National Secular Service Day

Today is the first ever National Secular Service Day, a brainchild of the Harvard Secular Society. A handful of organizations around the country are hosting events to mark the occasion, including hosting food drives, cleaning up highways, and donating blood. Good for them and I hope other groups will join in on the action. The [Read More...]

Halloween Costumes for Baby

These costumes are cute… but I’d only buy them if the babies came included: Delicious. Why would anyone ever bother buying any other costume after seeing those? What will your baby (or whichever baby you borrow…) be dressed as this Halloween? (Thanks to Kriss the Sexy Atheist for the link!) … ***Update***: This baby just [Read More...]

Why Do Atheists Get Married? Asks Christian Woman

A reader — let’s call her Jane — is part of a message board where members discuss marriage and family. Jane recently posted that she and her husband needed marriage counseling because of communication problems. Some of the forum members suggested church counseling and Jane declined. She said she was an atheist and faith-based counseling [Read More...]

The Atheist MemoMaid

***Update***: 10/25/09: Winners of this contest have been contacted via email. … Reader Richard recently started selling a product he calls The MemoMaid. It’s a nifty little document holder which attaches to your laptop or desktop computer. (You’ll never again have to hold up a paper with one hand and type with the other.) He [Read More...]

Debunking the Hate Crimes Myth

Federal hate crimes laws currently do not protect people who are victims due to their sexual orientation. Conservative Christians keep complaining that if a current bill — the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act — gets passed, they won’t be able to spew their anti-gay rhetoric in church. Which isn’t true [Read More...]