After One Woman’s Parents Voted for Donald Trump, She’s Holding Their Pastor Accountable

Kristy Cooper was shocked over Thanksgiving when she found out her parents had voted for Donald Trump. For all their religious talk of helping the poor and caring for the least fortunate, it made no sense to her that they would vote for someone who flaunted his wealth, never gave to charity, pledged to take health insurance away from the Americans who needed it the most, and treated oppressed minorities in a way Jesus never would.

So she did something unusual. She contacted their pastor to find out what the hell he was teaching them.


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Irony Alert: Atheist Billboard Urging People To Skip Church Features Two Devout Christians

American Atheists recently put up new billboards in several cities urging people to celebrate Christmas by skipping church. One of their ads, however, features two women who are Christians in real life. It’s an ironic twist, but it’s hardly the group’s fault.


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Christian Pastors Met Up With Congress Members to Drive Satan Out of the “Halls of Legislation”

This is what it looks like when adults in power seriously think prostrating themselves in front of God will help guide this nation to glory.


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This Fake News Article Went Viral, Despite All the Obvious Clues Proving It Was a Hoax

Speaking at a conference for math educators over the weekend, blogger Dan Meyer gave a brief yet eye-opening presentation on how one particular fake news article went viral.

What’s appalling in the example he uses is just how many clues there were for anyone who wanted to debunk the story… and yet the misinformation spread anyway.


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A Dying Atheist Tells a Heartbreaking Story About Being Condemned By Her Religious Sister

I don’t think religious people always understand the difficulties of being an atheist in certain families, in certain parts of the country. But the isolation some atheists feel is very real and it can have a drastic impact on their lives.


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