Televangelist Jim Bakker Blames His Downfall on Witches Conspiring Against Him

Televangelist Jim Bakker, currently taking money from gullible people by selling giant buckets of food, has a theory as to why so many fellow televangelists ended up in prison: Witches.

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Wisconsin High Schoolers Hold Public Reading of Banned Book to Support Trans Child

Only days after a Wisconsin elementary school was forced to cancel a reading of I Am Jazz, a book about a transgender girl, students at a neighboring high school banded together to show that their community isn’t a hateful one.

Mount Horeb Primary Center had scheduled the reading because a child had recently come out as transgender, but after Christian legal defense group Liberty Counsel threatened a lawsuit, they called it off. But this morning, Mount Horeb High School’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance stood with 200 supporters at the school’s flagpole and read aloud from the book.

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New Study Shows People Vastly Overestimate the Percent of Non-Religious People in Their Countries

What percentage of people in your country have no religious affiliation?

In the United States, it’s approximately 16%.

And yet, when people were asked what they thought the percentage was for a new survey by Ipsos Mori, they guessed an astonishingly high 40%.

A huge overestimate. And it wasn’t just the U.S. either. In country after country, citizens assumed the percentage of religiously unaffiliated people in their nation was much higher than it actually was.

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The People of San Bernardino Don’t Need Your Prayers

I posted this cartoon by James MacLeod back in July but it seems all too appropriate today.

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Judge Says Indiana School District Can’t Have Live Nativity Scene During Holiday Concert

In September, I posted about Concord High School in Indiana, where the holiday concert includes a full-blown Nativity Play:

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