Ex-Muslim: The Discrepancies Between Science and the Qur’an Helped Me Leave the Faith

Ibaad felt that if one aspect of the “self-proclaimed ‘perfect’ religion” was flawed, then there was reason to doubt the other passages in the Qur’an.


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Media Misses That Man Who Killed Montana Deputy Was a Christian Fundamentalist

When is a killer’s religion important?

For many in the media, it’s when the suspect isn’t a Christian.


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This Viral Post-Accident Photo Doesn’t Really Show God Taking the Victims to Heaven

This picture may bring comfort to the families of the victims of a fatal car accident, but that doesn’t mean responsible journalists should ignore rational explanations of what we’re looking at.


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Juror Dismissed from Corruption Trial After Saying God Told Him Suspect Is “Not Guilty”

This wasn’t religious discrimination.

This was all about whether the Juror had the ability to weigh only the evidence presented to him. The Judge decided he couldn’t do that.


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Televangelist Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Critics Have Initiated the Apocalypse

When the Apocalypse occurs, you liberals better feel really, really bad about yourselves, because your hatred of Donald Trump made it happen. At least that’s what televangelist Jim Bakker says.


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