A YouTube Interview with Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist is the high school sophomore at the center of the lawsuit against the city of Cranston over a religious banner hanging in the local high school. She recently sat down for a lengthy interview with her uncle, who happens to make a YouTube series called Philosophy On the Ground: There aren’t too many [Read More…]

National Day of Prayer Video Parody

Nerdiah made a parody of the National Day of Prayer video that actually matches its ominous, yet ridiculous, mood I love the last 30 seconds: Now, where is that peanut butter and jelly…? [Read more…]

The 14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet of Mormonism

I’m not the Mormon expert here. But here’s an aspect of Mormonism I’ve never heard before: The 14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (as stated by Elder Ezra Taft Benson in 1980): The prophet is the only man who speaks for the Lord in [Read More…]

The Pizza Dough Will Rise Again

The last time I heard about New Zealand’s Hell Pizza, they were buying a guy’s soul to get publicity. (Meh. It’s been done before.) And now they’re back with something a little more blasphemous. Their new billboards feature hot cross buns… and a reference to Jesus: I don’t see what’s so bad about that… they’re [Read More…]

Pharyngulate Something Meaningful Today!

We all love crashing polls, but most of them don’t have a lot of meaning. They’re often there to bring hits to a website without having any real significance. But here’s a case where your votes could make a difference. A few years ago, my friend Dale McGowan wrote a wonderful book called Parenting Beyond [Read More…]