It’s Been a Year Since the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision and We’re Still Not Equal

A year after marriage equality was legalized nationwide, we ought to celebrate the victory that so many people worked to achieve, but we can’t forget how much more work we have to do.


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Ken Ham: Evolution is a “Religion of Death”

Ken Ham, in his quest to turn everyone into Creationists, reminds us that evolution is all about death, death, death.


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I Wasn’t Expecting to See That in a Book About Evolution…

When Renee Winget went to a local bookstore to pick up a copy of Neil Shubin‘s (excellent) book about evolution Your Inner Fish, she found a Christian tract inside…


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The Story of Human Progress… in 10 Minutes

In a fascinating video that walks through human history before Creationists believe the universe even came into existence, we learn how much progress we’ve really made and how lucky we are to be living today:


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The Never-Ending Religious Liberty Case Involving Steel Tires, Damaged Roads, and Mennonites

If your religious beliefs cause damage to public roads, should you be punished for it? Iowa Mennonites say no, and the courts have consistently agreed with them.


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