Saskatchewan Man Gets Green Light to Build $1.2 Million Bible Theme Park With Noah’s Ark Exhibit

Get ready, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Officials there just approved the development of a Bible-based theme park, complete with a Noah’s Ark exhibit. The park will cost the developer $1.2 million. And as if we needed the extra bit of symbolism, it’ll be built on top of a cemetery.


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Televangelist Jim Bakker: Liberal Watchdog Groups Are Monitoring What I Say and Killing Patriots

On his show this week, televangelist Jim Bakker talked about how there are groups — hello, Right Wing Watch! — that monitor the things he says because they want him off the air.

Then, going full conspiracy theory, he said that people like him who are “speaking up for our Constitution” are mysteriously dying and will continue to die off in the future. Which is probably a frightening prospect for his viewers, whose average age, I can only assume, is 97.


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In 2008, Focus on the Family Predicted the Results of an Obama Presidency. They Were So, So Wrong.

In 2008, Focus on the Family released a document called “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America” warning people against the horrors that would result if John McCain and Sarah Palin didn’t win the election. My colleague Libby Anne revisited that letter in 2012 and she’s done it again now, just to see how the letter played out after a second Obama term.


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Internal Mormon Church Documents Leaked Online in Least Interesting Act of Whistleblowing Ever

Earlier today, a Reddit user began leaking a series of internal documents from the Mormon Church. But despite the cloak-and-dagger nature of the leaks, nothing damning to the Church has been revealed just yet.


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The Catholic Church Acquitted an HIV-Infected Priest Who Raped 30 Girls, Say Gullible Websites

According to various news reports from shady-as-hell sources like the Daily Mail and Anonymous Mexico, an HIV-infected Catholic priest who raped 30 girls between the ages of 5 and 10 was let off the hook by the Archdiocese of Mexico.

Just one problem: Father Jose Garcia Ataulfo may not exist.


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