Church Founder Kicked Out of Grocery Store For Not Removing Religious Hood

I love this story because I’m not sure if anyone wins or loses. Daniel Jones was recently kicked out of a UK Tesco grocery store for wearing religious apparel (a hood). He refused to take it off. Here’s the story:. He said he’d gone to the store to buy something to eat during his lunch-break [Read More...]

Talk Like a Heavy Metal Pirate

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!  I’m taking this opportunity to share a very special discovery. Do you like pirates?  Do you like metal rock music? Them your band for the day is Alestorm.  They play “True Scottish Pirate Metal”.  Here’s the first song on their album “Captain Morgan’s Revenge.” The singing (pirate singing if [Read More...]

Florida Principal Gets Off the Hook for Luncheon Prayer

A month ago, there was a news story about a Florida high school principal (Frank Lay) who asked another administrator to “offer a prayer of blessing during a school-day luncheon for the dedication of a new fieldhouse at Pace High School.” It wasn’t the first time Lay ignored the church/state wall. He was facing jail [Read More...]

FFRF Warns Memphis City Council Not to Open Sessions with Christian Prayers

The Memphis (Tennessee) City Council allows a “Chaplain of the Day” to open sessions with prayer. They also give clergy a goodie bag. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter requesting the council to stop that practice, and a lawsuit is forthcoming if they don’t. You can read that letter along with some of [Read More...]

If I Was An Atheist

It’s “were.” I know. Tell that to the Creationist in this video… who can’t actually solve a Rubik’s Cube. And stick around to watch the nifty life an an atheist That is *so* how I roll. (via Thunderf00t) [Read more...]