You Know You’re An Atheist When…

Let’s see how creative (and funny) you can be! Fill in the rest of the sentence: You know you’re an atheist when… [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Human Migration: A Brief History

Using archaeology, fossil studies, climatology, mtDNA, and Y chromosome evidence, Stephen Oppenheimer and the folks at the Bradshaw Foundation created this amazing visual aid of the history of human migration over the past 160,000 years. We’ll add this to the list of things we’ll never see in the Creation Museum. You know, in addition to [Read More...]

Video Inside the Creation Museum

Ashley Schulte of the Ohio Rational Response Squad is back with her second video highlighting the Creation Museum. The first was about the Rally for Reason. This one takes us inside… You get a chance to see the “scientific movies” that visitors get to see. In this case, you get the responses to those videos, [Read More...]

You’re Now Leaving Kansas

(via Reddit) [Read more...]

I Want This, Too

DefCon has a couple bumper stickers about the Creation Museum that are worth checking out. This one is my favorite, though: It’s not like Ken Ham’s museum is the only game in town. More Crazy Museums are opening up! Check out this posting dissecting the promotional video of another Creation Museum, this one in Canada. [Read More...]