Can We Stop and Ask for Directions?

We’re going the wrong way. (via Chow Main) [tags]atheist, atheism, Toothpaste for Dinner[/tags] [Read more...]

God Can™

How does God Can™ work? And then everything will be wonderful again. Because God works in mysterious ways. Help encourage your children or loved ones to embrace their faith in God by using God Can™ as a tool for constructing a healthy relationship with the Lord. I shall. But which God Can™ do I want…? [Read More...]

The Chicago Bears and Saint Hester

If you missed the Chicago Bears game yesterday, it was awesome. (Oh wait… we’re mostly atheists here. We don’t follow sports.) Short recap: Devin Hester returned a punt and a kickoff back for touchdowns. Bears had a blocked punt near the end of the game and a last-minute touchdown to tie it. They won in [Read More...]

They Couldn’t Get Three More Parking Spaces for My Amusement?

The Creation Museum is “evolving” and getting 663 new parking spaces as part of a $500,000 upgrade. The museum will add 663 parking spaces, outdoor canopies and a maintenance building and will move its main entrance as part of a $500,000 upgrade, according to a report in The Kentucky Enquirer. They’re not adding anything science-related, [Read More...]

Facebook Groups Against The Golden Compass

When it comes to the largest Facebook groups about The Golden Compass, the numbers speak for themselves: Facebook Group Members in Group Do NOT support “The Golden Compass” 46,045 Boycott “The Golden Compass” 4,363 Boycott “The Golden Compass” and it’s athiest message 2,167 BOYCOTT THE GOLDEN COMPASS!!! 1,905 Please Boycott the movie the “Golden Compass” [Read More...]