A Rant About the Man in Charge

I’m sick of the obvious hypocrisy, the never-ending stream of lies, the cult of personality, and so much more…


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Cheating Principal Who Attributed Kids’ High Test Scores to Prayer Receives Harsh Punishment

A Mississippi elementary school principal who helped her students cheat on standardized tests, then attributed their high scores to her prayers, will not be able to teach or serve as an administrator for 20 years.


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Anti-Gay Activist Condemns “Queer Dance Party” Near Mike Pence’s Home, Calling It “Morally Corrupt”

They danced in support of LGBT rights, which Christian Right activist Peter LaBarbera called hateful, intolerant, and morally corrupt.


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The Christian Spectrum of U.S. Presidents

Who said the U.S. presidents aren’t religiously diverse? The Pew Research Center shows us that they run the gamut from Christian to other-kinds-of-Christian.


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We’re Going to Need More Exorcisms…

I can’t decide if it’s harder or easier to perform an exorcism when the devil never hides below the surface.


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