Teen Mania’s Woes Ironically Live Up to the Group’s Name

Knowing the often devastating impacts of bipolar disorder on the lives of those affected, it can be particularly irritating when related clinical terms get used as a term of phrase. Calling the weather “bipolar” or busy Mondays “manic” trivializes very real and often very frightening experiences. It’s also, frankly, pretty lazy; there are plenty of other creative ways to make similar points.

Even so, I found myself laughing at the appropriateness of naming a cult “Teen Mania.”

Why was it so easy to accept the application of the word here? Well, to understand that, you need to understand what mania actually is. The “high” stage of bipolar disorder, manic episodes are sustained periods of time marked by increased energy, grandiose thinking, delusions, and self-destructive behavior. If left untreated, mania can damage relationships, ruin finances, and lead to trouble with the law.

When you break down the tawdry history of Teen Mania, it’s almost frightening how well the bipolar-derived moniker fits.

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Another Christian Parent Complains About Islam Being Taught in World History Class

How badly do some Christian parents want their children to remain ignorant?

In Bakersfield, California, one parent refused to let a child do his homework — learning about Islam in a World History class — because, I assume, education goes against the family’s faith:

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Oregon Gunman Didn’t Specifically Target Christians, Says One Survivor

We’re still trying to understand why 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer decided to open fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College on Thursday. There’s plenty of speculation and very little concrete evidence, so I’ll refrain from adding to the chaos. But one narrative that has been repeated in the media is that the killer was specifically targeting Christians.

The people who are perpetuating that narrative all point to stories like this one:

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Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins Lament “Regressive Leftists” Who Shy Away from Criticizing Islam

There are issues where I part ways with Richard Dawkins, but when it comes to criticizing bad ideas and hearing out people whose views you may disagree with or find offensive, I’m in complete agreement.

On Real Time last night, Dawkins and Bill Maher spoke about how, strangely, it’s liberals who seem to be on the wrong side of this particular issue. If someone’s criticizing Islam — or even speaking about their awful personal experiences within the faith — they’ll bend over backwards on college campuses to stop those views from being heard.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Goes on the Offensive

You don’t get any context for it.

I’m just posting this picture.

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