An Interview with John W. Loftus, Who Escaped Faith and Now Helps Others Do the Same

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist recently interviewed John W. Loftus about his “Outsider Test for Faith” and journey out of religion:


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Why Is Grandma Talking To Her Food? How to Explain Prayer to Children

David McAfee, the author of several books about faith and atheism, has teamed up with writer and illustrator Chuck Harrison for a new project introducing religion to children.

The Book of Gods offers an objective take on what people believe and why they believe it.


In the excerpt below, the authors explain prayer to kids who might not be familiar with the concept:

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Church/State Separation Groups Warn Trenton (NJ) Police Against Sending Curfew Violators to Church

Over the weekend, I mentioned that police in Trenton, New Jersey had a proposal to curb the recent increase in violence: They would take kids who are caught violating curfew and take them to a local church. As if that wouldn’t create more problems than it would solve.


Thankfully, some church/state separation groups are now taking action.

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This New Web Series Helps Teach Preschoolers About LGBT Issues

A new web series is making it easier to teach preschool-age kids about LGBT issues in a way that’s accurate, but accessible and age-appropriate.


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Trump Delegate Apologizes After Criticizing Church for Wishing Muslims a “Blessed Ramadan”

Yesterday, I posted about how Matthew Jansen, a Donald Trump delegate and local school board member, criticized the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Dallastown, Pennsylvania for the sign outside the building: “Wishing a Blessed Ramadan to Our Muslim Neighbors.”


Over the past couple of days, after a lot of criticism, and arguably because people were talking about kicking him off the school board, Jansen went on a Twitter apology tour.

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