Faith Healing Doesn’t Cure That

Faith healing doesn’t work on amputees. It doesn’t work on the paralyzed. And it doesn’t work on… well… those parts. (via Freethunk!) [Read more...]

Too Ethical to Pay

I’ll admit this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal made me laugh… But the secret panel just made it funnier: [Read more...]

What Charities Should Atheists Support?

I could use your help to answer this question: What charities/non-profits are worth sponsoring? A few caveats: I’m not interested in atheist groups. They’re wonderful, but I already know about many of them. I’m looking for something new. I would like the names of groups that don’t already have huge budgets — a place where [Read More...]

Arizona Governor Bans Planned Parenthood from Health Expo

What sort of services does Planned Parenthood provide for women? Breast exams Pap smears Cervical cancer screenings Infertility testings Physical exams Mammograms And, yes, abortions, which make up approximately 3% (PDF) of PP’s total services. With all that they offer, it makes sense that they would participate in the Women’s Health Expo this past week [Read More...]

How Many Christians Mimes Are There?!

We just saw some Christian mimes a couple weeks ago. Now, you’re telling me there are more?! Well… she’s no Susan Boyle… At least this clip comes with an ironic/hilarious twist And when Simon Cowell gives you the option of just walking off stage instead of listening to him insult you, that’s pretty bad… (via [Read More...]