Senator Larry Craig Visited Mike Jones (a.k.a. Ted Haggard’s Male Escort)

When I interviewed Pastor Ted Haggard’s former male escort Mike Jones a couple months ago, he told me he was sitting on a juicy piece of information. It involved a fairly well-known person. He wouldn’t tell me who it was. In fact, he said he was going to go public with it later that week… [Read More...]

The Davids React to Sam Harris

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, already responded to Sam Harris questioning the use of the label “atheist.” A couple other prominent atheists are also joining the fray. David Koepsell, Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism, supports Harris: Now mind you, we do face some clear political and social challenges from the deeply [Read More...]

%$#&ing Cubs

Somehow, I blame Rex Grossman for this. [Read more...]

Worst. Advice. Ever.

Man asks Salon‘s Cary Tennis for advice. His 13-year-old daughter is an evangelical Christian. He’s an atheist. She thinks he’s going to hell. He fears mentioning religion or evolution or the simple fact that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. What should he do? Cary’s advice: Go to church. If you go to church with [Read More...]

Rush Limbaugh Says Global Warming is the Atheists’ Religion

Yesterday, seconds after stating that “Global warming is nothing more than a disguised liberal plot to advance their politics” and “global warming is simply a masked and camouflaged way to get liberals to where they want to be: power over as many aspects of your life as possible,” Rush Limbaugh got even crazier. I know. [Read More...]