Profile of a Campus Activist

The campus newspaper of the University of Kansas is running a great story today on my friend Andrew Stangl, president of the sole secular group on campus– the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostic (SOMA)– and one of my colleagues on the Secular Student Alliance board of directors. “He’s a radical in choir boy’s clothing,” [Read More...]

Who Wants a Free Copy of I Sold My Soul on eBay?

You *know* you want it. So here’s the deal. The book will not be released until April 17th. A month away. But I want to send you a free copy now. What I need to know is how you’re going to publicize the book for me Maybe you’ll write a glowing review on your blog [Read More...]

Atheism as a Deal-breaker?

The San Francisco Chronicle’s 2 Cents blog asked people the following question after Congressman Pete Stark’s announcement that he was a nontheist: Would a candidate’s atheism be a deal-breaker at the polls for you? The majority of responses show that people still support him (or don’t see his atheism as an issue at all). Here [Read More...]

How To Come Out as an Atheist

Austin Cline has a great roundup of issues dealing with coming out to your family as an atheist. Some categories he delves into: How Should You Reveal Your Atheism to Your Family? … you should avoid attacking your family’s religion. Even if you have come to conclude that it is evil, saying so will only [Read More...]

Brian Flemming, Interviewed

Simon over at Bloggasm features an interview with Brian Flemming, director of the documentary The God Who Wasn’t There and co-founder of the Blasphemy Challenge. Some excerpts: Brian Flemming: I don’t see much difference between the beliefs of, say, Scientologists, and those of Christians. The space-alien theology of L. Ron Hubbard is no more or [Read More...]