The IRS Is Investigating Televangelist Benny Hinn for “Tax Evasion and General Fraud”

IRS agents swarmed the offices of televangelist Benny Hinn yesterday morning. But they only revealed minor details about what promoted their visit.


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Florida Teacher Accused of Banning Cross Necklaces in Class Because They’re “Gang Symbols”

According to Christian legal group Liberty Counsel, the teacher not only banned cross necklaces in her classroom, she had the audacity to tell LGBT students she supports them. (The monster!) But don’t believe the story about the necklaces just yet…


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A Christian Shelter Rejected Money from a Gay Chorus to Appease Anti-Gay Christian Donors

Hearts With A Mission, a Christian homeless shelter, made the wrong decision when they rejected a $3,000 donation from the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, even though they did it with the best of intentions. (Really.)


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Let’s All Thank Pastor Greg Locke for His Contributions to Planned Parenthood

Pastor Greg Locke is still angry that people are making donations to Planned Parenthood on his behalf.


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Lawrence Krauss on Cosmic Natural Selection: Why the Universe Isn’t Fine-Tuned for Our Benefit

Back in February, Lawrence Krauss delivered the British Humanist Association’s annual Darwin Day Lecture. He spoke about “Cosmic natural selection” — why our universe is the way it is and why we’re lucky to be here.


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