When Doctors Speak Nonsense

Here’s an awful story: Three-year-old Brooklyn Hunter was shaken, beaten, and abused by her stepfather last month, shattering her skull and putting her in the ER. There’s some good news: She’s doing better. She’s conscious of what’s going on around her. She knows it’s Christmas. She wants a doll, etc… and she’ll go in for [Read More…]

Church Wants You To Add a Zero to Your Contributions

Adidas recently tried to trademark the term “adiZero” for a new line of footwear/clothing… but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the request. Why? Because it’s dangerously close to a phrase the Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Illinois has already trademarked: “Add a zero.” As in: Add a zero to the amount you’re [Read More…]

Two Homophobic Students; Two Different Outcomes

In recent days, I’ve heard stories about two different students, both expressing anti-gay sentiments in a school setting and both being penalized for that expression.  They each filed suit after their respective penalties were imposed, so they should each get the same result, right?  I don’t think so. First: Jennifer Keeton was a graduate student [Read More…]

‘Twas the Night Before Reason

[Read more…]

Washing Machines with Glass Doors Rock

This has nothing to do with atheism, but I saw this video by LookItsMolly and it made me laugh more the longer I watched it It’s only 1:17. Check it out: Ok, I’ll bite: What’s making you happy? [Read more…]