Front Page of the New York Daily News: “God Isn’t Fixing This”


The New York Daily News just posted tomorrow’s front page, and it’s a direct response to all those politicians who only offer “thoughts” and “prayers” after a mass shooting… but refuse to do anything substantive:

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What Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Do If a Kid Asks a Stupid Question

There are plenty of videos out there of Neil deGrasse Tyson giving the Greatest. Response. Ever. to a child.

So it’s only natural that Clickhole uncovered the one time he really tore into a kid who said she wanted to live on Jupiter:

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They’re All Bad Words, Aren’t They?

Let the anger out. Let it all out.

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Senator Has Message for Those Who Offer “Thoughts” and “Prayers,” but No Action, After Shooting

At least Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) gets it:

The Atlantic‘s Emma Green also points out that there’s a big difference between the Republican presidential candidates who are only offering thoughts and prayer — and nothing else — and the Democrats who say we must take meaningful action:

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Republicans Are Praying for Shooting Victims, but That’s About All They’ll Do

Just about all of the Republican presidential candidates were quick to talk about how they’re praying for victims in the San Bernardino shootings.

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