Do You Like Your Job?

And if you feel comfortable sharing, what do you do…? (via Cynical-C Blog) [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #33: Your Atheism is so Militant…

Last week, I ran this contest: You’ve heard of Yo’ Mama jokes? (e.g. Yo’ mama is so ugly that when she joined an ugly contest, they said “Sorry, no professionals.”) Well, finish this statement: Yo’ atheism is so militant… Here are the Top 5 statements (with submitters): 5| Yo’ atheism is so militant, the Pope [Read More...]

This Brightened My Day

Last week, I was sitting in an airport, waiting for my flight to begin boarding. There was a book in my hands, but I wasn’t reading so much as I was just looking around to see what everyone else was doing. A couple came by and sit right across from me — A guy and [Read More...]

Interview with Candace Chellew-Hodge, Gay-Friendly Pastor

Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge is the founder/editor of Whosoever, an “online magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Christians.” She is a self-proclaimed “recovering Southern Baptist.” Her first book, Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians, will be published this September. All this puts her in a rather unique position among Christians [Read More...]

Atheist Coming Out Party

This Saturday, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio for the Atheist Coming Out Party! The event is free, I’ll be speaking there along with Edwin Kagin (of American Atheists), and there will be a Mass De-Baptism. … The event will feature talks, social events, and even a “De-Baptism” ceremony for those who were enrolled in religious [Read More...]