Texas High School Finally Paints Over Ten Commandments Mural in Hallway

If you were to walk through O’Donnell High School in Texas as recently as last month, you would have seen this giant mural of the Ten Commandments.

It led the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Sam Grover to send a letter to O’Donnell ISD Superintendent Dr. Cathy Amonett. He called out the illegal promotion of Christianity and gave the District a choice: Remove the mural or face a lawsuit.


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Captain Disillusion Brilliantly Debunks the Cicret Bracelet

You may have heard of Cicret, a bracelet that essentially puts a smartphone screen on your skin. The company has already raised more than $615,000, all of which they say is non-refundable, based only on the idea of the product.

But Captain Disillusion, the finest bullshit detector on YouTube, points out that the concept makes no sense at all. The very thing they’re promising to create just won’t work, and he shows why in his latest video:


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Improvisers Tell You Things You’d Never Read in the Bible

On the BBC Two show Mock the Week, the improvisers on the panel had a simple task: Name things you’d never read in the Bible.


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Dr. Richard Carrier Has Sued Several Atheists and Their Blogging Networks on Charges of Defamation

Dr. Richard Carrier, the author of several books about ancient philosophy, religion, and science, has filed a lawsuit against multiple atheists, their blogging networks, and an atheist conference on charges of defamation (two counts), interference with his business (one count), and emotional distress (two counts). They stem from posts made about his alleged sexual harassment, an accusation he repeatedly denies.


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City of Victoria (BC) Passes Modified Proclamation Honoring “International Blasphemy Rights Day”

The city of Victoria, British Columbia has declared September 30 “International Blasphemy Rights Day” after a 3-2 vote. But not without a bit of controversy.


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