“Activist Mommy” Claims Teen Vogue Broke the Law With Its Anal Sex Article

“Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston continued her tirade against Teen Vogue today for publishing an article about anal sex.

This time, she complained about how the magazine hired a gay man (!), broke the obscenity laws (!!), and was grooming children for pedophilia (!!!).


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Black Minister: Southern Baptists Don’t Care About Black Lives, So I’m Leaving

Lawrence Ware says he’s “renouncing” his ordination in the Southern Baptist Convention.

The reason? Their hesitation to condemn white supremacy and their continued bigotry against LGBTQ people make his support untenable.


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Jesus Showed Up at a Korean Pride Parade to Counter His Bigoted Followers

There’s no reason this can’t happen at every pride parade to counter the haters.


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Creationists Are Mocking Flat Earthers for Taking the Bible Too Literally

The people famous for claiming the Book of Genesis is actual history of how God created everything in six 24-hour days are mocking Flat Earthers for just taking the Bible’s words at face value.


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Ken Ham’s Analogy for How Reporters Cover Ark Encounter Gets Everything Wrong

Articles about Ark Encounter aren’t negative because reporters are out to persecute Christians or make Ken Ham look foolish.

They’re negative because Ham’s team has consistently misled people about how they would run the Ark and what it would do for the community.


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