The Unchurched

The Barna Group released a report yesterday claiming that the “Unchurched Population Nears 100 Million in the U.S.” It would be fun if atheists could take some credit for this. But the rate hasn’t statistically changed since 1994, says the report. Still, “unchurched” people represent approximately 1/3 of the people in the country. What else [Read More...]

Secular Coalition Contest Winner

After all that has been written about Congressman Pete Stark‘s coming out as a nontheist, the one thing that was left out was who actually won the Secular Coalition for America’s contest. Who nominated Pete Stark as the highest ranking, elected, nontheistic public official? In fact, two people had nominated Stark, and since this wasn’t [Read More...]

Reshelving Books

Dan over at Gimme Back My God! has an idea. He got it after reading this post by Saint Gasoline. Saint Gasoline writes: Intelligent Design books like Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box or Wells’ Icons of Evolution can be found in the science section of these book stores, along with real science books… … Simply because [Read More...]


It’s a random video. But this is a good one from MadTV. (And how often do we get to say that!?) (via Crooks and Liars) [tags]iRack, MadTV, iRan, humor, comedy[/tags] [Read more...]

Article on an Austin Atheist

Here’s a nice article from the Austin American-Statesman about Matt Dillahunty, president of the Atheist Community of Austin and host of both the weekly television show “The Atheist Experience” and the Internet radio show called “The Non-Prophets.” The article talks about how atheism was a far cry from the path Dillahunty was “supposed” to follow: [Read More...]