Don’t Let This Become a Texas License Plate

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is looking for input on a couple of proposed “specialty license plate designs” and this is one of them: Can’t let that happen. Go here and tell them you “don’t care for it.” While you’re at it, CNN would like to know if you think Texas should “allow the [Read More…]

When Good and Bad Things Happen in the Bible

OpenBible produced this “Sentiment Analysis of the Bible” visualization. Black means something positive is happening while red represents something bad: Things start off well with creation, turn negative with Job and the patriarchs, improve again with Moses, dip with the period of the judges, recover with David, and have a mixed record (especially negative when [Read More…]

Accepting the 2011 Freethought Backbone Award

At the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference, I was fortunate enough to receive the Freethought Backbone Award. Since the video is now online, I thought I’d repost the transcript of my speech — though I’m sure there’s some difference between what’s written below and what I actually said: Thank you, Secular Student Alliance. Previous recipients [Read More…]

I Don’t Remember Reading This in my Black History Class…

It’s a short, potentially-surprising piece called “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, the famed writer and activist from the Harlem Renaissance: I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen. But not really saved. It happened like this. There was a big revival at my Auntie Reed’s church. Every night for weeks there had been [Read More…]

Which Atheist Groups Can You Donate to via the Combined Federal Campaign?

What’s the Combined Federal Campaign? Here’s Wikipedia: The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a program allowing certain charitable organizations to solicit contributions from employees of the Federal Government of the United States. The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing [Read More…]