Atheists Drop Lawsuit Against Kansas City Officials After They Rescind Huge Grant to Baptist Group

A $65,000 gift from Kansas City (MO) lawmakers to a Baptist organization has officially been rescinded. And with that, American Atheists has dropped its lawsuit against the city.

KC - Approval MinutesPg6

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Liberty University Censors Student’s Article Denouncing Donald Trump

While Jerry Falwell, Jr., the President of Liberty University, spends his days defending Donald Trump — despite the candidate’s bragging about sexually assaulting women, multiple marriages, bigotry, racism, and constant stream of lies — it appears that his students don’t get the same kind of freedom.


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PA Bureau of Motor Vehicles Rejects Atheist’s Harmless Vanity Plate Suggestions

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles can (and should) reject obscene and offensive license plate requests.

It makes no sense, however, that they rejected these three license plates suggestions from Jeffrey Prebeg Jr.: “ATHE1ST,” “NO GOD,” and “N0 G0D.”


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Anti-Trump Billboard, Written in Arabic, Says “He Can’t Read This, But He Is Afraid of It”

When you’re kicking yourself over how this election season still has another three weeks, just look at this billboard and smile:


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A Pastor Who Hid His Identity As an Atheist for Several Years Has Finally Come Out of the Closet

Earlier this month, at the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s annual convention, “Adam Mann,” a pastor who hid his atheist identity for several years, finally came out of the closet as Carter Warden, a now-former pastor.


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