An Oregon Man Has Won the Right to Wear a Furry Fox Hat in His Driver’s License Picture

Days after a Canadian man made the case that he should be allowed to wear his Edmonton Oilers cap in his driver’s license picture, a Portland, Oregon man has received a green light to wear a fox hat in his:


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Louisiana Sheriff’s Office Promotes Giant Cross Following a Flood (That Their God Failed to Stop)

This was posted yesterday on the Bossier Parish (Louisiana) Sheriff’s Office Facebook wall:


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Oregon Set to Pass Law Making Saying “So Help Me God” Optional for Witnesses at Committee Hearings

In Oregon, one of the few states where Democrats control the legislature and governorship, there’s an odd situation where committee hearings at the Capitol require those testifying to swear an oath that includes the phrase “So help me God.”


That’s obviously a problem for atheists. It’s also a problem for religious people whose faith prevents them from taking oaths mentioning God.

Senate Bill 1595 is a way to fix that. It puts forth a very simple change, really just adding two words to existing law:

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An Inside Look at How Christian Teachers Are Learning to Legally Proselytize in the Classroom

The Washington Post‘s Emma Brown has a really interesting article about a Christian organization training public school teachers on how to express their faith while on the clock.

Obviously, they’re not telling them to proselytize in class, since that’s illegal, but the Christian Educators Association International shows them how to promote Jesus in subtle ways that won’t get them in trouble:


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Let’s Talk About Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Bizarre Tweet Against Anti-Trumpers

Last night, Neil deGrasse Tyson — King of Nerds, Defender of Science, First of His Name — surprised a lot of his fans when he tweeted out what appeared to be a sort-of defense of Donald Trump.

It came a day after Trump canceled a rally in Chicago after thousands of protesters came out in a show of solidarity against him.


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