Middle School Student Was Late to Class Because She Found God, Says Dad’s Sarcastic Note

Reader Steven, a middle school teacher, writes that one of his students walked into class a bit tardy with this note from her father.


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Someone Vandalized Arizona’s “ATHEIST” License Plate

Reader Tim happens to have the “ATHEIST” license plate in Arizona. It was never a problem for him until this past weekend, when someone got all bent out of shape about it… and literally bent it out of shape.


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Virginia Sheriff Plans Educational Seminar on Islam Called “Understanding the Threat”

In Greene County, Virginia, Sheriff Steve Smith wanted to offer the community a lesson on Islam so they could better understand their own neighbors, including new refugees settling in the area. The problem is that the title of that class was called “Understanding the threat.”


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Atheist NFL Star Arian Foster Announces Retirement Midway Through Eighth Season

Arian Foster, the Miami Dolphins running back who is arguably the highest profile atheist in all of professional sports, has announced his retirement from the NFL midway through his eighth season. It’s not entirely a surprise given how he’d been sidelined due to injuries for the past few years.

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The Church of Satanology and Perpetual Soirée Wants to Hang a Banner Outside a Florida High School

Boca Raton Community High School in Florida allows religious organizations to advertise outside the building… so a Satanic provocateur has decided he wants to pay for a banner, too.

BRCHS Banner

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