Idaho Man Whose License Was Revoked Sues State, Saying He Only Follows the Ten Commandments

Peter Jensen, a man from Athol, Idaho, believes the laws of the state don’t apply to him because he’s a Christian who only accepts Mosaic Law. If it’s not in the Ten Commandments, he doesn’t need to follow it.

Thankfully, the test case for this isn’t that he stoned an adulterer, but that he had his driver’s license suspended for driving without a valid license plate. Now he’s suing the state.


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Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Share Their Messages with CNN

Over the past couple of weeks in Bangladesh, we’ve heard about the murders of a professor who was believed (perhaps wrongly) to be an atheist, a gay rights activist, and one of his friends — just the latest in a string of fatal attacks against supposed critics of religion.


CNN spoke with three bloggers who remain in the country, but who could very well be the next victims of Islamic terrorists, to find out what they want the world to know.

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An Excellent Takedown of the Fine-Tuning Argument

When you consider all the parameters that had to be just right for our universe to exist at all, doesn’t it make sense to believe that God “fine-tuned” everything since it’s ridiculously unlikely that everything just worked on its own? That’s the gist of the Fine-Tuning Argument used by Christian apologists everywhere.

But the YouTuber at Counter Arguments does a wonderful job explaining why that argument doesn’t make any sense.


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Atheist Whose Invocation Was Cut Off Early at TN City Council Meeting Will Get a Second Chance

Earlier this year, at an Oak Ridge City Council meeting in Tennessee, Aleta Ledendecker of the Rationalists of East Tennessee became the first atheist to deliver an invocation address there.

But not every council member was there to hear it, and Ledendecker wasn’t even able to deliver the full speech because the Mayor cut her off early.


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Public Schools Are Taking Illegal Field Trips to the Creation Museum

A couple of days ago, Zack Kopplin wrote at Slate about how the Creation Museum, with all of its anti-science exhibits, was becoming a destination for public schools.


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