Fall Speaking Tour

I’m doing a little bit of traveling over the next few weekends (and a little beyond), so if you’re in these areas, here’s the basic information on my upcoming talks. Hope to see you there University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL When: Saturday, September 11th at 6:00 p.m. Where: USA Humanities Building — Auditorium [Read More…]

Praise for Francis Collins

Christopher Hitchens has been writing a lot about his illness lately, and in his latest Vanity Fair piece, he mentions a close Christian friend: Dr. Francis Collins is one of the greatest living Americans. He is the man who brought the Human Genome Project to completion, ahead of time and under budget, and who now [Read More…]

A Great Response to Pat Condell

Pat Condell has been releasing some less-than-stellar videos about his opposition to the (close to) Ground Zero Mosque (and community center). At least, I haven’t been a fan of them. But until I saw this excellent video by The Amazing Atheist, I hadn’t seen a response to him that I liked quite so much… Note [Read More…]

The Seven Cs of Atheism

August Berkshire is the president of Minnesota Atheists. He’s written some very popular pieces on this site, including “34 Unconvincing Arguments for God,” and he’ll be speaking at the Project 42 Freethought conference in Fargo, North Dakota on September 18th. August’s latest piece explains The Seven Cs of Atheism (PDF): Conservative Atheism is a conservative [Read More…]

Dodge Jesus

I can’t tell if the driver is an oblivious Christian or a clever atheist… but I love the juxtaposition (Photo courtesy of reader Lorelei, who spotted the car in Lihue, Kauai in Hawaii.) [Read more…]