Baby Cake

I now know what I want for my birthday. (Thanks to Håvar for the link!) [Read more...]

Bad Faith Award is Back

It’s time to nominate people for the New Humanist‘s Bad Faith award — the award goes to the most “scurrilous enemy of reason” over the past year. Last year, Dinesh D’Souza beat out Chuck Norris, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Pope. This year, Sarah Palin‘s already on the ballot and others will follow. Even though [Read More...]

Church/State Group Goes After Democrats

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has a long history of going after conservatives and Republicans. But in case you ever need an example of the church/state separation group going after Democrats, here’s a recent example (PDF) where Barack Obama‘s wife Michelle campaigned for him at a meeting of the General Baptist State [Read More...]

Help the Humanist Network News Podcast Win an Award

The Humanist Network News podcast is up for an award and it needs your votes to win! If you have a spare second, click here, search for “Religion Inspiration,” click on “Humanist Network News,” submit your name/email, and you’re done! You can vote once a day until next Thursday. It’s a simple way to support [Read More...]

Why Are There So Many Atheist Blogs?

Because God exists. At least, that’s the argument Joey is making: Why are there so many atheism blogs? I saw recently how one guy collects them all in one place so you can “feed” on a life without God, literally hundreds of blog links, enough reading for several years. … You see, something inside is [Read More...]