Post Reason Rally Party!

After the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally in 2010, a bunch of atheists got together at the Lauriol Plaza Restaurant in Washington, D.C. Since the Reason Rally is only weeks away, I thought I should mention a party we’re throwing afterwards! (By “we,” I’m referring to the writers at this site, the folks at Freethought Blogs, [Read More…]

The Year After the ‘Year of the Bible’

Wouldn’t it be great if the whole “Year of the BIble” resolution in Pennsylvania backfired…? (Cartoon by Celestia Ward, reprinted with permission of the Freethought Society) [Read more…]

2012 Atheist Film Festival in San Francisco This August

It was successful last year and they’re doing it again: The Atheist Film Festival will be taking place in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater on August 11th! If you submit a film, you could be eligible for a $250 grand prize: Topics concerning atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, science, or a secular approach to human are [Read More…]

‘Angry Atheist’ Podcast Features Interview with Atheist Pastor

The Angry Atheist just put out an interview he did with a pastor who’s secretly an atheist. While the pastor’s not currently in the pulpit, his story is just fascinating. What caused him to lose his faith? It started with the “end of the world” theories, he says. Later, his graduate school classes pushed him [Read More…]

In Memory of Tina Strobos

Dr. Tina Strobos died earlier this week. She was 91. She saved the lives of more than 100 Jews during the Holocaust by allowing them refuge in her Amsterdam home. She gave them food and medical care. She cleverly found ways to obtain fake passports for them. She was arrested nine times. Her house was [Read More…]