Ask Richard: Parents Let Teen Atheist Read Only Christian Books

Dear Richard, I am a 14 year old. At the age of around 12 I told my parents that I was an agnostic atheist. They were quite repulsed at first, as they saw atheism as a form of baby eating cult. I have slowly given them a more realistic approach to atheism over the years, [Read More…]

Where Are the Christians with Real Courage?

I’ve been reading several articles this week about Pastor Terry Jones and how his church plans to burn Korans on 9/11. Christians don’t want to be associated with this guy. Clergy members, academics and elected officials in Gainesville have planned nearly a dozen events to counter the plan, starting on Wednesday with an interfaith prayer [Read More…]

Louie‘s Episode About God

Comedian Louis CK‘s show Louie aired a wonderful episode dealing with God and Catholic school last week. It’s finally available on Hulu. The episode starts out downright scary (inside the Catholic school) but gets much better toward the end. (How awesome is the mother?) As usual, Louis CK’s comedy bits are awesome (Sorry to non-US [Read More…]

Restoring the Koran

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation plans to run this full-page ad in the Gainesville Sun on Friday, in response to Pastor Terry Jones burning Korans: Well, it’s definitely a gesture of goodwill. I wonder if it’d be more useful, though, to donate a certain amount of money to a non-profit/charity organization for each Koran burned [Read More…]

Is One Really Superior…?

Islam and Christianity are both frightening at times, full of false hope, and capable of even more destruction than they’ve already caused. Mr. Fish draws the truth: It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith… maybe because they sing songs in massive churches and [Read More…]