Creationist Ray Comfort Just Won “Best Science Film” at a Christian Film Festival

In news that will make you question everything you thought you knew about movies, Ray Comfort just won “Best Science Film” at the International Christian Film Festival for The Atheist Delusion.


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Dee Gordon’s Dramatic Home Run, In Honor of His Late Teammate, Shouldn’t Make You Believe in God

Following the tragic death of 24-year-old pitcher José Fernández over the weekend, the Miami Marlins did everything they could to honor their teammate. But on Tuesday, their first game after the accident, nothing was more dramatic than the lead-off home run by Dee Gordon.

Gordon later said people should start believing in God after that hit, a statement that was both inspirational and illogical.


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Florida Group Wanting Abortion Classified as a Capital Crime Won’t Be More Specific About Penalties

An evangelical Christian group called Abolish Abortion Florida is calling for abortion to be classified as a capital crime, eligible for the death penalty. But when I asked them how women and their doctors should be killed, they dodged the question…


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Christian Leaders Promote Civil Disobedience Against Laws Allowing Abortion and “Sexual Perversion”

According to the “Declaration of Dependence upon God and His Holy Bible,” a group of Religious Right leaders want Christians to promise that they won’t obey the law if it means indirectly supporting abortion rights or marriage equality.


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Here’s a Reminder of What the Law Says About Tomorrow’s “See You at the Pole” Event

Tomorrow is See You at the Pole, the day when many Christian students gather around their schools’ flagpoles to pray to Jesus. It’s legal for students to hold these events as long as they play by the rules.

And who better to explain those rules than a legal fellow from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Madeline Ziegler has a quick rundown of how the event must proceed to stay on the right side of the law.


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