The Bible’s Other Anniversary

It’s already the 100th anniversary for Gideon Bibles. It’s also the 15th anniversary for Mooresville High School’s Bible class. How did that class begin at a public school? Approaching the Mooresville Graded School District Board of Education with the idea that individuals “need some knowledge of the Bible to become culturally literate,” [teacher Kathy] Black [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #38: In What Ways is Simon Cowell Better Than God?

Last time, I ran this contest: A recent poll asked 1,600 British children to “name the individual they considered the biggest celebrity.” In first place: Simon Cowell. In second place: God. I think that gives new meaning to the word “Idolatry“… But it raises another question: In what other ways is Simon Cowell better than [Read More...]

Where is the Best Atheist Blog Category?

The nominees for the 2008 Weblog Awards have been listed and you can vote for some fine websites all over the place. But among the list of categories, I don’t see an important one: Best Atheist Blog. I’m not just saying that out of self-interest. There are tons that deserve recognition and I suspect there [Read More...]

Indianapolis Newspaper Rids Itself of Prayer

The Bible Belt Blogger, Frank Lockwood, reported that the Indianapolis Star has decided to stop running its daily Christian prayer, a piece that has been included in the paper every day since 1963. The prayer held a prominent front page position from 1968 – 2000, after which it was positioned on page 2. What struck [Read More...]

God’s Power Has Waned

Matt Bors shows us one possible reason God allows suffering: Other reasons can be found in the full strip. (Thanks to Pedro for the link!) [Read more...]