Atheists Blocked from Delivering an Invocation in the PA House Have Made Their Case to a Judge

Should atheists be allowed to deliver invocations in the Pennsylvania State House? Government officials say no. That’s why atheists made their case in front of a judge yesterday afternoon.

A rabbi delivers a PA House invocation in 2013

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Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Pathetic Response to Atheist’s Question: “I Believe in Jesus Christ”

Atheist activist Justin Scott appeared at a town hall meeting with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) today and had a chance to ask him a question about the rights of atheists and the proposed repeal of the Johnson Amendment.

Grassley’s response? “I believe in Jesus Christ.”


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Atheist Threatened Over Ten Commandments Lawsuit: “You Should Be Dragged In the Street and Shot”

One of the atheists who sued to remove a Ten Commandments monument outside Valley High School in New Kensington, PA is receiving death threats after the District settled the case and agreed to pay the atheists’ legal fees.


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Despite Having All the Power, Conservative Christians Are Still Pretending To Be Persecuted

With Republicans in charge of damn near everything in Washington, a right-wing Supreme Court nominee, policy that rolls back rights for transgender students, and a Cabinet that doubles as an evangelical wet dream, you’d think conservative Christians would be celebrating. Isn’t this everything they ever wanted?

Well, yes… but that doesn’t feed their constant Martyr Complex, so they’re still acting like they’re the ones being persecuted.


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Pope Francis: If Catholics Are Going to Be Hypocrites, “It Is Better To Be an Atheist”

Pope Francis, the man whose rhetoric is uplifting but whose actions have done little to improve the image of the Catholic Church, made a lot of sense during an impromptu sermon this morning. He was talking about the hypocrisy of so many religious believers.


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