Irony Alert: Pseudo-Historian David Barton Says People Caught in Lies Should Correct Their Mistakes

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton, who lies with damn near every sentence, just called out Bill O’Reilly for lying in his history books. And with that, irony meters everywhere exploded all at once.


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Pennsylvania City Agrees to Replace Veterans Memorial Bench That Denigrates Atheists

A city bench that insulted atheists will finally be removed and replaced with one that honors all veterans, regardless of their religious views.


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Donald Trump’s Pick for Health And Human Services Secretary Belongs to a Sham Medical Organization

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he’d picked Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services, and boy is this one ever a beaut!


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Atheists Erect “There Are No Gods” Sign and Secular Nativity Scene in Wisconsin Capitol Building

A sign next to the display urges people not to steal.


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Here’s How the Major Disciplines of Physics Are All Connected to Each Other

The neat thing about science is that everything we learn turns out to be interconnected. The more we discover, the better all the pieces appear to fit together.


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