Why Friendly Atheist?

When I came up with the name for this site — in a time crunch, right before I had a chance to plug it in an interview — I wanted to have something positive. “Friendly Atheist” came to mind and it stuck. I’ve tried explaining in interviews and talks I give that the name isn’t [Read More...]

Indian Censors Say No To “Condom” and Yes to Sex

This isn’t about atheism, but it is about unnecessary censorship. Which you know you care about. If you’ve ever seen an Indian movie, you know there isn’t much in the way of sex scenes. Suggestive looks and flirtation, yes. But you will rarely see even a kiss in a Bollywood film. So it’s a bit [Read More...]

The Soldiers Need Help

They need this equipment. They don’t have enough. It’s doubtful they can be successful in their missions without them. And based on this ad I saw, victory is within our grasps as soon as the soldiers receive them: *sigh* I don’t care if the soldiers want Bibles. So be it. And I’m fine with Campus [Read More...]

Kay Hagan and Al Franken

We all know why Kay Hagan needs to wrestle that Senate seat away from Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Dole is an anti-atheist bigot and her campaign is trying to smear Hagan as some sort of (God forbid?) atheist sympathizer. The Digital Cuttlefish offers a poetic response: … I thought I saw an atheist, So [Read More...]

Atheists Join Club Red

In Australia, the Sydney Atheists are embarking on a series of fantastic works for charity. They recently donated blood: (The picture is all the better for the child in the background image.) Alan writes: Often atheists get stigmatised as bad people because we don’t believe in a god, therefore we are immoral, baby-eating scum. One [Read More...]