This Needs a Caption…

Reader Andrew sent along this picture from a church in Phoenix that’s just begging for a punchline: I’ll get you started with a couple suggestions, courtesy of Twitter: But he gets mad if we unwrap them outside of marriage. (via @Robguy) Agreed. I’ve enjoy many a people’s package. (via @dalestaines) @CarlyShea also pointed me to [Read More…]

A Christian Mall Opens ‘The Prayer Store’

I have so many questions about The Prayer Station store in Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis, TN: Wouldn’t it be better business for a retail store to use that space? Whose shopping agenda consists of visiting Macy’s, Build-a-Bear, and The Prayer Store? If Groupon were to offer a deal on this place, what would that [Read More…]

Atheist Delivers Invocation to Grand Junction City Council

Joe Alaimo of the Western Colorado Atheists & Freethinkers gave the first-ever invocation by an atheist at the Grand Junction City Council (Colorado) recently. You can always try to beat them at the game and have invocation prayers stop altogether, but if that’s not a likely option for you, then it’s not a bad idea [Read More…]

Bill O’Reilly Can’t Explain the Tides or the Sun

Just the other night, Dave Silverman of American Atheists was talking about his group’s new billboard with Bill O’Reilly: O’Reilly: I’ll tell you why [religion’s] not a scam. In my opinion, all right? Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that. You can explain why the tide goes in… Silverman: [Read More…]

There Is Support for All of Us

Bill Zeller, a blogger and computer programmer, killed himself a couple days ago. He was sexually abused as a child and it clearly affected him the rest of his life. After living with the depression for so long, he just didn’t want to keep going. He left a heartbreaking suicide note before he died. Joel [Read More…]