Diving Team Discovers “Flying Spaghetti Monster” Underwater

Turns out the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t live “up there” at all. He’s been in the water the whole time:

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“Lord God Almighty, True and Bitchin’ Are Your Judgments”

A Bible in which the word “righteous” is replaced by the word “bitchin'”?

I’m sold:

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You Were Right… Salvation Lies Within

On Monday, a few New York Police Department officers had a routine traffic stop that led to multiple arrests. Why the escalation? Because, inside the car, the cops found marijuana, a gravity knife, and… a Bible.

Well, not just any Bible.

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Foundation Beyond Belief Surpasses $2,000,000 in Donations

Foundation Beyond Belief, a group I work with that encourages atheists to give to charity, just announced that it has surpassed $2,000,000 in total donations:

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A Christian Chaplain is Mad That He Can’t Tell LGBT Juvenile Inmates They’re Hellbound Sinners

You may want to break out the tissues.

A volunteer Christian chaplain has been “fired” by the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice because he refused to stop telling LGBT inmates that they were deviant hellbound sinners (the Bible’s words, of course, since he would never say such an awful thing on his own).

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