A Summer of Christianity: Worth $10,000?

And they said being an atheist has no perks… I recently received an offer from a Christian couple (husband and wife) in their 30s who would like me to spend the summer with them: We would like you to consider, at no cost to you, spending the summer with us. There are no strings attached [Read More...]

RSS Feed Should Be Working Now

***Update***: I realize it’s still not working for some of you — at least not those of you using Firefox/Sage. I’ll see what I can do, but it may take a few days! Thanks for your patience. … Not sure what happened earlier, but the following feeds should work if you check out this site [Read More...]

The Pastors Still Have Influence

Even though Pulpit Freedom Sunday is over, don’t think pastors still won’t try to sway their congregation. An excerpt from a recent Slate column shows us how easy it is to manipulate parishioners: Two years ago, [Nancy Gilgannon, a pro-life Pennsylvania Democrat who voted for Bush,] told me she blamed her church for Bush’s election—and [Read More...]

100 Word Reviews of Religulous

Brandon of Steel City Skeptics wants to hear your reviews of Bill Maher‘s Religulous. But without any of that rambling. He challenges you to limit your reviews to 100 words or fewer. Or you can send a video review: Hell, I have a short attention span. Let’s hear your 10 word reviews of the movie [Read More...]

How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?

As an atheist parent, Laurie has tried to not indoctrinate her children into atheism. She teachers her kids to think for themselves and question what they hear. She’s not keeping them away from faith, either. … we have exposed them to some of the religion they’ll encounter in their bible-belt hometown. When they were each [Read More...]