VA Officials Remove Bibles from POW/MIA Displays After Request to Include “The God Delusion”

In late February, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation reported that there was a POW/MIA memorial table at a VA clinic in Akron, Ohio that included a Bible. While the 11 MRFF members who raised the issue obviously had no problem honoring soldiers who were prisoners of war or missing in action, they didn’t understand why the government was promoting Christianity in the process.

It’s not like casualties of war are always Christian. This was just another way of perpetuating the false notion that there are no atheists in foxholes.

MRFF President Mikey Weinstein contacted the clinic on his clients’ behalf and was soon told the Bible was no longer part of the display.


But Weinstein wasn’t done yet.

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Samantha Bee Examines the Other Scary Religious Fanatics on Ted Cruz’s Campaign Team

When it comes to unsavory religious fanatics, Ted Cruz certainly comes to mind, but there are many more associated with his campaign that don’t get nearly as much attention. While Samantha Bee‘s show Full Frontal is off this week, she did leave a present for viewers: a roundup of some of Cruz’s more horrifying faith-based besties.


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A Compilation of Richard Feynman’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s a great compilation of Richard Feynman‘s best arguments and comebacks.


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There’s Finally Someone with Less Credibility Than a Self-Proclaimed Psychic

I didn’t know “Christian psychics” were a thing… until I saw this:


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