Help Reddit Atheists Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders

The Atheism subReddit has taken up the cause to raise $42,000 for Doctors without Borders — the amount is an homage to Douglas Adams. This is a friendly competition with the members of the Christianity subReddit, who are donating to the World Vision Clean Water Fund. Much like with Kiva, we’re crushing them with our [Read More…]

A Brief Homage to Atheist Billboards

American Atheists legal director Edwin Kagin offers some poetry about the recent “You Know It’s a Myth” atheist billboard (and a few other similar ones): But let some atheists post one sign saying reason should prevail Over the myth of Christmas, and you will hear the Fundies’ wail That atheists are not respectful, that they [Read More…]

We’re Overrated?

Mark Juddery has a ridiculous article on the Huffington Post (surprised?) discussing the “10 Most Overrated Things of the Decade“… First on his list? New Atheism: … just as it was cool in the nineties to come out as gay, it was cool in the 2000s (especially for really smart people) to adopt another once-scandalous [Read More…]

A Picture and a Contest

Between a Speech Team tournament all of today and a friend’s wedding tonight, I’m out of commission most of this weekend. But here’s a random story: I was looking through some old family photos last night when I came across one I’d never seen before… it’s my dad holding me right after I was born. [Read More…]

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

The Centre for Inquiry Canada’s “Extraordinary Claims” campaign featuring bus ads and in-person educational events is now underway: National Post columnist Kelly McParland doesn’t get the campaign at all: So why does he care if people believe in God, Allah or the tooth fairy? Atheists are defined by their disbelief. i.e. the biggest thing in [Read More…]