Did Ray Comfort Lie?

Remember the Nightline debate between Kirk Cameron/Ray Comfort and the Rational Response Squad back in May? Comfort invoked the Bible in the debate, which he said he wouldn’t do. Now, he is backtracking and saying he never said he “would prove God’s existence, absolutely, scientifically, without mentioning the Bible or faith.” Even though this original [Read More...]

Too Sexy for Church

A pastor trying to market his upcoming sermons on healthy marriages sent out 50,000 flyers that read “RED HOT SEX”… needless to say, many of the recipients weren’t amused. Joshua Cody at Church Marketing Sucks says this: The long and short of it left a community asking hard questions like, “Why didn’t the church spend [Read More...]

Faith and the 2008 Hopefuls

Here’s a wonderful interactive tool to find out where the 2008 presidential candidates stand on faith and a number of issues influenced by one’s faith. (Use the “Comparison Mode” in the upper left!) Very cool. (Via toomanytribbles. Thanks to Robert for reminding me about newsinitiative.org.) [tags]atheist, atheism, politics, Democrats, Republicans, faith, values, religion[/tags] [Read more...]

Response to Illinois’ Moment of Forced Silence

Now that Illinois has mandated a moment of silence in public school classrooms, you can hear the complaints loud and clear. Will Okun, a Chicago school teacher, has a great response in The New York Times: Boy, are our legislators busy. I teach in an overcrowded classroom with Xeroxed books, no computers and limited supplies [Read More...]

America’s Next Top Religion

I’d watch this show. Dan Savage tells us his idea: Devout contestants representing all the major world religions will be left on a deserted island with a large group of religious people, agnostics, and atheists. The religion that wins the most converts in, say, six months’ time wins the coveted “World’s Fastest-Growing Religion” title. No [Read More...]