BBC Falsely Claims That Islam-Defying Artist Lars Vilks Was ‘Never Attacked’

This post is a twofer. First, I’m happy to share the news that the American wannabe jihadist Colleen LaRose has been given a ten-year prison term for conspiring to murder the Swedish artist Lars Vilk.

Via the BBC:

Colleen LaRose, 50, who dubbed herself Jihad Jane, admitted in 2011 she sought to kill [Swedish artist] Lars Vilks and recruited others to the cause.

She faced up to a life term but a judge reduced her sentence in part because she co-operated with investigators.

“I don’t want to be into jihad no more,” LaRose said at the hearing.

Mr Vilks was targeted after he drew a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Here’s that artwork again:

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Bill de Blasio May Be One of the Highest-Ranking ‘Nones’ in America

We already know that Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) refuses to talk about her religious faith publicly, making her the only member of Congress currently labeled as a “None.” She’s not openly atheist — but she’s not openly theistic, either.

Now, it appears that newly-elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is following in her footsteps, as Sarah Pulliam Bailey reports:

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The Money That Was Rejected by the Morton Grove Park District and Public Library Has Finally Been Accepted

For more than two months now, I’ve been trying to give the community of Morton Grove, Illinois over $3,000 that readers raised after a local American Legion post withheld a significant amount of money from the Park District when board Commissioner Dan Ashta wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Park District rejected the donation saying they didn’t want to get “embroiled in a First Amendment dispute” (which was weird, since that was precisely what they were doing by accepting money from the American Legion on the condition that everyone stand for the Pledge).

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How Should We Teach Religion in Public School?

Religion & Politics asked an excellent question — “Should we teach religion in public schools? And if so, how?” — and got responses from a variety of panelists:

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The Secular Safe House: A Refuge for Those Coming Out of Religion

Troy Fitzgerald, who grew up in a religious cult and is now out and proud about his atheism and sexuality, has embarked on a neat project that could really help a lot of people: It’s called Secular Safe House and it’s designed to help those atheists and LGBT individuals who have been kicked out of their homes or just need someone to talk to:

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