A Collection of Bill Maher Stand-Up Comedy: Religion Edition

What better way to celebrate Easter than by listening to Bill Maher mock religion for an hour?

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The Character Missing from All Disney Movies: God

Why have Disney and Pixar had so much success in their movies? In part, it’s because they never really broach the subject of religion. While movies like Frozen can be twisted to suggest Christian themes, the only supernatural ideas you’ll see in their movies involve magic, not God.

In an interview on “Fresh Air” recently, host Terry Gross spoke with Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the husband/wife team who wrote the songs in Frozen (seen below, with their kids), and they alluded to the lack of religiosity in Disney movies:

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I Could Get Behind These Ten Commandments…

Thanks, God!

I think that means lying is okay now. Score!

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Of Course It’s Fine for Students to Bring a Bible to School. So Why Was This Parent Complaining?

We’ve said on this site many times that real examples of Christian persecution are almost nowhere to be found in America. Whatever people like Todd Starnes gin up tend to fall flat once all the information is in.

And that’s what’s happening at a school district in Missouri.

Here’s the story as a Christian mother tells it:

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In Honor of Easter, This Infographic Shows How the Gospels Got It All Wrong

Matt Brisancian created this beautiful infographic to remind us that everyone celebrating Easter today might want to do a little more research regarding the Gospels…:

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