Response to Parkview Sermon Questions

Last summer, I was invited to participate in a dialogue on stage with the pastor of Parkview Christian Church during his three weekend services. (More on that here.) Then there was a whole debacle because of a Creationism pamphlet on the church’s website. (Read about it here and here.) Anyway, I just recently noticed that [Read More...]

Donnie Davies

It’s Sunday. Break time. Enjoy a video while you’re at it. From a group called “Donnie Davies and Evening Service,” here’s a video called “The Bible Says”: Priceless. The man with the pink shirt and mustache says he’s no longer gay. This is too entertaining to waste any energy getting angry about it. Unless this [Read More...]

I’m That Good.

Speaking of Masala Skeptic, Maria made a mention of this article regarding The Amaz!ng Meeting 5. She comments: A most excellent article and it mentions: “Women are outnumbered by about 4 to 1 at the meeting, so they make a point to get together and bond in their pajamas.” …For the record, the Skepchick pajama [Read More...]

Masala Skeptic

During The Amaz!ng Meeting 5, I met Maria. She is also brown. And she came to a realization: … one of the first things I noticed was that of the 800+ attendees, there were maybe 15 people who were minorities – Asian, African-American, Latinos and Indians are not at all represented. It got me wondering [Read More...]

Atheists on Nightline?

I just spoke to Brian Sapient of the Rational Response Squad (RRS) and he informed me that members of the RRS were interviewed for an episode of Nightline that is tentatively scheduled to air Tuesday night! The segment is focusing on the work of RRS, not simply the publicity of the Blasphemy Challenge. Of course, [Read More...]