eBay Repeatedly Removes South Carolina Atheist Leader’s Auction to Send Her to Church

Last week, Eve Brannon, the president of the Upstate Atheists in South Carolina, decided to sell her church-going services on eBay so that the highest bidder (presumably a Christian) could get her and her daughter to attend one Sunday morning church service. The money would have been used toward her group’s charity work.

But that was last week.

And three auctions ago.

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Are You Out of the Closet as a Non-Believer? ‘Cracked’ Advises People Who Want To Be Liked To Hide Their Atheism

Cracked is the Internet champion of the crack-you-up listicle and their latest one caught my eye. It’s titled 5 Seemingly Insignificant Things That Make People Like You. Number 2 on the list:

Hide Your Atheism, Even from Other Atheists

Author P. Chung correctly (and hilariously) writes about the academic research behind that bit of depressing advice, particularly the studies by Will Gervais at the University of British Columbia. Back in 2011, Gervais and his team showed that prejudice against atheists has us scoring lower in the trust department than rapists; and that most people, if they’d employ atheists at all, would place them in low-trust positions, like waiter, rather than in high-trust ones, like childcare provider. (Makes you wonder whether those folks have never heard of the tens of thousands of child sex abuse cases that occurred — and occur — in both Protestant and Catholic churches.)

Still, Cracked‘s conclusion won’t get us very far, and I’d prefer that none of us felt compelled to “hide our atheism.” Chung’s advice reminded me of this cartoon:

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Imagine No Religion 4 Conference Taking Place This May

This May, I’ll be joining a stellar group of speakers in Kamloops, British Columbia for the fourth annual Imagine No Religion conference — it’s very exciting for me personally since I haven’t been able to visit Canada in nearly a decade:

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A Short, Excellent Documentary About Non-Believers of Color

Last month, Darrin Johnson created a short-but-fascinating documentary about atheists of color and how they’re portrayed in the media. It features rapper Greydon Square, Nicome Taylor of Black Skeptics Los Angeles, and lawyer Frederick Sparks:

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Why Do Pastors Use Bad Statistics?

Bob Smietana points out something we’ve all known for a long time: When pastors tell you a statistic from the pulpit, you better do some fact-checking of your own.

Like these numbers Pastor Mark Driscoll pulled out of nowhere (or, quite possibly, plagiarized from some other liar):

What percentage of Americans could be classified as evangelical Christian? The answer is around 8%. There are more left handed people, more Texans, and more pet cats than evangelicals in America.

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