North Dakota State University

There’s now an college atheist group at North Dakota State University! The student newspaper on campus ran an article about the group here. The new club is not looking to start any debates or cause trouble, [club founder Dacotah] Melicher said. “The old atheist group had to deal with protesters and people who were close-minded, [Read More...]

Atheist Book Covers

With the recent rise of atheist literature, it might be a good time to step back and look at some of the books that have been released. [Read more...]

License Plate

So I’m driving downtown today, stuck in traffic. I look at the car in front of me. There’s a bumper sticker on it: No big deal, right? It doesn’t bother me. In any other case, I would just go back to singing in the car, hoping no one is looking at me. But then I [Read More...]

A Blog about Secular Parenting

Dale McGowan’s book Parenting Beyond Belief will be released in the next couple weeks! I’m very excited; it’s not very often you get to read essays specifically for atheist parents, written by the likes of Julia Sweeney, Penn Jillette, and Richard Dawkins, to name a few. You should be excited, too. The only way to [Read More...]

Barack Obama Gets a New Hobby

Why do I love my Facebook News Feed? Because it updates me when my friends get new hobbies: So many jokes in there… But I like Obama and just can’t bring myself to make them. The first end-of-quarter fundraising deadline for presidential candidates is this Saturday. [tags]Barack Obama, Facebook, basketball[/tags] [Read more...]