Bryan Fischer’s Underground Railroad for Children of Same-Sex Couples

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer tweeted this the other day: This seems like an appropriate response: [Read more…]

God Defines Marriage

Mr. Deity tackles the definition of marriage: [Read more…]

The Creation Museum Just Got Updated…

If you’ve ever visited the Creation Museum (as I have… twice… WTF?), then you no doubt remember the Hallway of Doom. This is the dark hallway with creepy red lighting and disturbing background noise… and a collage of magazine articles on the wall explaining what happens when God’s out of the picture and everyone is [Read More…]

Survey Says: Atheism is on the Rise Worldwide (and in America)

A new global survey on religiosity (PDF) by WIN-Gallup International has two big findings: First, the United States has gone from being 1% godless in 2005 to 5% in 2012. (The percentage of people simply calling themselves non-religious is 30%, significantly higher than ever before.) That jumps us up quite a bit on the Global [Read More…]

Another Burnt Out Atheist

A few weeks ago, I talked about burnout over at Teen Skepchick, where I also contribute. It got reposted a few times, I saw some discussion on Facebook and Twitter about the toll activism can take on people. But, you know? I don’t think I’ve been having it so hard. Natalie Reed, a contributor to [Read More…]