8 Albums “About” Atheism You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve never heard of most of these albums and I haven’t heard the songs on them, but it seemed like an interesting theme for a list Steve Owen: …Like An Atheist in Nashville The title implies Owen is an “outsider.” Hundreds of actual atheists in Nashville would like to disagree. … Believa: Aint No Atheist [Read More...]

How Do You Deal with Workplace Proselytizing?

Reader Amanda manages a coffee shop in Alabama. Recently, a Christian proselytizer came to her workplace… She writes this in an email: … When I came in to work today, there was a gentleman at my counter who had already been served by another employee. He left shortly after my employee did, but came back [Read More...]

Don’t Explain Atheism To Your Children Like This

It won’t go over well. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Was Jesus Real? Asks Jesus Project Scholars

(This is a guest post by Trina Hoaks. Trina is the Atheist Examiner at Examiner.com.) … A new project is under way to determine if Jesus actually existed. Aptly enough, it is called the “Jesus Project.” The project, which is an initiative of the Center for Inquiry, is comprised of 20 scholars from different areas [Read More...]

Religion and Politics in 2008

How bad was the intersection of religion and politics in 2008? The Secular Coalition for America put together a video reminding us of how marginalized the atheist viewpoint was this year. They also include advice at the end on how we can (slowly but surely) fix this problem. Check it out: That’s hardly everything. They [Read More...]