‘What Myths Do You See?’ Billboard Comes to California

After watching American Atheists place a controversial billboard at the foot of the Lincoln Tunnel last month, Bruce Gleason and the Backyard Skeptics group in California have adopted the image, reworded it slightly, and put it up in Westminster: 7 Million Californians know MYTHS when they see them. What myths do you see? Said Gleason: [Read More…]

Anything But an Atheist! (Part 2)

Back in July, GenerationXeroFilms made a powerful video documenting clip after clip of people arguing that atheists were the scum of the earth. Unfortunately, he’s now back with Part 2. It’s unfortunate only because it suggests there were so many clips he couldn’t get in the first video that a second one had to be [Read More…]

Updates on the Jessica Ahlquist Story

(See previous post here for more details.) … Interesting piece of trivia: Judge Ronald Lagueux was appointed to the bench by that liberal activist…. Ronald Reagan. … Jessica Ahlquist has been added to the list of Reason Rally speakers! … Jessica spoke about the ruling this morning: “When [Rhode Island ACLU executive director] Steven Brown [Read More…]

Court Rules That Oklahoma’s Anti-Islamic Amendment Is Probably Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed the likely unconstitutionality (PDF) of a proposed amendment to the Oklahoma constitution. The proposed amendment, called — I kid you not — the “Save Our State” Amendment, commands that courts “shall not look to the precepts of other nations or cultures” and would have prohibited judges from [Read More…]

Shit Christians Say to Atheists

Some people hate the meme, but I feel left out. Someone make this happen! I’ll even get you started (with help from the folks on Twitter): “You’re an atheist? But you’re so nice!” “Do you believe in Satan?” “Your life must be bleak and meaningless.” “So why do you even bother to live?” “You were [Read More…]