How Did an Evangelical Church Embracing LGBT Members Manage to Upset Just About Everyone?

Most American churches seem to fall into one of two categories when it comes to LGBT rights: conservative churches that dig in their heels to defend their bigotry and welcoming ones that build progressive politics into their core beliefs.

But what happens when a Southern church finds itself stuck between these two stereotypes, embracing equality while clinging to its evangelical roots? As part of its Pride Week coverage, the Nashville Scene‘s Kim Green spotlights the struggles of a church facing this identity crisis.

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The Sadness of Bryan Fischer

If you’re ever feeling upset, just bookmark this page and take a stroll through Christian bigot Bryan Fischer‘s Twitter feed from yesterday. So much frustration mixed with pure rage:

Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness…

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About President Obama’s Speech in Charleston…

If you didn’t watch it yet, take the time to do it now (transcript here):

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After a Long Struggle for LGBT Rights, Enjoy This Front Page

From today’s New York Times:

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No, That’s the Least Offensive Part About the Confederate Flag

Campus preacher and sodomite-fighter Jed Smock has his own theory about why people have a problem with the Confederate flag: They just hate Christians.

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