Atheist Funerals

Blog reader Jodie was filling out life insurance forms at work and realized that she had never been to an atheist funeral. She says she wouldn’t want her own service to be in a church, but she’s not sure where it would be held. (Would it even matter, since she’d be gone?) Also, since most [Read More...]

Talk to an Atheist Author About How You Manage Life Without God

Eric Maisel wants to pick your brain: I am pleased to announce that New World Library will publish the book on atheism that I am currently writing. If you are an atheist, I want to pick your brain about how you manage your life “without gods.” I am forming a cyberspace group where we can [Read More...]

At What Age Should You Attend a LGBT Pride March?

Teen Atheist is 17. Turning 18 in less than a week (happy early birthday!). There’s an LGBT Pride March in her area that she wants to attend as a supporter. Her mom won’t let her. I approached my mother and asked her if I could go. She gave me a firm “No,” explaining that I [Read More...]

American Humanist Association Encourages You To See The Golden Compass

The American Humanist Association just put out this release: Take a Stand Against Censorship! Go see “The Golden Compass” at a movie theater near you. For what reason should you go see it? Because the religious right doesn’t want you to see it. And some media commentators are saying that that’s reason enough. But there [Read More...]

We Win!

Apparently, atheism is “safe and secure” in our public schools, says one misguided letter-to-the-editor writer in the Daily Herald newspaper. She has no idea that separation of church and state is not the same as indoctrination into atheism. Judging from all the protest surrounding the new moment of silence in Illinois schools, it looks as [Read More...]