Glenn Beck: If We Don’t Have Enough Spine to Stand Up to Satanists Seeking Equal Treatment, It’s “National Suicide”

Now that the Orange County School Board in Florida has put a stop to book distributions from outside groups — just to prevent atheists and Satanists from doing what Christians were doing for years — Glenn Beck is sad. Very sad.

Because in his world, Christians should’ve been able to do a Bible giveaway without anyone else getting in the way (or being included in the mix) and the school board’s capitulation to the notion of neutrality means our nation is doomed:

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It’s Difficult to Determine Boko Haram’s Victim Toll, but Satellite Photos Tell Part of the Story

BBC News, citing Amnesty International, presents a different way of sussing out the savagery inflicted by Nigeria’s Boko Haram, an Islamist insurgent group┬áthat attacks citizens with abandon and has a preference for schools, children, and teachers. Satellite images of Nigerian towns attacked by Boko Haram show widespread destruction and suggest a high death toll, Amnesty [Read More...]

What is Astronomy All About? Here’s a Crash Course

Phil Plait giving me a crash course on Astronomy?

Yes, please!

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Bill Maher: I Was Starting to Like This Pope, But He’s Dead To Me Now

Bill Maher, commenting on Pope Francis‘ insistence that faith may not be mocked, delivers a fine rejoinder:

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Christian Mother Flips Out After Seeing Pentagram Symbol in School Bus Brake Lights

Remember when you did good work in school and your teachers gave you gold star stickers?

Using Robyn Wilkins‘ logic, they were really sending an evil message.

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