance expected and wanted Dr. Welland to annihilate Dr. Ham with the [Read More...]

South Carolina Pastafarians in the News

A local news station in Columbia, South Carolina, did a report on the recent ARIS results that more people are claiming to hold no religious affiliation. The Pastafarians at the University of South Carolina were featured in the report. They’re on a press roll lately, having been featured in The New York Times just a [Read More...]