Pat Robertson’s Other Explanations

Crazy Christian icon Pat Robertson said that Haiti experienced a horrific earthquake because Haitian slaves once “swore a pact with the devil.” The Onion informs us of his explanations for other terrible tragedies: It’s funny… until you realize that he’s on the air because millions of people take him completely seriously. [Read more...]

Atheist Ferrets?

These pictures are in need of captions. I’m sure someone can take care of that… (Thanks to Hillary for the links!) [Read more...]

A Debate: Does the Christian God Exist?

Dinesh D’Souza and John W. Loftus will spar at the University of Illinois on February 9th! I got good money on Loftus taking him down in round 4. There will be blood. But D’Souza will go for a Million Dollar Baby-like illegal knockdown. Loftus better watch his back. Wait… It’s just a debate? Hm. Well, [Read More...]

That’s a Committee?

St. Cloud State University in Minnesota is home to a new campus atheist group (an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance):. They were recently featured in their campus newspaper: “I hope that this is something that stay alive on the Campus,” [co-founder Sarah] Maddox said. SSA’s goal is to work as an umbrella organization for [Read More...]

Creationists are Worms

This Rubes cartoon is all a big metaphor… The Creationists can try all they want, but the theory of evolution will win every time. (Thanks to Ross for the link!) [Read more...]