Who’s In the Wrong?

Oh boy. A Christian preacher starts saying a Muslim woman is ignorant. He later says “Mohammad was a pedophile.” A Muslim girl punches him back. She then adds, “Don’t talk about my prophet! I’ll kill you!” … From what I can tell, the video is in favor of the preacher, as it tries to show [Read More...]

Was Jesus a Good Righteous Person?

According to Rochelle Weiss, not so much. Does a good righteous person steal or order others to steal for him? Jesus did. In Matthew 21:1–3, it states that Jesus ordered some of his followers to steal for him: They were now nearing Jerusalem; and when they reached Bethphage at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent [Read More...]

“Militant Atheism” Doesn’t Exist

This Albert Sweigart fellow has a point. And I like the mockup video towards the beginning [Read more...]

They’ve Destroyed the Holy Ghost

(via xkcd) [Read more...]

State Senator Ernie Chambers Resumes Lawsuit Against God

Back in September, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (one of the few openly atheistic elected officials in America) was in the news because he was suing God: Why was he doing this? To show (in his words) “that anyone can sue anyone including God. It’s an object lesson too. It demonstrates that the mere filing [Read More...]