More Resources for National Ask An Atheist Day

To any campus groups planning to participate in National Ask An Atheist Day on Wednesday, April 13th, the students at the Illini Secular Student Alliance (at the University of Illinois) have a couple additional resources you can use: There’s this poster: You can download a generic version of the poster (PDF), or use this Adobe [Read More…]

Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Q2 Beneficiaries

Foundation Beyond Belief, a non-profit group that encourages atheists to give to various charities, just announced its Quarter 2, 2011 beneficiaries! (Full disclosure: I serve as President of FBB’s board.) Health: Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning Human Rights: The Innocence Project of Texas Peace: Central Asia Institute (founded in 1996 by Greg [Read More…]

Ask Richard: My Parents Expect Me to Sponsor My Sister’s Confirmation

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I was a Catholic, but when I made my confirmation last year I was already an atheist. That felt extremely wrong to me; the other teenagers that were making theirs believed and it was a big deal to them, but to me it [Read More…]

New York Times Profiles High School Atheist Group

There is a wonderful article in Monday’s New York Times by Michael Winerip in which he profiles a high school atheist group. It’s rare to see a group like that discussed in print, and probably rarer to see it in a positive light, but that’s what you have here: Club members discussed what to do [Read More…]

Sidewalk Graffiti

I’m told that the sidewalks at Illinois State University are home to several chalk ads for a “campuswide worship event” taking place soon… Someone wrote this message nearby one of those ads: I love that there’s a response… though I’m not sure this is the most effective one. What would you have written instead? (Thanks [Read More…]