Three Candidates for Oregon State House Come Out As Openly Non-Religious

The Freethought Equality Fund just endorsed three candidates for the Oregon State House — and all three are coming out as openly non-religious in the process.


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TheParodyQueen Revisited: First Amendment Lawyer Marc Randazza Confirms She’s On Thin Ice

Yesterday’s post about Christian cover artist TheParodyQueen (TPQ) elicited a lot of discussion about whether her brand of “satire” (I use the scare quotes advisedly) could pass legal muster. So I asked a friend of mine, attorney Marc Randazza, for comment. Marc specializes in intellectual-property law and the First Amendment, and writes a column on free-speech issues for CNN.


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After Letter from FFRF, Florida School District Permanently Bans Christian Chaplain from Campuses

A couple of days ago, I posted about one of the most egregious violations of church/state separation you’ll ever see in a public school district.

It involved the Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida. That’s where David Gaskill, a Christian chaplain and representative from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes — and, more importantly, someone who wasn’t employed by the District and never underwent a background check — was basically given free rein to roam around schools as he pleased. He went to sports practices, he walked around the parking lots looking for kids to convert, he spent time in the dugout during baseball games, etc. He’d been doing this for a while and no administrator ever thought to stop him.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the school this week documenting dozens of things Gaskill did wrong, any one of which could be a problem. Taken together, it was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The letter seems to have done the trick.

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Brave Student Who Fought Back Against Pro-Abstinence Speaker in High School is Now a Truman Scholar

A few years ago, when Katelyn Campbell was a high school senior, a pro-abstinence speaker came to her high school. That speaker, Pam Stenzel, is notorious for spreading misinformation, and this event was no different. She told students that if they had any sexual contact before marriage, they were “impure.” She insinuated that any kind of premarital sex would lead to an STD or pregnancy. To make matters worse, students were pressured to attend the talk, which was sponsored by a local Christian group.

Katelyn, knowing all of this was a problem, took the story to the press. She spoke out publicly against her administration’s irresponsibility.

Campbell, Katelyn

And guess how Principal George Aulenbacher responded?

He told Katelyn he would call Wellesley College, where she had been accepted, to let them know what she had done. According to an official complaint, he said to her, “How would you feel if I called your college and told them what bad character you have and what a backstabber you are?”

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Maine Governor Paul LePage: Life Is Precious But Heroin Overdose Victims Should Die Already

Is it better to let drug users who overdose on heroin die, than to give them a life-saving drug?

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage says yes. He just vetoed a bill that had been unanimously OK’d by the state legislature. The bill would have given pharmacists the green light to dispense the opioid antagonist naloxone without a prescription.


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