The Atheist Picnic?

I’m sure this sign would come in handy if atheists are ever having a picnic… (Image via Rod Keetch — Thanks to Rick for the link!) [Read more...]

A Review of Your Religion is False by Joel Grus

A few months ago, I posted a video of a talk by Joel Grus. That talk has now turned into a book: It doesn’t matter what you believe, Grus thinks your religion is false. To all those people who think the New Atheists focus too narrowly on Christianity, Grus counters that argument and blows it [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Disagreeing About Future Children and Prayer

”Disbelieving on a Deadline” wrote a long and detailed letter about his relationship with his girlfriend. I have edited it to distill it down to the essential issues of their relationship. To summarize their background: They are both scientists, currently finishing their PhDs at the same university. He has a few months to go, and [Read More...]

Sarah Palin as a Metaphor for God?

I always read Andrew Sullivan‘s blog, The Daily Dish. Anyone who reads it knows that Andrew has continuously called out Sarah Palin on her bullshit ever since John McCain picked her last year, one of only a handful of journalists to do so. (Incidentally, Andrew, a theist, and Sam Harris had a public conversation about [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Last time we heard of the Atheist Bus Campaign in Halifax, Nova Scotia, atheists had their ad rejected for being too controversial. The ad in question read: You can be good without God After a recent Supreme Court decision, Metro Transit is now revising their policies. Here’s Chris Hammond of the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign: [Read More...]