A Chaplain Is Saddened by the Oklahoma Hospital Story, and Has a Question For You

Tim Mayhall is a chaplain at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. In my brief interactions with him yesterday, I got the impression that he’s earnest and committed to the job he loves, and that he finds it easy to make common ground with non-believers. He sees a lot of pain and fear, being that as a chaplain, he covers emergency and trauma, as well as surgical intensive care. Inevitably, some of the people he helps care for are atheists and agnostics.

Mayhall got in touch after reading the articles on this site about the Ardmore, Oklahoma Catholic hospital where a receptionist told non-believer clients that atheists shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

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Bill Nye on the Joy of Discovery

You know, when you set Bill Nye‘s words to music and beautiful images, I’m almost tempted to rewatch his entire debate against Ken Ham

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It’s Time for God to Get Some Rest

The Onion reveals the breaking news: We had to pull the plug on God:

I’m sure the story will be updated throughout the night.

(Thanks to GodVlogger for the link!)

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Defining Atheism: An Excerpt from The Oxford Handbook of Atheism

The Oxford Handbook of Atheism is an extensive (and pricey) reference book, aimed at academics, covering the history of (western) atheism and describing the intersection of godlessness with various academic disciplines.

In the excerpt below, reprinted with permission of the publisher, editor Stephen Bullivant writes about defining atheism:

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Catholics Love the Pope But Hate the Doctrines He Stands For

As the world’s love affair with Pope Francis continues unabated, there’s one sour note for the pontiff: Even a majority of Catholics don’t buy what he’s supposed to be selling, rejecting the Church’s stance on divorce, marriage rights for clergy, and contraceptives.

Per Time magazine:

The Vatican faces a wide ideological gap with popularly held beliefs in many countries, a new poll [of more than 12,000 Catholics from five continents] finds.

On issues like contraception, gay marriage, divorce and women’s admittance into the priesthood, the Church is at odds with a majority of Catholics in many countries across the world, the poll shows.

Over 90 percent of Catholics in countries including France, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and Columbia favor the use of birth control, a position that opposes official Catholic doctrine. And more than 60 percent of Catholics in countries including France, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and the United States believe priests should be allowed to marry.

Here are key results, courtesy of Univision:

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