The Case For The Case For… Books

I enjoy Christian attempts at religious satire. This one from LarkNews pokes fun at author Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and other similarly-themed books: Lee Strobel, the one-time atheist and junior reporter who has made a career of applying journalistic techniques to biblical questions, has penned his 40th [Read More...]

House M.D. and Atheism

There aren’t many shows on TV where the lead character is an out atheist. Gregory House, not surprisingly, breaks that rule. In anticipation of tonight’s season premiere of House M.D., here is a compilation of dialogue from previous seasons that bring up the subject of God and religion. Season 1, Ep. 5: Sister Mary Augustine: [Read More...]

Religious Starvation

Yesterday morning, one of my students came up to me before class and said, “Mr. Mehta, we saw your name in the paper today!” Oh crap, I thought. What did I do? Turned out an Indian girl who shared my last name was featured in the Chicago Tribune. Eva Mehta is a Jain (the religion [Read More...]

Calling All Wannabe Semi-Nude Atheists!

Applications are now available for men and women who want to pose for the 2010 Skepchick and Skepdude calendars! Be warned: One of you men may replace me as Mr. July. This will be an impossible act to follow. It may be a blow to your ego when compared to my yummy brown self. I [Read More...]

Family Guy God and Jesus Compilation

For those of you who would like to see all the Jesus-and-God-related clips from Family Guy, here you go! (via Holy Freak) [Read more...]