At Least We’re Not Like the Baptists…

I know we have sexism problems in our own movements — women aren’t always treated with respect and I’ve been to conferences that feature a dearth of female speakers. But because of people speaking out against this kind of thing, I have hopes we’ll get better in time. All that said, at least we’re not [Read More…]

Religion: Sudoku Edition

If there’s a better explanation of the difference between religion and science, I’d like to see it… Science figures things out, piece by piece. It’s not always easy, but you’ll occasionally have a breakthrough that allows you to fill in more pieces. The bigger picture ultimately becomes clear, even if the details aren’t complete. Religion [Read More…]

I’m a Lanthanide! (What’s a Lanthanide?)

There are lots of games to play with this Periodic Table of Atheists and Antitheists by Ungodly News: Who was left off the list? What do the letters stand for if not the person’s initials? And why are the bloggers relegated to the part of the Periodic Table no one ever cares about? *Sniff* I [Read More…]

Church Responds to Columbus Billboard Removal

After an atheist billboard was removed from a Columbus, Ohio site because of a church complaint, readers figured out the closest church was Christ Cathedral Church. Kevin Jakubowski contacted them on their Facebook page to confirm if they were responsible for the billboard’s removed and they said they were: Kevin is polite in his dialogue [Read More…]

The Priestly Bubble

Edward Tarte used to be a budding Catholic priest before he eventually because an atheist. He acknowledges being trapped in a bubble during his time in the Church hierarchy, never discussing the issues you imagine priests would talk about — the problem of suffering, why God is so damn evil in the Bible, gay rights, [Read More…]