PEW Survey on Atheist In-Law

by Jesse Galef – You guys love polls about religious attitudes, right?  Of course you do, how silly of me to ask – everyone loves polling data!  It’s so intoxicating to go digging through the numbers, finding information about the world… that’s not just me, right?  …Guys? I was thrilled to read that Religion News [Read More...]

Focus on the Family Gets Super Bowl Ad couldn’t do it. PETA couldn’t do it. But Focus on the Family has been given a green light to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Focus on the Family is known for taking a pro-life stance and valuing marriage as an institution for opposite-sex couples. … Its Super Bowl commercial is not polarizing [Read More...]

Whose Fault was the Haitian Earthquake?

It’s a question that doesn’t have a supernatural answer, even though religious nuts everywhere won’t hesitate to offer their own explanation. The Secular Coalition for America‘s president, Herb Silverman, has a far more honest response to the question of “why God allows innocents to suffer” in Haiti: Here’s an alternative view. The “fault” lies under [Read More...]

Need Research Help: Atheists as Outsiders

Hey friends, Mike Clawson here again. Once more I feel like I should apologize for being such an infrequent contributor here. Graduate school keeps getting in the way of doing any extra writing. Speaking of that, however, I would like to ask for your assistance on a research paper I’m doing for a class called [Read More...]

Pat Robertson’s Other Explanations

Crazy Christian icon Pat Robertson said that Haiti experienced a horrific earthquake because Haitian slaves once “swore a pact with the devil.” The Onion informs us of his explanations for other terrible tragedies: It’s funny… until you realize that he’s on the air because millions of people take him completely seriously. [Read more...]