Are These Letters Common?

Metroblossom was the victim of proselytization. Though he didn’t have to deal with anyone face to face. He got a letter in the mail. From a stranger. A handwritten letter: It probably won’t do much good, but it gets points for creativity. I’d at least read what the letter said. That’s more than I can [Read More...]

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Faith

GQ has an article on The Barack which includes this lovely little anecdote: There are several black clergymen here, and when Obama encounters one of them, it’s as if they share a secret language, one Obama learned in the early ’80s, toiling as an idealistic college grad organizing churches on Chicago’s South Side. “Reverend, so [Read More...]

Taking the Christian Symbols off the Car

Comedian Demetri Martin has this one-liner: To me, a bumper sticker is… like a little sign that says, “Hey, let’s never hang out.” A few more thoughts also come to mind when I see someone still sporting a “Bush/Cheney ’04″ sticker on their SUV… So I’m (pleasantly) surprised to hear a Christian urging other Christians [Read More...]


Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous, which opens in the Spring of next year, finally released its poster! The premiere is tonight at the Toronto Film Festival. (via The Uninspired Manifesto) [tags]atheist, atheism, documentary[/tags] [Read more...]

Atheist Alliance International Convention Meta-Post Preview

So, who all is going to the Atheist Alliance International convention in a few weeks? And, even more importantly, who plans to blog about it? Please leave a comment if you’re coming and also leave a link to your site if you’re going to make a post about your experience! I’ll create a meta-post (Mehta-post?) [Read More...]