This Fox News Conversation About the New Pledge of Allegiance Law in Florida is Infuriating

When it comes to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, the rules are simple: If you want to say it, fine. If you don’t, fine. No one can force to stand up, put your hand over your heart, or say it at all.


But try telling that to the people at Fox News, who held a conversation about a new Pledge law in Florida with no regard for the facts.

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This Brilliant Meme Inspired Us to Reword the American Family Association’s Target Boycott Petition

This meme, posted by The Cafe, so perfectly calls out the true motivation behind the American Family Association’s boycott on Target over their gender-inclusive restrooms.


The AFA’s petition is nothing but bigotry masked in concern for women and children.

To demonstrate the discrepancy, let’s pull up AFA President Tim Wildmon‘s own explanation for the boycott. Then we’ll change his words around to something he would never say, but which would actually protect children.

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Creationist Ken Ham Promotes the Joke Book He Calls a Research Journal

Yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham promoted the Answers Research Journal, his ministry’s response to scientific publications.


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Want To Know Your Future? In India, a Little Birdie Tells You

In India’s Tamil Nadu state, men with trained parakeets happily take bird-brained patrons’ money. The parakeets are supposed to tell people’s futures by selecting Tarot-like fortune cards containing pictures of Hindu gods, Buddha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and so on.

The Atlantic has a short film about the generations-old phenomenon.


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Got a Degree from Liberty University School of Law? Good Luck Getting a Legal Job

If you or someone you know is in law school, then you’re undoubtedly aware of a major concern among students: they might not find a job that requires a law degree. With the recent recession, fewer people retiring, and a lot of law students graduating, there just aren’t enough positions available for everyone who’s qualified and able to fill them.

For that reason, class sizes have gotten smaller at many schools. The question is: Have things balanced out yet? Are newly minted lawyers finding legal jobs within a year of graduation?

The National Law Journal just published a list of the law schools with the most unemployed graduates. It’s behind a paywall, but Above the Law has a summary. And making the list-you-don’t-want-to-be-on?


Liberty University School of Law, with an unemployment rate of 26.23%. That’s how many of their students aren’t working in a job that requires a law degree ten months after graduation.

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