“I’m An Atheist & I Vote” Signs Are Now on Buses and Bike Kiosks All Over Washington, D.C.

A new advertising campaign in Washington, D.C. by the Freedom From Religion Foundation features young people (some of whom work for FFRF) saying, “I’m an Atheist & I Vote.” Some of them also promote “atheist pride” clothing.

The ads will appear on buses, bus stops, and bike kiosks over the next two weeks, leading up to the Reason Rally.


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Woman Who Called Obama a Gay Prostitute Loses Primary Race for Texas Board of Education

Last night, Mary Lou Bruner, the right-wing loon who once said President Obama worked as a gay prostitute to pay for his drugs, lost her primary in the race for the Texas State Board of Education.


Bruner also believes slavery wasn’t a big deal in the Civil War, evolution is an atheist conspiracy, and pre-K education teaches kids about the “homosexual agenda.”

Normally, I’d think that’s all a way to suck up to the Texas electorate… but it only won her 40% of the votes!

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A Summary of How the Universe Works (Sort Of) in Four Minutes

Here’s a helpful four-minute explanation of how the universe works. And by helpful, I mean it includes references to Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump, and a “ménage à star.”


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Pascal’s Wager, Indiana Jones, and Religious Pragmatism

In this short video featuring Hank Green, we learn about Pascal’s Wager. Somehow, that includes a discussion about Indiana Jones. (It makes sense, I swear.)


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Televangelist Jim Bakker: Buy My Giant Buckets of Mexican Food Because “Things Are Coming”

If you’ve been thinking, I’d love to buy some of televangelist Jim Bakker‘s Giant Buckets O’Food, but I just wish they’d have new Mexican flavors, then you’re in luck!

(Also, you need help.)


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