I Know Waaaay Too Much About Christopher Hitchens

See the Vanity Fair slideshow. It’s “from the second stage of Christopher Hitchens’s ongoing self-improvement project.” One of the captions: Yes, a Brazilian wax was involved. You’ve been warned. It almost looks as if he’s praying in that picture… I can anticipate his pain. No wonder he thinks God is not great. From the print [Read More...]

Can Atheists Participate in the Office Secret Santa?

No, says one atheist’s co-workers. I didn’t even know Santa had anything to do with Jesus. (I’m clearly ignorant.) So our atheist tries to explain his non-religiosity to them. He tells them why he accepts evolution. He states why he isn’t a fan of religion. And he offers this olive branch: Oh, by the way, [Read More...]

See Me Speak in Chicago!

I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Illinois at Chicago next Wednesday evening for the campus group Rationalists and Freethinkers (RAFT). The details: Date: Wednesday, November 14th Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Ft. Dearborn Room B (Student Center East – Third Floor, upstairs from the inner circle) There’s also free pizza! And if you [Read More...]

Four Bananas, Minimum

I understand the humor. It’s kinda funny. Until you realize this guy just offended all male atheists. And (clearly out of spite) he did it with a banana… Skip to the 1:40 mark of this NSFW video about measuring your… *ahem*… size: If you didn’t catch it, here’s the line: If you’re under five inches, [Read More...]

God Is Grea– Wait, What?

Via My Confined Space: [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]