There’s a Reason Senate Democrats Didn’t Ask Questions of Two Muslim Reformers

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani are angry that Senate Democrats didn’t ask them any questions during a hearing last week about religious extremism. Did those senators not care what two Islamic reformers had to say?

It’s not that simple.


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Pastor: The Sexual Revolution Leads to Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Bonnaroo

The sexual revolution always unfolds the same way, says TN Pastor Greg Locke.

Somehow, it includes animals and musicians.


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Turkish Man Assaulted Woman on Bus Because Her Short Shorts “Provoked” Him

Turkish university student Melisa Saglam was riding a bus in Istanbul when a man punched her in the face, then pushed her back when she tried to retaliate.

Why the assault? Because, he said, her shorts were too short and he felt “provoked” by them.


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NY GOP, Pressured By Religious Groups, Won’t Pass Bill To Help Sex Abuse Victims

New York Senate Republicans won’t allow a vote on a bill that would let victims of child sexual abuse go after their assailants in court later in life.

Why oppose such a sensible measure? Because several religious groups might go bankrupt if the law passes.


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An Actress Gets High With the “Weed Nuns” Because Why Not?

Sunday School would be a lot more interesting this way.


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