What’s the Real Story Behind a Gay Man Who Turned Into an Ex-Gay Evangelist?

Michael Glatze was once the poster boy for the ex-gay movement but does his story really fit into the evangelical narrative as neatly as conservatives might think?


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Tennessee Republicans Want the Phrase “In God We Trust” on Every License Plate in the State

If a couple of GOP Tennessee legislators get their way, every license plate in the state will soon say “In God We Trust.”


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The Jehovah’s Witnesses Made an Odd Video Depicting Paradise, So a Bunch of Ex-JWs Responded To It

What does Paradise look like? If you ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s apparently includes planting gardens, riding horses, reading the Bible, and playing violin. Good think some former JWs have set us straight with their beautiful response.


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Islamic Cleric: The Simpsons Episode “Predicting” Trump’s Presidency Is a Plot to Discredit Allah

This cleric thinks an old Simpsons episode that coincidentally mentioned “President” Trump is part of a larger conspiracy to shake your Muslim faith.


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Conservative Dennis Prager: If There’s No God, Then Murder Isn’t Wrong

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how believing in God is the only way any of us can be decent people?


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