Fox News Panelist: If Kids Don’t Want to Say the Pledge, They’re “Free To Leave” the Country

An infuriating Fox News panel yesterday featured three guests, all of whom believed Florida students should say the Pledge of Allegiance because it was an act of necessary patriotism. One went even further, saying that students who didn’t want to participate in the ritual were free to leave the country.


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Springfield (MO) City Council Member Refers to The Satanic Temple As a “Hate Group”

Yesterday, during a meeting of the Springfield (Missouri) City Council, councilor Kristi Fulnecky asked the city manager to give an update on the After School Satan clubs that may be coming to local elementary schools. After some back and forth about how this was really a school board issue rather than a city council concern, she referred to The Satanic Temple as a “hate group.”


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Christian Right Leader Says He Doesn’t Know Why God Sent a Flood to Ruin His Louisiana Home

After evacuating his Louisiana home due to flooding, Religious Right leader Tony Perkins was confronted with the fact that he and his colleagues always blame people they disagree with for spurring God’s wrath. Critics gleefully wondered what his sin was. Perkins finally responded to that question yesterday, saying he had no idea why God caused this flood.


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An Oklahoma Charity Rejected an Atheist’s Donation, So He’s Raising More Until They Say Yes

Matt Wilbourn, an atheist living in Muskogee, Oklahoma, tried donating $100 to a home for local children (many of whom are orphans), but his money was rejected by the organization after they learned his contribution was made on behalf of a local atheist organization.

Matt and Keli Wilbourn

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After School Satan Clubs May Be Popping Up in Your Local Elementary School

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, talks about how After School Satan clubs may be coming to a district near you.


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