Knoxville (IA) City Council Member Lashes Out Against Those Opposing Display with Christian Cross

Last week, I posted about a display that sits in taxpayer-funded Young’s Park in Knoxville, Iowa. It features a kneeling soldier, gun in hand, next to a Christian cross:

Americans United for Separation of Church and State called on the local city council to remove or change the display in order to avoid a lawsuit, but officials weren’t budging.

While the City Manager said the issue would be discussed at the next city council meeting on September 8, City Council member Tim Pitt expressed his views on Facebook. Among other things, he claims the cross has nothing to do with Christianity.

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Josh Duggar Checks Into Rehab After Porn Star Confesses He Paid for “Rough Sex”

Just when it seemed Josh Duggar couldn’t fall any harder from his hypocritical pedestal, he checked into rehab one day after a porn star confessed to In Touch that he paid her for “rough sex.”

Two days ago, stripper and porn star Danica Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Lewis, told In Touch about her two sexual encounters with Duggar that happened between March and April of 2015, during wife Anna‘s fourth pregnancy.

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Virginia Man Who Shot and Killed WDBJ Journalists Said Jehovah Told Him to Act

By now, you’ve probably heard about (and seen) the horrific shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward (below). The WDBJ-TV journalists were in the middle of conducting a live interview this morning when former employee Vester Lee Flanagan, who went by “Bryce Williams” on air, shot and killed them both.

ABC is reporting that it received a 23-page fax from the shooter before he killed himself, in which he gives as his motivation the racism and homophobia he experienced as a gay black man and a directive to act from Jehovah (Flanagan was a Jehovah’s Witness):

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Once Again, Judge Dismisses Christians’ Lawsuit to Keep Giant Cross in Grand Haven, Michigan

I’ve been posting for nearly a year now about the ongoing saga in Grand Haven, Michigan involving a giant hydraulic cross that had been going up several times a year. Local atheists convinced the city council to put an end to this government promotion of religion earlier this year, but Christians have been trying to fight back.

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Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher, Then Offers Her a Year’s Salary if She Doesn’t Tell Anyone About It

St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon recently made the wise decision to hire Lauren Brown (below) as a teacher. She had a math degree from Lewis & Clark College, worked in the college’s admissions department after graduating, and was eager to work as a counselor at the Catholic school despite a pay cut.

Over the summer, after she had already accepted the offer, she told a school official she was gay. It wasn’t long before she was fired.

Here’s where things get weird. While Catholic schools have made a habit of firing teachers in same-sex marriages for violating Church doctrine on the issue, Brown wasn’t married. (She says she asked the school official what would happen if she did get married, while lawyers for the school said she planned on getting married in the fall.)

Then, to make matters worse, St. Mary’s offered Brown a full year’s salary along with benefits if she promised not to tell anyone why she got fired, thereby not creating a public relations nightmare for the school.

Brown didn’t agree to that deal. So let the nightmare proceed.

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